Google Plus is going in 2022

Google Plus is going in 2022

Recently, Google announced the decision to sunset Google+. With the strong challenges of maintaining the expectations of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram users, Google + wasn’t gaining much popularity. The declining use of the platform made Google sunset the Google + platform.

Google is placing the deadline near the end of August 2022. Meanwhile, the company will launch new features for the enterprise version of the same service as early as this week.

That’s a platform for communication within large companies, built around the same concepts that defined the consumer version of Google Plus.

This may affect your website’s outbound links if any.

And may show broken links and affect website SEO.

So better remove such links if any as soon as possible.

Are you worried about post sharing? Don’t worry. Google allows sharing your recent posts on your local listing pages from Google businesses. So update your users with recent posts from your local listings, maps, directions, and reviews.

I don’t think many of us are going to miss Google plus all that much. Surely, there will be something new on the horizon to take its place before too long.