Why You Should Use Location After Your Product Or Service For Better SEO Convergence

There are so many things to adopt and apply during digital marketing of a brand to get satisfactory results. But is it beneficial to add location in keywords when Google helps in searching keywords with the location of an online user?

Yes, you should! According to experts, using location with keywords is helpful for better SEO convergence. For example, using a city name with keywords during the on-page optimization can help search engines in recognizing the place to which a business belongs. Such efforts can result into NAP- name, address, and phone number- of a business appearing on multiple pages of the website. Apart from that, this effort can help in using NAP as information for online business listings and local business directories.

If you want to promote your business locally and lure online people in the neighborhood, you can use a location keyword in the page titles and Meta description tags. But while doing so, it is necessary to ensure that text is not going to be overused.

Search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo link location to a keyword by considering a place and the IP address where the search is originated. After that, people searching for a particular service in their city are counted by the search engine as searchers within a location, thanks to their IP address. So, adding location with the product keyword can also help in grabbing attention of a small town or a large city.

Creative Web Mall can help you use keywords in the most accurate way in order to ensure that your business gain attention of people from local as well as foreign locations online. Apart from that, various other digital marketing services are provided by the company to help you get business-friendly results online. 

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How Good Mobile UI Helps Increase In SEO Rankings

With the increase in mobile users accessing the Internet through their smartphones, businesses operating online have started giving attention to mobile-friendly features for their websites. All types of organizations or their digital marketers are working tirelessly to make their websites easily accessible on all kinds of devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Even Google has started giving attention to mobile-friendly websites, which are enjoying improvement in their search engine rankings. On the other side, sites with mobile optimization are seeing a plunge in their rankings.

mobile website

Here are some stats over sites with mobile optimization:

  • A 2015 survey by Google shows that around one-third mobile users leave a website forever if they don’t find it user friendly. It means a website with impressive user Interface can gain more traffic, and may also turn that online traffic into customers.
  • Sites with slow load time suffer. One second increase in site load time can plunge the page view rate by 11%.

Why To Have Website with Good User Interface?

According to experts, website that works well on all kinds of devices and has a quick load time performs well and generate good results for its owner. Apart from that, an effective user interface of a website can grab attention of online users and make them visit the website again and again. When people come to a website several times, more traffic generates on it. This further affects the websites performance and gifts it a good SEO rankings. With various SEO strategies, rankings could further be improved and more satisfactory results can be generated.

Creative Web Mall can help you get an eye-appealing website that works well on all kinds of devices people use. In addition, you can also use various other digital marketing and promotion strategies of the company to get online results.

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Different Ways of Digital Marketing Options

Does old school marketing still exist? In this age we live in, if you are not digital, you are almost literally non-existent. Thinking of business marketing, nothing works more than what’s digital. Here are some digital marketing options you must adopt now.

  • Search engine optimization

SEOMore than 90% of internet users use search engines for various purposes. When we look for anything in search engine like Google or Bing etc, we get page results & usually a person gets the desired information in first few pages itself if the information is relevant and proper Search Engine Optimization is done. SEO helps a particular website to move up in ranking.

  • Search engine marketing

Modern era Search engine like Google is technically very advanced and people’s dependency on search engine is growing at a very high rate. In metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, the number of users are very high and so is the scope of search engine marketing. Local businesses are getting good benefit from search engine marketing. Digital marketingThe sponsored links that show up on top of a search result is a perfect example. Integration of technologies like GPS, GPRS with internet is also a key. When we search something, we get results that are close to our location. Eg: If we simply search grocery store on Google, we will get results that are near our current location.

  • Social media Campaigns

Social media’s growing popularity and consistently increasing user base makes it a very effective marketing tool. Apart from social media marketing through company pages and groups, we see random but related advertisements on Facebook. Digital marketingThat is what running a social media campaign is. Individuals and small businesses are getting high benefits out of these marketing tools because social media helps them to reach the right kind of audience at a much lower cost and time. Unlike a newspaper advertisement which is costly & less productive, social media marketing stands as an alternative to many mediums of advertisements.

  • Professional media marketing

Professional media marketing is a new trend & it works somewhat similar to social media marketing. Professional networks like LinkedIn, Google Plus etc are useful tools of professional media marketing, Companies and offices dealing with services like recruitment, Technology, software etc get maximum benefit from professional media marketing.

  • E-mail marketing

Digital marketingE-mail is one of the most widely used marketing tools. E-mail was developed for official & encrypted communication via internet but today it’s being used for many purposes like Advertisement, publicity & promotion etc. There are many professional digital marketing companies that can provide bulk email services.


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What Are Necessary On-page Optimization Steps

A website of an organization not just marks its presence online, but also provides important information to potential customers. It doesn’t matter how attractive a website is, it is beneficial for a business only when it has a reputable position in search engines. The position of website over the search engines can be improved through on-page optimization measure.

What Is On-page Optimization? onpage

It is the right combination of various procedures and measures that help in improving a websites position on different search engines. It can be done by making a website attractive and with easy to navigate features for online users. In addition, it should be with detailed information about company’s services and with fresh content. Apart from that, various other procedures are followed to make on-page optimization a great measure.

Steps For Online Optimization

Step 1: While posting unique and easy-to-read content on the company’s website, it is necessary to use the right keywords. There should be one primary keyword and one variation of that keyword. This method is applied to every page of the website.

Step 2: There should be a well-researched page title with primary keyword. Every page of the website must have unique title.

Step 3: Meta description should be added under the Page Title. Meta description is necessary to get the website in Google search results.

Step 4: URL of the website must also include the primary keyword which further must be separated with dashes.onpage

Step 5: The page’s content should be crisp and clear using primary keyword.

Step 6: Call to Action should be added to the page to make the website user-friendly.

Step 7: Through links, one page of the website should be linked to other pages.

Step 8: Images of a page must be added with a file name.

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What’s Essential For Effective Offpage Optimization

Today, digital marketing professionals use plenty of techniques to grab attention of potential online customers or generate online traffic to a website. SEO, also called Search Engine Optimization, is one such method which further has two techniques to help improve a website on search engine: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO and Off-page SEO: What’s The Difference?optimization

On-page SEO includes activities on a website, such as content, pictures, title and internal linking. It contains tricks to make a website more search-engine friendly. On the other side, Off-page SEO is linked to activities making a website popular over the Internet.

Essential For Offpage Optimization To Improve Website Ranking

Easy-to-read content for social communities: Various social communities such as Reddit can be an effective way to make a website popular and lure online people to link to the site. To get the most of this trick, it is essential to write content especially for these social communities.

Press release: In addition to grabbing attention of social community users, it is necessary to provide content to online bloggers and journalists to impress them and make them interested in the company services. By providing press release to these people, a company can display its new products and its benefits for people.

Powerful brand: To get the content published in high-rank PR websites, it is necessary to have famous brand. As a reputed brand, a company can make these PR websites promote its brand and build natural links for it.

optimizationActive participation on social websites and forums: By using social media website actively, a company can reach lots of potential customers and turn them into regular customers. In addition, active participation on public forum can make it more famous among people and allow it to promote its services on a platform with lots of users.



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Digital Marketing

Efficient Way of Doing Marketing on the Web

Digital Marketing

The advent of digital marketing has totally changed the way of advertising your company into the realm of general audience. An efficient digital marketing strategy is what calls for certain tech moves for the promotion of your product or a service amongst target audience and convert them to potential clients. Since, there are numerous ways to carry out digital marketing strategy by service providers, but main components comprise of SEO and Google Adwords.Digital marketing


Get to Know What SEO Does for Business

The very basic idea of SEO service is to make your website visible at the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other. An effective digital marketing component, SEO brings with it certain set of tools that help in providing maximum ranking results to the company.

  • On Page Optimization: Wherein, general importance is given to website pages where major changes have been made in title, meta description, site content, URL, sitemap, etc. This is basically done by using certain set of keywords that should be related to your website.
  • Off Page Optimization: This very component of SEO means increasing rank of the website in search engine result page. One of the ways of doing this is by using hyperlinks i.e., external links showing on your website that allows Google to have more trust on you.


Digital Marketing by Way of Google Adwords

Digital Marketing

Under the pool of millions of users and competitive sites on Google, you can let your website stand apart by using the services of Google Adwords. Under this, PPC (pay per click) is the ideal module that allows you to showcase your Ad to your target audience. You can choose your audience based on demographics, profile, location and interests etc who are more likely to click on your Ad. This helps you get quick ROI (Return on Investment) as compared to doing SEO for the next 6 months and get your website ranked at the top.

10 SEO Factors that Affects your Search Ranking

Search engine optimization services in Mumbai

  1. Unnatural inbound links going to your page – If you’re purchasing links or taking part in large-scale link schemes, you might be penalized with lower search results. Google even acquainted the Penguin algorithm to verify the pages at the top of search results are there because they have earned links from other dependable sources.
  2. Pages with copied content – Copied content is while you put up the same data on a couple of web pages. Sometimes, it’s an error that happens at some stage redesign when content is being migrated to a new domain. Other times, it’s a deliberate scheme to gain rankings for content you haven’t created yourself. No matter the case, it means searchers might run into the same answers in a results page when they click different links – making for a poor user experience.
  3. Thin content – Content is considered thin if it gives surface-level information that users can find on couple of sites throughout the web. It’s punishable because it doesn’t offer any unique price to readers. Alternatively, websites are rewarded with higher search rankings when they publish exclusive content users can’t find anywhere else on the web.
  4. Over-optimized anchor text – Websites that make internal links to support their own keyword techniques might also see lower rankings. Anchor text refers to the linked copy someone clicks to see a new page.
  5. Not being mobile friendly – There is now additional search traffic coming from mobile gadgets than desktops, and in case your content is not optimized for mobile gadgets, your rankings are going to suffer. In advance this year, Google launched a mobile algorithm to reward sites optimized for Smartphone and tablets. Pages that are not optimized for mobile viewing might not display up at the top of mobile results because they are hard for searchers to navigate and use.
  6. Keyword stuffing in documents – Some keyword use is rewarded, but too many keyword mentions correlate with lower rankings. Content sounds spammy when it consists of multiple keyword mentions in close proximity. The old rule of thumb was to limit keyword use to one for every 100 words. Now, its great exercise to use keywords only when they’re simplest and focus by and large on supplying context.
  7. Page links to spam – Content that hyperlinks to spammy pages also tend to rank lower than it would in search. This probably b a guilty-by-association scenario where Google penalizes sites for creating links to sites that don’t provide good answers to searchers.
  8. Site has lower user satisfaction metrics – Pages with lower user satisfaction metrics tend to rank lower in search results. For instance, a excessive bounce rate is a poor sign of user pleasure because it means people who click through to the website directly leave because it doesn’t have the information they want or it’s unattractive or looks untrustworthy.
  9. Slow page speed – A long load time is correlated with lower search rankings. The more time it takes for content to load, the less likely people are to stick around to read it. Google doesn’t want to force customers to wait for the information they are searching for, thus prioritizing pages that load fast.
  10. Relative low engagement metrics – Relative low engagement metrics mean you get less engagement than different websites at the identical consequences page. Low engagement metrics are a sign that visitors don’t find your content material valuable. If people only stay on the page for a few seconds before leaving but remain on another website for much longer, it’s a sign that searchers would possibly locate different content greater useful.

Even though this data shows correlating factors – no longer causational relationships – it shows spammy practices are hurting websites search rankings. Companies would not be rewarded with better search positions when they employ search engine optimization practices supposed to sport engines like Google. They need to optimize their websites for positive user experiences.

Creative is an age old Digital marketing agency in Mumbai, india, serving Search engine optimization – SEO services since 10+ years and have served more 100+ customers with SEO services. Contact us today for free SEO Analysis of your website.