Celebrations for Ramadan Eid at Creative

Celebrations for Ramadan Eid at Creative

A digital agency’s way of celebrating Eid al-Fitr

Creative, a digital marketing company which reflects itself as a prestigious agency offering various internet marketing services. But lets take the services and work apart and what leaves behind is a motivated staff who believe in having fun while working.

The festive day of Eid al-Fitr was one such occasion where we took it to the next level. The celebration started early morning the office was decorated to match the occasion of Eid. Also we got dressed in traditional wears to suit up and get the killer looks! Perfumes added a magic to our looks!

We had finger-licking food of great variety like traditional sweet dishes and spicy food items. The delicacies we ate were both mom-made specials and also ordered. The team along with the management had the brunch together after the pre-preparations.

Later, kick-ass music came in and which turned out to be the best part of the day! We had all sorts of music from dance numbers to Sufi tracks coming in. And hitting the floor with our dances was the ultimate result. Nothing new for us though! 😛

And the next to come was the love of our life! The selfies and pictures. This made the day and we captured the memories to last forever with us! We enjoyed each bit of the day and all we can say it to be a part of this wonderful experience and live it yourself everyday along with work that keeps adding to your experience for better future for both!

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