Need for small, light and faster websites for your mobiles


Did you ever think about the number of mobile phone users in the world? Well according to various information present online, the world has around 4 billion users worldwide and counting. That’s a big number right? Yes, sure it is! The increase in smartphone users is increasing everyday.

Each day we visit websites that we used to visit on desktops , but with innovation very webpage we visit is now through our smartphones. So focusing on how to display a website or webpages is very important for website designers to show important and relevant information foremost to users fingertips. Designing mobile sites is a different job compared to desktop-based websites. Also mobile websites should be concise to match the screen size and also match the load capability that a phone can take to render or load a website. For this websites should be light and should load information faster.

Google does consider mobile-friendly websites and places them above the search engines that can provide valuable information to users searching for it. Thus building responsive websites is quite necessary as there is greater choice of viewing a website is phone rather than desktop.

Collectively placing information at right position, improving image quality to match to mobile display, choosing right font and font size to match the mobile viewing and many more factors are initial tips which can make a awesomely great website for mobile experience.

Mobiles are the next big things and will always be on top, atleast for a while. Don’t forget to make your website a mobile-ready website. Almost forgot we do make each of our client websites responsive. You would pretty much like to check our clients happy experiences of their skillfully crafted websites.

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Did you ever think about the number of mobile phone users in the world? Well accor...