Need for small, light and faster websites for your mobiles

Did you ever think about the number of mobile phone users in the world? Well according to various information present online, the world has around 4 billion users worldwide and counting. That’s a big number right? Yes, sure it is! The increase in smartphone users is increasing everyday.

Each day we visit websites that we used to visit on desktops , but with innovation very webpage we visit is now through our smartphones. So focusing on how to display a website or webpages is very important for website designers to show important and relevant information foremost to users fingertips. Designing mobile sites is a different job compared to desktop-based websites. Also mobile websites should be concise to match the screen size and also match the load capability that a phone can take to render or load a website. For this websites should be light and should load information faster.

Google does consider mobile-friendly websites and places them above the search engines that can provide valuable information to users searching for it. Thus building responsive websites is quite necessary as there is greater choice of viewing a website is phone rather than desktop.

Collectively placing information at right position, improving image quality to match to mobile display, choosing right font and font size to match the mobile viewing and many more factors are initial tips which can make a awesomely great website for mobile experience.

Mobiles are the next big things and will always be on top, atleast for a while. Don’t forget to make your website a mobile-ready website. Almost forgot we do make each of our client websites responsive. You would pretty much like to check our clients happy experiences of their skillfully crafted websites.

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Creative launches another mobile responsive website for renowned Dentist in Mumbai

Creative has launched a new website called Dental Specialist India aimed at responsive version and mobile friendly user experience.

Dr Turner already had website for his profession at has launched a new website to help foriegn customers find him in Google while searching for best Dentists in Mumbai in mobile searches.

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Ranked as No 1 Search engine optimization firm

No 1 Search engine optimization company

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Crucial ranking signal in SEO – Mobile Friendly Responsive Web Design –

Responsive Website Designing services Mumbai

Yes its True! Responsive Web Design Improves SEO. What is Responsive Mobile Friendly Web Design?

A mobile friendly responsive web design will optimize your website to be more appropriate for smaller screens, simpler navigation and faster load times. With a better technology, better apperance of your content, graphics using HTML5, CSS and javascript. A good and flexible web design solution.

Mobile friendly responsive web design services Mumbai, india

If you own a Google webmaster tool, and if your website is not mobile friendly, you may see notifications from Google, constantly reporting as “mobile fixability issues”. Yes of course Google loves responsive mobile friendly web design. Google has suggested responsive design when optimizing a website for smartphones, which is become an important ranking factor for SEO’s and Web Design companies to follow this design approach.

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What is Mobile Search engine Optimization?

With increase in usage of mobile devices and tablets, many people browse websites through mobile, tablets. But many websites still aren’t designed to account for different screen sizes and load times. With Mobile search engine optimization, we optimize your website design, site structure, page speed, and more so that your website doesnot inadvertently turn off  mobile visitors away to reach your businesses.

Mobile SEO Best Practices

There are few things to take into account along with regular SEO factors, while optimizing for mobile search engines.

Page speed

One of the important factor is page speed, as small devices like mobile and tablets have low processors compared to desktops and internet connectivity issues. You need to optimize images, minify code, leverage browser caching, and reduce redirects.

Use of CSS and Javascripts

Smartphone GoogleBot loves websites using latest CSS and JSS coding. Its gives effective styling, with speed, and less errors while crawling.

Mobile friendly web design

Your website should fulfill the mobile fixability issues.

Avoid Flash

The plugin is not available any more on mobile phones. use HTML5 and CSS instead for designing effects.

Avoid Popups

Avoid popups on your website to reduce high bounce rates.

Optimize titles and meta descriptions

Use structured data, to mention title, descriptions of web pages. be conscise and specific while writing meta tags. Avoid long titles.

Optimize for local search

As you all know mobile search engines show local results first using IP addresses. So optimize you website with locations to rank on top.