Making website fast is easy than you think!


Factors to consider to make your website fast!

1. Choose wisely your hosting plan!

Hosting your website on shared servers can reduce the speed of website. It’s an economical advantage when choosing shared server over dedicated one. As we know shared servers share RAM, CPU and Memory with various individuals who chose shared hosting for themselves. Choosing shared server for small website is great option but as the site grows and so as the data on the site then choosing dedicated servers is the right option for your website.

As dedicated server is just like having another computer placed for providing dedicated bandwidth over the internet for all your requirements of your website. Thus if economy is not a boundary then going for dedicated server is the best option to consider.

2. Optimize your media content! (Images, videos, etc.)

Media content like images and videos can drastically slow down your website. Loading each image or video on your website that is not optimized can increase your website’s loading time by many seconds. And while no user may wait too long for your website to load, you may lose on your visitors with a slow loading website.

Thus, optimizing using various photo-editing applications or online web applications can help you reduce the size of the image without loosing the quality. This can be achieved either by cropping the unwanted part of the image or reducing the number of pixels, eventually reducing the load time of the website.

And while considering videos, the best way is to call a YouTube video and embedding it on your website. This helps to reducing the load time of the website and thus can increase the speed of the website.

3. Optimizing the website’s CSS!

Considering about minifying CSS and gzipping it can reduce the loading time of the website. As minifying is process where we remove spaces, comment, hex codes and unused CSS. This can reduce the time taken to load the CSS file which can increase the speed of the website.

4. Avoid using plugins or use which are important!

If you have a WordPress website then you need to check the plugins you have used to build or add various functionality to the website. But plugins can be really harmful and consumes much more time to load. Thus it is advisable to use only those plugins which are really important or which are necessary for your website and others that are less used by visitors or do not serve the purpose anymore should be discarded for better website speed.

Factors to consider to make your website fast! 1. Choose wisely your hosting plan!...