Local SEO proved benficial for our own in-house websites

Local SEO proved benficial for our own in-house websites

Why improvement of our own website can be beneficial for SEO!

Sometimes to make changes in-house is like revamping yourself. And the project which we worked upon this week was on improving our in-house website for optimizing SEO. We also revamped the website designing and gave it a modern look for your visitors to have a better web experience while visiting our website.

While we started with initial designing, we went with using the best CMS solution which helps to make better websites and also optimizes it for better search results. Best on the selection of doing the website with scratch and raising it’s foundation for designing a modern look was one of the major task. Right content for the website, better word selection for headers, Creative blog content for engaging audience were the check-boxes that we tried to finish up with the ticks. See how we did it there, being “Creative” 🙂

Upgrading the content of the website that matches the standard of the design of the website was worked upon in detailed manner. Blogs being that part of the website which brings you audience for generating traffic. And just not focusing on blog content, we also categorized the blog, added tags related to content, added meta tags and also keywords for focusing on better results for our visitors.

Finally, with concentrated efforts toward making website, we created our website adding every details of the SEO work that would help website gain better page ranking on various search engines

With improving site optimization you not only improve the SEO factors that affect search results but also provide better content for blog readers and an updated information about the company, this is what we as Creative think.