Celebrations at Creative with fun unlimited!

Celebrations at Creative with fun unlimited!

Past 3 days and we can’t forget the fun, that we wrote down to share it!

At Creative, which is a digital marketing company which serves internet marketing services like SEO, SMO, web promotion and many things bundled with a bit of Creativity also has a different side to it. On 31st May, a day when everyone was happy and excited for a single reason that our leader and CEO of the company – Sony Surana, who completed another successful year of his life and it was time for his birthday celebrations.

The league of superheroes – that’s what we call ourselves, had arrived early in the morning making ourselves busy with getting office prepared for a surprise. It was a great kick-start for the day and we decorated the office like never before. And with all arrangements we knew that it would be an awesome day ahead.

Cake checked! Decorations checked! Music checked! Well everything hitting the tick on our list, we were waiting for our CEO to arrive. And in a while when we were all set and ready, Sony sir arrived! Boom! With all the joy and excitement filled in, we outburst to show our feelings when Sony sir arrived.

We had cake cutting, birthday bells ringing, dance, music, selfies and group photos all happening! All the management, team heads, employees were having a good time. Post the celebration we had awesome and yummilicious brunch on that day!

The expertise of digital marketing – Creative, continues its to have fun and work going together with achieving great miles stones as we move ahead. Stay tuned as we rush to become great digital marketing company in years to come as we have just started!