4 Ways to Fill-up Security Holes in ASP .net Core Web Application

4 Ways to Fill-up Security Holes in ASP .net Core Web Application

From the time you wake up, freshen up, have a bath, dress yourselves, perform the daily chores of life, and get back in bed, there is one thing common; i.e., your amity with technology.

As a part of the process, people have begun to share all their crucial petty things over mobile apps. It is one of the essentials that app developers ask for very commonly.

Yeah.. yeah we understand it is only for the betterment of the user experience. However, have you ever wondered, what could happen if this information, along with the rest of the app data is hacked?

While the developers of ASP.net development company are trained to create power-pact Microsoft apps with versatile features, security is a simultaneous concern that needs to be looked upon.

We know what brought you to this blog. Thus, without taking another minute from your clock, let us begin listing ways to separate vulnerabilities from the web apps and API.

Submit to the power of Encryption

Why do we store all our valuables in a safe box, locked with keys far from the reach of intruders? Well, all because of security reasons.

In the same manner, encryption of critical data in web apps keeps away information away from all sorts of danger.

Credentials that includes password and code to the debit card should always go in an encrypted format.

You may not know, but the hacker could be hovering anytime on the website or the system. We call this process of hacking in technical terms sniffing.

Throw away the Cookies

No…no… keep chewing the chocolate cookies you are eating, we are sure they would be delightful. Here we are talking about the website cookies which you can clear out before signing off.

We understand that’s sad and that you can lose the data of the logged-in users, but see the bigger picture, the hacker does not have unauthorized hands on any sort of data.

Trace back the Activity Logging

Have you ever tried to open the safe locker with the wrong key? (assuming, you don’t know it is wrong). The unauthorized login is quite similar to this real-life scenario.

Hackers may try a number of failed attempts to log in, which can break the wall of security at some point in time.

However, tracking the activity of the website will put all the facts on the table. The owner can clearly see how many time attempt for intrusion has occurred.
Treat end-users as Novice

We understand that your end-users might include some developers who can understand technical errors clearly.

However, considering the fact, do not disclose all the technical and code-based errors in the market. The hackers can misuse data in such form to invade inside the walls of web apps or API.

Under the shelter of ASP.net development services, the experts make it their concern that issues and errors reach the user in layman’s language.
Summing it Up…

ASP.net development has one of the secure web app frameworks. Yet, as we all know, a Superhero needs a sidekick, the framework needs security measures.

The above guide will get you on the right foot to harness process safety.