Which insurance firms in the US are suitable to invest in digital currency?

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Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have attracted almost every industry and business, including insurance. Because of growing theft, fraud, and hacking associated with crypto trading, insurance firms are offering coverage to investors. There are a number of reputed insurers that are giving coverage plans in the crypto space.

If you want to keep your digital currency safe and secured, here are the top insurance firms in the US to invest in digital currency. Take a look:

Marsh & Mclennan

Marsh & Mclennan is one of the finest US firms to invest in digital currency. Marsh has formed a dedicated team called Marsh’s Digital Asset Risk Transfer (DART) to service blockchain start-ups. DART team offers specialized risk transfer solutions tailored to the needs of investors. They will help you determine which forms of insurance coverage you need.


A claims to have over 50% of the crypto insurance market in the US. The company is actively collaborating with the insurance marketplace to create more innovative risk transfer solutions. Aon Risk Solutions, a subsidiary of AON, has developed a policy form to protect investors against the loss of cryptocurrency.


Prominent European insurer and asset manager, Allianz SE, has 88 million clients in more than 70 countries. This Munich-based company is also offering individual coverage for digital-coin theft.

In addition, some crypto companies are growingly seeking to get insurance coverage to help attract more clients. Trustology, a London-based startup focused on crypto custody services, is one of the firms to obtain coverage.
This was our list of the best insurance firms in the US. Now, the question arises, how do these companies get to be on the top of this list? The answer is digital marketing!

Recent years have seen tremendous growth in the concept and usage of digital currencies. Taking advantage of the buzz, the right kind of marketing in the right direction helps businesses stay ahead in the world of cryptocurrency. If you’re working in the field of digital currencies or cryptocurrencies, spreading the word about your business through the right digital marketing will help you in a number of ways. Let’s discuss them below:

Digital Marketing for Cryptocurrency-based Businesses

Digital currency or cryptocurrency is in great demand these days as the world is very hyped up about this technological advancement after the massive success of Bitcoin.

Newer cryptocurrencies are being introduced in the market and a number of businesses are revolving around them. ICOs, dApps, cryptocurrency-based platforms like Steemit, etc. are adopted by a number of businesses. Even the existing businesses have adapted to digital currencies, like the list of companies we discussed above.

Let’s see how digital marketing helps boost the cryptocurrency-based businesses and ideas:

  • Spread the word about ICOs and get more and more investors
  • Market dApps in the digital markets for more traffic
  • Market your cryptocurrency-based products or services to the target audience
  • Propose your business idea to the right investors
  • Market your cryptocurrency-based platform
  • Market your own cryptocurrency and attract investors

A lot can be achieved through the right digital marketing for your digital currency-based business. If this information was helpful and if you want more of the Steem Bitcoin talk, seek help from a leading Steem marketing consultant – Steem Experts.

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Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have attracted almost every industry and ...