Social Media Marketing Statistics For Success In Digital Marketing This Year


Digital marketing isn’t an optional marketing technique today, but it has become a necessity to stay in the modern competitive business world. Digital marketing includes various types of strategies and methods to grab attention of online people who can be turned to real clients.

Social media marketing is a part of digital marketing where different social media websites are used to attract more and more people from around the world towards a brand or a company’s services. The role of social media marketing has changed with time, and it has become a vital part of promotion over the Internet.

Here are more interesting stats of social media marketing for this year:

  • When digital marketing service providers include social media marketing as a part of brand promotion over different platforms over the Internet, especially today, there are higher chances of conversion rate than it was few years ago. According to a latest report, customers over social media convert at more than 125% rate.

  • Reviews on a product over social media influence people. It has been found that more than 65% of online customers make their decision after reading comments or reviews about a brand.

  • An average Internet user spends around 120 minutes every day over the Internet exploring social media.

  • Most brands are avoiding customers’ messages over social media, which is not a good thing. It has been found that on an average, a brand takes more than three days to respond to one of eight social media messages.

In order to stay ahead in digital marketing, it is necessary to spay time to social media platform. A company should hire experienced professionals like Creative Web Promotion to stay active on every social medial website and stay connected to online customers and to convert them into potential customers.

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What Is The Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing


In today’s technology-friendly world, it is necessary for marketers to keep a close eye on all marketing methods and use the most beneficial ones to help promote a company brand. Digital marketing is the modern way of promoting a product and reach people all across the globe.

When it is about marketing over the Internet, there are two widely used terms: Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. What are they are how are they different?

Digital Marketing: It’s an umbrella term that covers all kinds of online marketing techniques and methods, which include web marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, web marketing, email marketing, online banner and others.

Social Media Marketing: It’s a part of digital marketing which is in trend these days. Here, a company’s products or services are promoted over various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and others.

Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

  • Digital marketing covers all kinds of online marketing trends, while social media marketing is a part of digital marketing and covers marketing only related to social media websites.

  • Digital marketing includes a long list of Internet campaigns which may use social media websites, Pay-per-click, online PR, mobile marketing and various other marketing techniques to bring traffic on a brand’s website. In addition, digital marketers make efforts to ensure brand engagement, email list building and various other kinds of results. On the other side, posts on social media try to transfer social media users to website of the brand. SMM

  • Only experienced and skilled digital marketing agencies can handle digital marketing of a brand.

To get the best of digital marketing as well as social media marketing, it is necessary to use the right and advanced marketing strategies. Creative SEO Agency Mumbai has experienced digital marketing experts and right tools to get desired results.

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Important Tools of Performing Internet Marketing

Marketing of business is quite fierce in the present era when there are so many competitors around you. Gone are the days of doing traditional form of marketing that include placing your company’s ads in magazine, newspaper or on billboards. Such form of marketing is quite hard analyze and evaluate as per customer’s response. Now, is the age of Internet marketing or what we call as digital marketing. Through one can do marketing of his/her business on world wide web and on various social media channels.

Main Components of Digital Marketing

Social marketingA structured plan is necessary to perform marketing of your product or a service in a digital manner. In this relation, professional marketing players mainly adopt several crucial components of internet marketing that are as follows:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Link Building


Search Engine Optimization is a digital technique of getting more traffic towards your website by placing it at the top of search engine. Using necessary keyword strategy is the main weapon of getting more traffic towards your site. Professional marketing company who performs SEO for business help them to achieve the following:

  • Analysing the competitors
  • Identify the key phrases
  • Increase the reach of website title and pages
  • Optimizing the rate of company’s content

Pay Per Click is a fastest way of buying visitors to your site. Under this technique advertiser’s aka company place their ads on search engines and pay the same whenever the ad is clicked to get more traffic in an efficient manner.

Social Media Marketing
Looking at the current buzz of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc, marketing is done by posting engaging content on such platforms to engage more and more people.

Email Marketing

Sending period mails related to company’s products, related to any sale offer can increase the reach of business.

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Convert Your Online Crowd Into Customers – Here’s How



Today, every kind of business needs an effective strategy to stay in competition. And to stay ahead in the race, it is necessary to implement that business strategy in the most effective way. An effective strategy of any type of business includes formulation and implementation. Strategist of a company or an online marketing service provider hired by it should formulate and implement a strategy in a way that it could grab attention of more and more online users, and convert them into potential clients.

How successful digital marketing strategy helps in gaining clients     

In today’s competitive world, it is necessary to have a business strategy that is proactive and reactive. There should be plans and deep research to increase crowd on an online platform and turn them into customers. Here’s what a successful digital marketing strategy does:

  • A strategy is successful when it is easy to formulate and there is quick feedback to react. When there is data on how the strategy is working, necessary changes could be made to grab attention of customers and convince them for company services.
  • A successful strategy by a digital marketing service provider can help in figuring out what type of users should be targeted to turn them into customers.
  • Experienced digital marketers understand the modern way of online marketing where lots of people use smartphones to explore services they require. These digital marketers develop a strategy in a way that the services could be highlighted on a social media platform to gain attention of potential customers.
  • A successful strategy contains data on people using different online platform to search services they require. Getting data on this, a good digital marketing service provider makes a strategy and showcases the potential customers the services they are looking for.   


Programmatic Advertising – Be well Informed to maximize the benefits

Programmatic AdvertisingIn the last few years, online marketing has changed a lot. Programmatic Advertising is allowing businesses to promote their services in a new way that saves their time and money by showing ads only to the targeted online audience. This profitable technology makes the most of a company budget through a well-planned digital Marketing campaign.

Undoubtedly Programmatic Advertising is one of the best ways to promote a company’s products and services on social platforms with an ad campaign, it is necessary to be smart to take the maximum advantage of the technology. It is necessary for the marketer to make smart strategies and apply them effectively. In addition to adopting the new technique, it is also important not to make mistakes during an online marketing campaign.

Mistakes To Avoid          

Not understanding Key Performance Indicators: Also called KPIs, it is combination of tactics on digital campaigns. It is essential for a service provider to decide campaign objective in the start and use beneficial analytical tools to keep the track of campaign performance as per the set target.

Not paying attention to Demand-side Platform: Demand-side Platform, or say DSP, is a method to get information on online users’ behavior in a region towards the campaign. It is necessary to consider DSP data and target the right audience to get beneficial results.

Not hiring experienced digital marketing agency: Digital marketing includes various kinds of activities to perform to meet objectives of an online campaign. This requires a team of experts which knows how to reach the target audience without leaving a scope of mistake.

Not optimizing campaign: To have maximum campaign performance, it is essential to optimize it. There is need to pay continuous attention to tools being used, audience, conversions and many other factors.

Ignoring First-party Data: It is important to have information on the target audience acquired by First-party Data. This further could help in making further plans to grab attention of more potential customers.   

Know What Techniques Work and What Do Not In the Digital Marketing Realm

digital Marketing


While almost every business has realized the importance of digital marketing to be able to survive in the pool of competition online, many lack on executing an effective and engaging approach for generating results. There are certain dos and don’ts surrounding the planning and execution of any campaign online that you should follow.


  • Digital Marketing DosFind Target Platform

With a horde of social media channels available, it is vital to choose a platform that best matches your business operations. Marketing strategy comprising of interaction with customers would be suitable on Facebook and Twitter while visual-based marketing is affective at Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Engage CustomersDigital Marketing Dos

Personalization is the key to digital marketing. Know what your audience wants and deliver it to them through effective engagement. Avoid using too much automation and build campaigns designed for connecting with customers.

Digital Marketing Dos

  • Original Content With SEO

Focus on posting relevant and valuable content that solves a problem or provides helpful insight on a topic. Optimize the content with quality SEO to increase your page’s ranking on search engine results.


Digital Marketing Don't

  • Spam

It is highly suggested to refrain from spamming your customers with pop-ups and forced advertising. These non-consensual adverts become an obstacle to your meaningful content and make you lose potential customers.

Digital Marketing Don't

  • Don’t Ignore Mobile Users

With a rising number of people operating their social network accounts through their smartphones and tablets, it is important that brands use a responsive web design or create an alternate mobile version of their website.

Digital Marketing Don't

  • Focus on Selling

Instead of hard selling your products directly, post about concepts, ideas, and solutions to problems that surround your product. Such content will grasp the interest of users and make them more interested in your product or service.

SEO and Quality Content Importance

Quality content acts as the key factor for getting more page traffic and lifting the search engine ranking. This definitely results in more revenue. Definitely existing customers will hope to see something fresh and potential content regularly on website and new will be attracted to this kind of content also. Even Google the most popular search engine will also rank top website which is updated regularly with their unique contents. The speed also matters for achieving the top search engine rank by most well-known search engines. We just can be slow in updating our content as this may affect our business revenue. Quality and quantity balance game is the secret of getting more page traffic on your website. You should upload number of contents without compromising the quality is generally a big task for SEOs.

Importance of Quality content in our SEO projects

Planning is almost there everywhere from study to project. Our team is focusing on planning and preparation so that it can supply the quality content. We all are aware that have ocean of information on internet available already. But still SEO agency Dubai has flagged ship by maintaining uniqueness and quality standard of its content. SEOs need to be pro-active in updating the contents. SEO agency Dubai meeting the planned deadlines which is resulting in more page traffic. SEO agency believes that delay in updating or slow content posting will never take you to the top search engine ranking. Nature has gifted everyone with some unique gift and we need to be ourselves when we want to be unique. You can take multiple references or sources but it should be delivered in your own way. SEO agency Dubai is maintaining such type uniqueness. We believe that there is service shall be treated as masterpiece. We implement the proofread of articles to avoid grammatical or typographical errors before it will be published to all users. This will result in avoiding small errors before somebody else will note if after publishing which can lower the quality of beautiful content.

Why to choose SEO agency Dubai

Above are the steps that SEO agency Dubai is executing to get high search engine ranking.
SEO agency Dubai concentrate more on content worthiness than just addition of key words.
Our core team is playing essential role in execution and post execution stage.