Digital Marketing: Why Competitor Analysis for SEO And How To Do It


As we are progressing in the digital world, more and more businesses have started adopting various kinds of digital marketing techniques to stay ahead in the competitive world. But the modern digital marketing isn’t just about using unique yet effective online marketing approaches to grab attention of more and more people over the Internet, but to keep a close eye on competitors and marketing approaches they are using.

Why Competitor Analysis?


SEO competitive analysis is necessary to understand the trends in digital marketing and how people are reacting to them. In addition, it also helps in knowing which marketing strategies should be the priority and how they should be launched over the Internet. This also gives insights about competitor’s strategies and how they are implementing their plans.

How To Do Competitor Analysis for SEO?

Here, the step should be identifying top competitors who are using digital marketing strategies in an effective way. These could be competitors in the real world or over the Internet. There are specially designed tools to search competitors. Competition

After that, data on these competitors should be collected and analyzed to identify and understand what strategies can work against them. In addition, there should be analysis on Backlink gap to know websites linked to competitors. Those websites which are linked to many top competitors are with higher success rate. In addition, there should be keyword gap analysis to know keyword competitors are targeting to get traffic.

Once the analysis has been done, an effective plan should be made to deal with the competitors’ strategies. Here, a company should take help from experienced digital marketing service provider, such as Creative Web Promotion. The company has a team of experts who are aware of modern marketing trends and know how to implement modern approaches to get beneficial results.

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As we are progressing in the digital world, more and more businesses have started ...