Ways to Gain More Followers for Your Brand or Business with Instagram Nametag Tool

Ways to Gain More Followers for Your Brand or Business with Instagram Nametag Tool

What is an Instagram Nametag?

Instagram Nametag

An Instagram Nametag is essentially like a QR code – it’s an image which other users can scan (from within the Instagram App) and instantly follow that person or profile.

Ways to use the Nametag tool to Gain More Followers –

1. Networking

Networking events and parties are situations with great opportunities to use your Instagram Nametag. Instead of struggling to hear a user-name to follow your new friend, you can scan each other’s Nametags, as these places can be loud, and conversations are usually short.

2. At Conferences/Corporate Events

Conferences & corporate events are ideal for establishing connections within your industry, with peers and prospective customers. Make it effortless for them to take the interaction past your booth by creating signage with your Nametag that they can scan.

3. In Print

You can use your Instagram Nametag as part of the visual to gain followers by creating flyers or by creating an ad

4. In Emails

Just think about the number of emails one sends each day. Email signatures are a great place to highlight any upcoming initiatives – so why not try your Instagram Nametag? One can also send a dedicated social media email with your Nametag to your list to get them to follow you online.

5. Physical Locations

Signage in physical locations is a simple reminder for your visitors to continue to follow you online. Try creating signage with your Instagram Nametag to gain more followers.

Instead of just saying ‘we’re on Facebook’ or including the Instagram logo somewhere in your store, try using the Nametag instead – a quick and easy way to connect to your Instagram presence.