Digital Marketing: Important ‘Ps’ For Effective SEO

Digital Marketing: Important ‘Ps’ For Effective SEO


Marketing on the Internet isn’t just about posting content related to a brand or making lots of people read it. Digital marketing is more than that. Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is an online marketing tool which uses different strategies to grab attention of online users and take them to a brand’s website of a specific page. These people further can be potential customers of the company.

Today’s SEO is not just taking users to a website, and it also needs a marketer to be smart and experienced. In addition, the marketer should be aware of 3 important ‘Ps’ of the field, which are:

Product: Before start promoting a brand online, it is necessary to have detailed knowledge about it. In addition, it is necessary to determine who the potential customers are, and what their demands about the product are. In addition, price of the product should also be determined.

Place: Online places or platforms where the product is going to be promoted should also be finalized. Here the online places could be which have lots of visitors. These places could be search engines, social networking websites or social ads.

Promotion: The process of promotion can be started after putting all the pieces together and once it has been identified that how the marketing objectives will be achieved. Once all the resources and places online to attract people have been figure out, the promotion can be started. Marketers should keep on checking if their strategies are producing satisfactory results.


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