Our take on SEO Project of our own in-house website

Why improvement of our own website can be beneficial for SEO!

Sometimes to make changes in-house is like revamping yourself. And the project which we worked upon this week was on improving our in-house website for optimizing SEO. We also revamped the website designing and gave it a modern look for your visitors to have a better web experience while visiting our website.

While we started with initial designing, we went with using the best CMS solution which helps to make better websites and also optimizes it for better search results. Best on the selection of doing the website with scratch and raising it’s foundation for designing a modern look was one of the major task. Right content for the website, better word selection for headers, Creative blog content for engaging audience were the check-boxes that we tried to finish up with the ticks. See how we did it there, being “Creative” 🙂

Upgrading the content of the website that matches the standard of the design of the website was worked upon in detailed manner. Blogs being that part of the website which brings you audience for generating traffic. And just not focusing on blog content, we also categorized the blog, added tags related to content, added meta tags and also keywords for focusing on better results for our visitors.

Finally, with concentrated efforts toward making website, we created our website adding every details of the SEO work that would help website gain better page ranking on various search engines

With improving site optimization you not only improve the SEO factors that affect search results but also provide better content for blog readers and an updated information about the company, this is what we as Creative think.


Mobile Marketing Tips 2015

So if you have not dipped your finger into mobile marketing, use these mobile marketing tips for small business to get on the boat!

1.Rewards Customers
Encourage customers who use mobile services such as FourSquare, Google+, ShopKick or SpotIt to check-in to your location and offer a reward for them doing so, such as incentives, special discounts, prizes or recognition for a certain number of visits.
2. Stay Connected with Social Media Marketing
Use your mobile phone to keep your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram profiles up-to-date and engaged.
3. Text Marketing
Create opt-in campaigns allowing your customers to sign up to receive special messages, alerts and rewards for joining your text campaign. Use this platform to allow customers to take a specific action such as participating in a survey or visiting your website in exchange for a reward .
4. QR Codes
Using Quick Response Codes allows users to access a specific content area in order to obtain a special reward or to take advantage of a specific promotion. QR scanners can easily be downloaded for free onto any smartphone, and you can create your own QR codes easily .
5. Mobile Customer Service
Track orders, payments, shipping details and respond to questions quickly on the go using your smartphone. This is easy and convenient for you and your customers enjoy the faster responses from it.
6. Mobile Directories
Mobile directories have replaced the phone book yellow pages for the majority of people. If you want to ensure your business is found, register with several mobile directories such as Yelp, Google+Local, and Yellow Pages. Include the name of your business, the product/service you provide, business hours, phone number, physical address and link to your website.
7. Build Mobile App
If You Want to make your business even more easily accessible then,create an app. Your app should provide unique content apart from your other digital presences, but still sell products, allow you to communicate with your customers, or whatever else you desire. Eighty-five percent of smartphone users surveyed feel more at ease navigating an app than a mobile version of your website.

If you’re already into mobile marketing, keep doing your research in order to keep your business on top of the newest trends.Social networking and mobile marketing are constantly moving forward and evolving. If you do not stay on top of the times and stay tuned into what mobile marketing means, it’s too easy to get left behind.

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Our take on our current SEO work at Creative

The latest SEO project our seo team worked upon is on American Metal Fasteners. Being a distributor of fasteners in various grades and being experienced by catering various clients, American Metal Fasteners needed an online presence with a site optimized for better search results for AMF on various engines.

With the unique and vast products that they offer, was a challenging job for our SEO team to provide a list of optimized keyphrases that would help customers reach our clients for business.
We ensured that right and appropriate content was placed in the right space of their website so that users could get information about the company or contact them for business with less efforts to navigate around it’s website.

We created backlinking by social bookmarking and local citation for better search results by gaining backlinks for our client. Promoting keyphrases across every social platform was our key goal to gain ranking on search engine.

Finally, we creating awareness about its presence over social media was another important aspect of our SEO project.

Do you have a website for which you need to optimize and gain more results? We offer large number of digital marketing services for each of our clients.

To know more, feel free to contact us!

SEO Projects Worked Upon This Week At Creative

Search Engine Optimization involves desiging,writing and coding a websites in way that helps to improve the volume and quality of traffic to your websites from pepole using search engines.Effective SEO techniqes help you to get more potential customers to your website.SEO services are mainly utilized to improve and advertise your websites to acquire the visitor’s attention and gaining the top positions in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

About Creative:

At Creative, We ensure that your website achieves top rankings among first two result pages in various search engines. Our website promotion team rigorously adheres white hat SEO techniques to make sure that our local as well as global clients get the best SEO services possible and the highest ROI on their SEO campaigns.

Why SEO with Creative :

Providing SEO services since 11 years.
No 1 position in Google since 11 years.Page Rank 6 website till year 2010. Currently Google Page Rank 4 surviving numerous Google Algorithm updates.We have more than 300 satisfied clients with 100% results on search engines. Our highly experienced SEO experts ensures top Google rankings which leads to the high revenue for their business and ultimately higher profits.We also offer keyword-specific content development projects as we are an end to end internet marketing company based in Mumbai, India.We focus in promoting client’s website on local keywords by focusing on the potential audience beneficial for our client’s business.
We use various SEO services including title & meta tags optimization, keyword research & selection and full website analysis to tailor adequate results.

Currently we are working on below projects:

1.Implant Dentist Mumbai – Best Dental implant clinics India:
They provide best dental implants, All on four implants, Porcelain Veneers, Full mouth rehabilitation, Gummy smile treatment, Zirconia dental crowns, Immediate function implants at there Nobelbiocare dental implant clinics in Mumbai, India.
Implant dentist

2.Car title loans Canada:
They provide instant cash loans on car title. No need of job, or security checks. We provide bad credit car title loans in Canada.

3.Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Fasteners:
Tmegulf is the leading Manufacturer of Industrial Fasteners in UAE, Industrial Fasteners in Middle East, Imperial and Metric Construction, Oil & Gas, Alloy Steel etc.

4.American Metal Fasteners Inc:
American Metal Fasteners is a distributor of fasteners in various grades such as B7, B7M, L7, L7M, Duplex, Super Duplex, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy & Stainless Steel. With our experienced staff and quick turn around times we can cater to clients with a personalized toch.

5.S I Stud Inc:
has been manufacturing and supplying fasteners since 1939. With over 70 years of wide experience in offering an extensive array of products for all your industrial applications. Our success has been possible through excellent service and a commitment to quality unmatched in the industry.
S I studs

6.FACO Fasteners: world’s best Industrial Fasteners manufacturing company in Anchor Bolt|Hex Bolt|Stud Bolt|Nut:
FACO Fasteners is a world leader in manufacturing Industrial Fasteners such as Foundation Bolts, Connections Bolts, Stud Bolts and U-Bolts. We manufacture as per DIN, ASTM, BS, ANSI, JIS, IS and ISO standards in Imperial as well as Metric sizes. To cater to the customers individually we also fabricate fasteners as per customers requirements.

How to start a week with effective digital marketing?

Effective Digital Marketing means optimally using the digital platform for better business and branding of your product or services using various digital marketing techniques. Small efforts towards making your digital world more impressive to the masses can help you gain more business and help you to connect with your clients in more implicit way.

The few tips for starting your week with effective marketing can be as follows:

A mobile-friendly website

Everyone loves to surf the web over smartphones and stay connected on-the-go, thus designing a website which is mobile-friendly i.e., it can be viewed easily over your smartphone companion without much hassle. This would gain your website more audience for offering the convience to surf information with ease. Also don’t forget to make your website fast!

A business blog is a thumbs-up!

A blog can be a winning addition to your website. It can improve the SEO, set your website to be different from your competitors and also bespeak your your knowledge.

Love for your locale

In order to be found by consumers who are local, you need to upgrade your site with local information like your geo-location and your work-space address.

Being social is being for your consumers

In ways for leading the business, we need to make sure to be there for our consumers. And sharing information about your work and business proposals can help you gain more clients. Social media marketing is now an essential part of digital marketing.

Make sure you target the right audience

Knowing which audience to target, and how to reach them is one of the most important part of digital marketing strategy. Internet marketing works only when you know the right people for selling your business and also key ways for web promotion for those people.

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is promotional activity designed for delivery to cell phones, smart phones and other handheld devices, usually as a component of a multi-channel campaign. Some mobile marketing is similar to advertising delivered over other electronic channels such as text, graphic and voice messages.Mobile gives the chance for an anytime any place anywhere connection to consumers. mobile marketing is related to digital marketing like Mobile phones and tablets have revolutionized digital marketing because they open up radically new touch points for where and when you can connect to your customers.Mobile devices include phones, PDAs, media devices, portable gaming consoles, tablet computers and, of course, those devices which function as all of the above. Some mobile devices may only be open to a few advertising channels like a basic cell phone can receive text messages only while other devices support many additional possibilities, including mobile Internet access, video messaging, and the ability to actively initiate and interact with advertising , by scanning a QR code etc.It can be a massive part of the digital marketing and if you want right mobile strategy that means your website content,SEO,social media and CRM will work on mobile as well as the location based services for more advanced tools.More companies are engaging in mobile marketing including service providers,advertisers and brands from a variety of industries.Because of digital marketing service and social networking Interaction with content has changed greatly over the past year.

Digital Marketing in Mumbai

Mumbai – The city of dreams

Mumbai – a metropolitian city with greatest commercial and financial capital of India serves millions of people with jobs in its fast growing companies which has broad horizon from financial firms to textile industry, from heathcare sectors to seo agency.

The Importance of Digital Marketing in Mumbai

Being one of the homes to many multi-national companies and the need to be present online to touch life of consumers has become a significant element for companies to be impressive to their consumers. With the aid of services like online reputation management, internet marketing and website promotion provided by a digital marketing company, this metropolis companies make sure about their progressive existence of being online with less and minimum efforts.

Digital Marketing Company – Creative Web Promotion

We are a digital marketing boutique which deliver services that span from digital marketing for retail stores to digital marketing for real estates. And which ultimately means that we strive to fulfill any type of ecommerce website marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Services

Our SEO professionals and SMO expertise provide the following services:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Content Writing Services

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Digital Marketing in Nariman Point

Nariman Point – The name says it all!

Fourth among the most expensive place in the world, Nariman Point – a business district in Mumbai city is fast growing business centre. The vivacious city of Mumbai proudly boasts of this place as a main tourist attraction.

The Importance of Digital Marketing in Nariman Point

Never the less, Nariman Point has made it’s mark with it’s scintillatingly beautiful points. But without it being shown to masses, it wouldn’t attract it’s lovers. Digital Marketing Services can present a platform for local businesses to promote their business through website promotion thus reaching their online lovers and consumers.

Digital Marketing Company – Creative Web Promotion

We are highly experienced, performance-based digital marketing agency. Be it digital marketing for apparels or digital marketing for jewelry, we do it all for our clients.

Digital Marketing Services

Our SEO professionals and SMO expertise provide the following services:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Content Writing Services

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Digital Marketing in Andheri

Andheri – The blend is here!

Andheri is blend of commercial and residential sub-urban area which is well known for both it’s shade. Industrial estates, media hubs, restuarants, pubs, commercial parks are all that we know about Andheri.

The Importance of Digital Marketing in Andheri

Gone are those days when restuarants, lounges or even companies get business without having a socio-online presence. Digital platforms is platform where the masses are present and to reach them means to be impactful with online existence. Well for that a digital marketing agency serves the best fit.

Digital Marketing Company – Creative Web Promotion

Wanna make website fast? Well allow us to take it to the next level and for sure you would see the difference it your growth. Seo professionals with just the right mixture of creativity and mindfulness, helps you reach the top of search engines. Our company helps you generate business and also let you establish a brand identity on the web.

Digital Marketing Services

Our SEO professionals and SMO expertise provide the following services:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Content Writing Services

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Digital Marketing in India

India – The diverse nation!

Diverse, young and moving toward development is what comes when we hear India. A country considered as one of the rapidly growing marketplace for global business. Its a new footprint for growing business and creating new ventures. And surely we are all aware of the Digital India campaigns that has a wildfire effect over the masses.

The Importance of Digital Marketing in India

Consumers are moving digital platforms in India. They demand for better online consumer services. Thus, with this thought it is necessary to ask whether you company is online or no. And if the answer is no then digital marketing services would be the game changer. India being new to it, best results can be obtained making use of the available online marketing ways that digital marketing agency provide.

Digital Marketing Company – Creative Web Promotion

Thought why your business is not showing results? Then, we might just have the right answer to it. We are a digital marketing and seo company which you opt to know. As we provide the most effective ecommerce digital marketing strategy underlying with various internet marketing services.

Digital Marketing Services

Our SEO professionals and SMO expertise provide the following services:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Content Writing Services

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