Reasons To Target Long Tail Keyword And What Should Be Strategy


As the name suggests, long tail keyword is a long and specific keyword that are used by people online when they are searching something through voice search method or when they are close to point-of-purchase. These keywords are highly profitable for a business if used in an accurate manner. For example, it may be difficult for a photographer to get a high rank over search engine using the keyword ‘photographer’, but the chances of high search engine ranking can be increased by using unique long tail keywords like ‘inexpensive wedding photographer’ or ‘wedding photographer for small wedding’.

Reasons to focus on long tail keywords

  • Unlike short and common keywords, long tail keywords are an easier method to gain impressive rank over search engine. Although not many people use long keywords, there are individuals who want results for their exact demand.

  • Long tail keywords allow a business target the audience that matches in services. Such keywords are an opportunity for an organization to determine and define its goals.

  • With the right long tail keywords, even a small business can outrank big players.

Strategy to get results from long tail keywords

  • Apart from a well-researched long tail keyword, there should be nicely written content that describes its purpose. Content should be written after deciding long tail keywords the company will target.

  • Target audience should be identified and buyer persona’s must be created.

  • Last paragraph or conclusion on a write-up should be around the long tail keyword. The last lines should have the keyword.

  • Create anchor text- it’s a click-able link that takes the user to another web page.

Creative Web Mall For Accurate Use Of Long Tail Keywords

Although long tail keyword can be a beneficial business-growing technique, it should be implemented in the right way to get results. SEO experts at Creative Web Mall can help you implement these keywords in the best manner, and improve your business rankings over the search engines.

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As the name suggests, long tail keyword is a long and specific keyword that are us...