Our take on our current SEO work at Creative

The latest SEO project our seo team worked upon is on American Metal Fasteners. Being a distributor of fasteners in various grades and being experienced by catering various clients, American Metal Fasteners needed an online presence with a site optimized for better search results for AMF on various engines.

With the unique and vast products that they offer, was a challenging job for our SEO team to provide a list of optimized keyphrases that would help customers reach our clients for business.
We ensured that right and appropriate content was placed in the right space of their website so that users could get information about the company or contact them for business with less efforts to navigate around it’s website.

We created backlinking by social bookmarking and local citation for better search results by gaining backlinks for our client. Promoting keyphrases across every social platform was our key goal to gain ranking on search engine.

Finally, we creating awareness about its presence over social media was another important aspect of our SEO project.

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