How to Maintain the Web Traffic

With Google always showing signs of change their algorithms, it’s difficult for some, website admins to stay aware of each new refresh released. An ever increasing number of website admins are addressing if it’s even justified regardless of the issue, while others fear punishments for falling behind on a refresh.

In case you’re prepared to go up against the task of Google-sealing your site, here are ways you can keep up your site’s activity without Google:

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a power to be perceived and shouldn’t be thought little of as it forms more than 3 billion ventures for every month. Regardless of whether you’re straying from Google or not, you have to use YouTube by making specialty recordings, which are demonstrated to drive activity.

Hold Contents that Require Daily Updates

Much the same as with the main tip, you have to hold your watchers returning for additional. Also, on the off chance that you are intending to set up substance on your site, make sure it’s short yet sweet. Discharging content that covers all the imperative purposes of your image will give you less time and alternatives to refresh.

Screen your site insights

This ought to be a thing you do on a week after week premise. Discover an organization that will either give you a report who’s meeting your site, and where. Or on the other hand utilize your existing facilitating organization’s administration.

Do Daily Raffles for Coupons and Discounts

Allure your viewers by doing day by day pools. Incite watchers to enroll their email deliver into your site to win every day markdown coupons; in return you get the opportunity to send them pamphlets about your image.

Email Marketing

At the point when done accurately, email showcasing can create a transformation rate of more than 3%, which is higher than the general change rates for online networking and indexed lists. Be that as it may, numerous individuals dodge email showcasing because of the misinterpretation that it’s troublesome and tedious.

As another web owner, you should create and senses of what new watchers truly need to see on your site. Simply act naturally and be crisp on your thoughts.

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Important Tools of Performing Internet Marketing

Marketing of business is quite fierce in the present era when there are so many competitors around you. Gone are the days of doing traditional form of marketing that include placing your company’s ads in magazine, newspaper or on billboards. Such form of marketing is quite hard analyze and evaluate as per customer’s response. Now, is the age of Internet marketing or what we call as digital marketing. Through one can do marketing of his/her business on world wide web and on various social media channels.

Main Components of Digital Marketing

Social marketingA structured plan is necessary to perform marketing of your product or a service in a digital manner. In this relation, professional marketing players mainly adopt several crucial components of internet marketing that are as follows:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Link Building


Search Engine Optimization is a digital technique of getting more traffic towards your website by placing it at the top of search engine. Using necessary keyword strategy is the main weapon of getting more traffic towards your site. Professional marketing company who performs SEO for business help them to achieve the following:

  • Analysing the competitors
  • Identify the key phrases
  • Increase the reach of website title and pages
  • Optimizing the rate of company’s content

Pay Per Click is a fastest way of buying visitors to your site. Under this technique advertiser’s aka company place their ads on search engines and pay the same whenever the ad is clicked to get more traffic in an efficient manner.

Social Media Marketing
Looking at the current buzz of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc, marketing is done by posting engaging content on such platforms to engage more and more people.

Email Marketing

Sending period mails related to company’s products, related to any sale offer can increase the reach of business.

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Different Ways of Digital Marketing Options

Does old school marketing still exist? In this age we live in, if you are not digital, you are almost literally non-existent. Thinking of business marketing, nothing works more than what’s digital. Here are some digital marketing options you must adopt now.

  • Search engine optimization

SEOMore than 90% of internet users use search engines for various purposes. When we look for anything in search engine like Google or Bing etc, we get page results & usually a person gets the desired information in first few pages itself if the information is relevant and proper Search Engine Optimization is done. SEO helps a particular website to move up in ranking.

  • Search engine marketing

Modern era Search engine like Google is technically very advanced and people’s dependency on search engine is growing at a very high rate. In metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, the number of users are very high and so is the scope of search engine marketing. Local businesses are getting good benefit from search engine marketing. Digital marketingThe sponsored links that show up on top of a search result is a perfect example. Integration of technologies like GPS, GPRS with internet is also a key. When we search something, we get results that are close to our location. Eg: If we simply search grocery store on Google, we will get results that are near our current location.

  • Social media Campaigns

Social media’s growing popularity and consistently increasing user base makes it a very effective marketing tool. Apart from social media marketing through company pages and groups, we see random but related advertisements on Facebook. Digital marketingThat is what running a social media campaign is. Individuals and small businesses are getting high benefits out of these marketing tools because social media helps them to reach the right kind of audience at a much lower cost and time. Unlike a newspaper advertisement which is costly & less productive, social media marketing stands as an alternative to many mediums of advertisements.

  • Professional media marketing

Professional media marketing is a new trend & it works somewhat similar to social media marketing. Professional networks like LinkedIn, Google Plus etc are useful tools of professional media marketing, Companies and offices dealing with services like recruitment, Technology, software etc get maximum benefit from professional media marketing.

  • E-mail marketing

Digital marketingE-mail is one of the most widely used marketing tools. E-mail was developed for official & encrypted communication via internet but today it’s being used for many purposes like Advertisement, publicity & promotion etc. There are many professional digital marketing companies that can provide bulk email services.


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