Social Media Marketing Statistics For Success In Digital Marketing This Year



Digital marketing isn’t an optional marketing technique today, but it has become a necessity to stay in the modern competitive business world. Digital marketing includes various types of strategies and methods to grab attention of online people who can be turned to real clients.

Social media marketing is a part of digital marketing where different social media websites are used to attract more and more people from around the world towards a brand or a company’s services. The role of social media marketing has changed with time, and it has become a vital part of promotion over the Internet.

Here are more interesting stats of social media marketing for this year:

  • When digital marketing service providers include social media marketing as a part of brand promotion over different platforms over the Internet, especially today, there are higher chances of conversion rate than it was few years ago. According to a latest report, customers over social media convert at more than 125% rate.

  • Reviews on a product over social media influence people. It has been found that more than 65% of online customers make their decision after reading comments or reviews about a brand.

  • An average Internet user spends around 120 minutes every day over the Internet exploring social media.

  • Most brands are avoiding customers’ messages over social media, which is not a good thing. It has been found that on an average, a brand takes more than three days to respond to one of eight social media messages.

In order to stay ahead in digital marketing, it is necessary to spay time to social media platform. A company should hire experienced professionals like Creative Web Promotion to stay active on every social medial website and stay connected to online customers and to convert them into potential customers.

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Digital marketing isn’t an optional marketing technique today, but it has become a...