SEO and Press release

SEO and Press release

SEOs and Press release cannot go hand in hand. Just adding the press release links to a website and expecting to increase the page traffic is not good solution. Press releases from different channels will not help your customers to get their results. Hence SEOs will lose the search engine optimization rankings. Press release should be used only when it is related to users and it is worth adding to posts.

Press release role in SEO

Press release are generally to make awareness and strengthening the relationships through various networks. Press release does not help SEOs to grow their presence. Press release hardly help SEOs users. We at Creative – digital amrketing company Dubai is managing this rare combination by adding a separate link for the press release. Mainly the audience is journalist which is making our SEO presence wider. Creative is very well aware that press releases will not be helpful for its major users. And targeting only specific user group will not work well for any SEO agency. We are publishing press releases which are really important and can be useful for journalist and regular users so that both groups can be linked if possible.

Why to choose SEO agency Dubai

SEO agency Dubai is creatively working to manage the existing as well as new users. Our SEO experts are handling the very specific areas like press release very well and making their service balanced. SEO agency has core team which is aware about the relevance factor of the posts they are publishing. Our SEO team is not boosting website just for search engine optimization but making it more high quality level to meet the customer requirement. Creative is delivering the projects on time without compromising the quality.