How to Promote Your Business as a Sole Proprietor?

Some people don’t feel comfortable if they need to work in a team. Others don’t like the idea of working for others. Also, there are working people who work in industries where it pays off to start your own business. For all these business people, the sole proprietorship is a reasonable company type.

But it’s not easy to promote such a venture because of all the responsibilities you have as a one-man-band. The following tips and practices will help you cut some corners along the way.

1) Joining relevant business associations

When you’re trying to find your way to the business top, it’s important to gather a pool of successful professionals. Networking is one of the best ways of reaching this goal.

You might ask yourself how to meet a larger number of experienced professionals in one place.

Apart from online channels, which we’re going to discuss later, there’s a more traditional but efficient way: joining niche associations. If you’re a designer, join one or more guilds of designers. Accountants, translators, and other similar service providers can all follow suit and connect with their colleagues that way.

In addition to regular business conferences and career days, such associations often organize meetups and gatherings. These events are perfect opportunities for new business owners and established entrepreneurs to exchange their experienced and start collaborations.

2) Spreading the word in social media

Nowadays, promoting your business on the Web without regular activity in social media is almost impossible.

So, the first thing to do is to launch a Facebook business page. Until your revenues reach a satisfying level, this page can be your central online business hub. Some sole proprietors never launch a real website because a Facebook business page meets all their demands.

Make sure to set a publishing schedule on Facebook and other social networks. That way, you’ll know in advance what materials to publish when. Your audience will start following you to see your new posts at equal intervals.

If you’re eager to learn tips from successful CEOs and renowned managers, open a Twitter account and follow such professionals from your niche.

Instagram, on the other hand, is a powerful promotional tool for visual artists. Your page will serve as an online gallery of your works.

Finally, become a LinkedIn user and connect with your colleagues on this network, as well.

This combo of social media will ensure continuous and effective promotion on the Web. Last but not least, think about using a social media scheduling tool for better management of these posts.

3) Using freebies to boostthe email list

At every new business beginning, giving things away for free is a common practice. That way, rookie business owners manage to hit two birds with one stone.

On the one hand, they generate leads and turn some of these leads into customers.

On the other hand, they get email addresses of the visitors who register on their website to get freebies. The thing is that most business owners ask their website visitors to register by leaving their email address to get a freebie. This will help you begin putting together your email list.

Solopreneurs who just rely on a Facebook business page, without launching a website, can share their freebies via posts. In some cases, organizing a contest with prizes is another wise option for enhanced business promotion at the beginning.

Also, those sole proprietors who sell tangible items can make one or more bulk orders for those things. That way, they’ll be eligible to ask for discounts.

Service providers might not be able to offer their services entirely for free. What they can try is offering special, time-limited service packages at reduced prices.

4) Sharing professional experience

There are some cases of solopreneurs who have never worked for a company but decided to start their private business from day one.

However, most sole proprietors decide to go their own way after they’ve gained some experience working for others. This is a better position than the first one, for two main reasons.

Firstly, the fact that you’ve worked in a company means that you already have some business contacts. These can come in handy for your networking as a solopreneur.

Secondly, you’ve already had some business collaborations and completed some professional projects.

This knowledge and these skills are invaluable assets for business promotion. When your potential customers see that you have a trusty background, they’ll believe your business more.

Therefore, add all those experiences to your website, blog, and social media profiles. Create a story of your personal brand and highlight the advantages of your business over the competition. Using practical content marketing strategies will also help you establish a trustworthy one-man brand that stands out from the pack.

5) Creating video content

We all know that images are crucial for business promotion. Also, saying that copywriting is important is an understatement. Make sure to use original and enticing materials for both these purposes.

But bear in mind that video is the kind of contemporary marketing. From short social media business stories to explainer videos and promotional clips on your website,

As described by web design experts from Houston, it’s important to produce visually attractive videos in high resolution, with relevant motives for your business.

For instance, you can edit and publish some older business videos of yours, when you used to work for others. Speeches from business events, in-house presentations or any other similar materials will serve the purpose of showing where you were then and where you are now.

If possible, publish videos in which your new clients describe why they like to work with you. Those video testimonials can be a useful marketing tool in showcasing your expertise and attracting new clients.


As we’ve pointed out in this article, working as a sole proprietor means being a one-man brand. Everything you do or fail to do is only your responsibility. Sometimes this is a blessing and sometimes it can be a curse. In addition to performing your core business tasks, don’t underestimate the power of promotion. The more you talk about your business, the more likely it is to grow and flourish. So, follow our ideas for business promotion and steadily grow a lucrative sole proprietorship.

Author Byline: Liam Collins is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast working at He spends most of his time reading and writing about the current affairs in the world of information technology. When he isn’t working, he likes going for long bike rides and walks in nature.

Is Adding Location In Your Keyphrase A Good SEO Strategy?

Many marketers are confused over the use of location in key-phrase for an effective Search Engine Optimization. There are many who believe doing this could be a time-wasting strategy as search engines like Google automatically picks a business’ local location. But experts have a different theory to discuss. According to them, adding location in key-phrase isn’t a beneficial SEO strategy, but it is important in trending digital marketing. Why?

Digital marketing experts say adding location is a good thing that gives relevance to the added page. This could help in targeting a specific product or services of a company in a specific area. By using the location feature in Title and Description Tags, it can give beneficial results for a company while doing the websites SEO.

The location adding feature has been found effective and business-friendly if a company wants to target online people on a specific region of the globe. This helps Google in recognizing that a business belongs to which specific region. In addition, it can further help a company in its websites overall optimization. For example, providing city name relevant keyword with it on the Meta tags of the website can increase brand awareness in a particular region online and grab attention of online customers of that place.

Why Web Creative Mall?

Web Creative Mall understands the importance of adding location in a website your key-phrase, and provides trendy SEO services that include this strategy. The right procedures are followed to ensure that SEO rankings of a website could increase online. Apart from that, experienced professional create individual landing pages for every key-phrase with a call to action form or ‘contact us’ button. These services ensure that your website could target online people of a region that you want.

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Why You Should Use Location After Your Product Or Service For Better SEO Convergence

There are so many things to adopt and apply during digital marketing of a brand to get satisfactory results. But is it beneficial to add location in keywords when Google helps in searching keywords with the location of an online user?

Yes, you should! According to experts, using location with keywords is helpful for better SEO convergence. For example, using a city name with keywords during the on-page optimization can help search engines in recognizing the place to which a business belongs. Such efforts can result into NAP- name, address, and phone number- of a business appearing on multiple pages of the website. Apart from that, this effort can help in using NAP as information for online business listings and local business directories.

If you want to promote your business locally and lure online people in the neighborhood, you can use a location keyword in the page titles and Meta description tags. But while doing so, it is necessary to ensure that text is not going to be overused.

Search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo link location to a keyword by considering a place and the IP address where the search is originated. After that, people searching for a particular service in their city are counted by the search engine as searchers within a location, thanks to their IP address. So, adding location with the product keyword can also help in grabbing attention of a small town or a large city.

Creative Web Mall can help you use keywords in the most accurate way in order to ensure that your business gain attention of people from local as well as foreign locations online. Apart from that, various other digital marketing services are provided by the company to help you get business-friendly results online. 

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5 Major Tips Every Small Business Should Consider To Build Online Presence

In today’s technology-friendly world, online presence matters for businesses of all sizes. Every company wants to have more and more customers by making fewer efforts. Various digital marketing tools help promote a business online and grab attention of many potential customers at one time. Apart from that, online presence also helps gain trust of customers.

Here are effective tips small businesses can use to strengthen their online presence:

online website for business

Attention To Local SEO

Many small companies make a mistake of avoiding local SEO, but it can help attract customers nearby and reach new people at different intervals. A company can hire expert SEO service providers to handle local SEO by verifying your Google My Business listing, optimizing meta tags and doing various other functions.

Website For All Users

The website should be accessible to users of all kinds. There may be people online who will access the website through desktops, tablets, laptops or via mobile phone. It is important to optimize a website in a manner that it opens quickly and effectively by every user.

wesite for all

Attention To Customer Review

Reviews online help people while choosing a company’s services. On the other side, they are like feedback for a company. The business owner should take reviews seriously and work on them to provide people good on-site experience.

customer review

Attention To Online, Offline And Mobile Data

There should be analysis to check how a business is performing. A business should collect data from offline, online and mobiles, and combine them to make future strategies.

Connecting To Customers

To understand what customers want, it is necessary to stay connected to them and understand what they want from a website.

Creative Web Mall can help you strengthen your business appearance online through various digital strategies.

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Crucial ranking signal in SEO – Mobile Friendly Responsive Web Design –

Responsive Website Designing services Mumbai

Yes its True! Responsive Web Design Improves SEO. What is Responsive Mobile Friendly Web Design?

A mobile friendly responsive web design will optimize your website to be more appropriate for smaller screens, simpler navigation and faster load times. With a better technology, better apperance of your content, graphics using HTML5, CSS and javascript. A good and flexible web design solution.

Mobile friendly responsive web design services Mumbai, india

If you own a Google webmaster tool, and if your website is not mobile friendly, you may see notifications from Google, constantly reporting as “mobile fixability issues”. Yes of course Google loves responsive mobile friendly web design. Google has suggested responsive design when optimizing a website for smartphones, which is become an important ranking factor for SEO’s and Web Design companies to follow this design approach.

Creative provides quick, easy, user friendly Mobile friendly responsive web design services at reasonable price. Upgrade your website today for better SEO rankings in Google. Contact us at today.

What is Mobile Search engine Optimization?

With increase in usage of mobile devices and tablets, many people browse websites through mobile, tablets. But many websites still aren’t designed to account for different screen sizes and load times. With Mobile search engine optimization, we optimize your website design, site structure, page speed, and more so that your website doesnot inadvertently turn off  mobile visitors away to reach your businesses.

Mobile SEO Best Practices

There are few things to take into account along with regular SEO factors, while optimizing for mobile search engines.

Page speed

One of the important factor is page speed, as small devices like mobile and tablets have low processors compared to desktops and internet connectivity issues. You need to optimize images, minify code, leverage browser caching, and reduce redirects.

Use of CSS and Javascripts

Smartphone GoogleBot loves websites using latest CSS and JSS coding. Its gives effective styling, with speed, and less errors while crawling.

Mobile friendly web design

Your website should fulfill the mobile fixability issues.

Avoid Flash

The plugin is not available any more on mobile phones. use HTML5 and CSS instead for designing effects.

Avoid Popups

Avoid popups on your website to reduce high bounce rates.

Optimize titles and meta descriptions

Use structured data, to mention title, descriptions of web pages. be conscise and specific while writing meta tags. Avoid long titles.

Optimize for local search

As you all know mobile search engines show local results first using IP addresses. So optimize you website with locations to rank on top.