5 steps to increase your conversions from your web page

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How a landing page should be designed?

Articulate your core value proposition in a visible short sentence that will immediately let propspective customers know whether to buy from you or not.

1) A call to action form above the page fold.

Paid campiagn marketing
Have two prominent call to actions place above the fold, on your landing pages. Use the word "FREE" to encourage more clicks. Shorter forms reduce friction in the conversion process. The lesser the number of questions, the higher will be the form fill rate.

Did you know that, web users spend 80% of their time looking at the content above the page fold.

2) Trust elements like a video testimonial, feedbacks from clients.

video testimonials
Have a testimonial on your landing page, closer to call to action with the name of the person and organisation who said it. Video testimonials are generally more effective. A camscore study found that a website visitor will stay on an average 2 mintues longer after they watch a video.

SEO company testimonial

  • Did you know that, 70% of website users will check out product reviews or ratings before making a purchase.
  • Conversion rates increase by 64% when testimonials were moved closer to the offer sections.
  • 63% of consumers are more likely to buy from a website that has product reviews and ratings.


3) Enable Conversion Tracking

Tracking a return on investment is equally mandatory as to its marketing. Online marketing has made it easy to track ROI. Ther are countless tools to do same. One of which is Google analytics.

4) The closing argument call to action statement

paid marketing strategy
Your landing page should always end with an closing argument statement that leads to visitors to contact you.

Did you know that, call to action targetted to user had a 42% higher view to submission rate than call to action that were same to all visitors.


5) Redable text and content

Short Sentences
Use only a few specific meaningful words to get your message across/

Use Bullets
When we use bullets than paragraph, to showcase data, 83% marketers have seen a positive impact.

Focus on benefits of your product than features

Did you know that, there is 38% increase in conversions when we use lesser words to convey the message.


Digital Marketing: What Connects SEO With Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Digital marketing is incomplete without search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing, which are used frequently by marketers to get favorable results. Although these are two different terms in the online marketing, they are somehow connected with each other. How do they fit together?

According to digital marketing experts, SEO and content marketing are two strategies that overlap when applied by a marketer to get results. SEO has various types of requirements to get results for a website, and these demands are fulfilled by content. While applying different types of SEO methods, online marketers need content, which can be articles, keywords or unique words related to a website.

Content marketing gives content for SEO

To use any SEO strategy, fresh and unique content is required. Content marketing provides the required content in the needed quantity. When more fresh content is required, content marketer executes the function and gives unique content to SEO people.

Content marketing gives keywords

Keywords are soul of SEO. After research, beneficial keywords can be found and used to get results in SEO.


Content marketing helps in getting link-backs

Link-backs to a website are a dream work for an SEO expert. This wish can be fulfilled through content marketing. Links can be built here through contracting with link building agencies that are reputed.

It is hard to imagine SEO without content marketing. Positive results for a website can be got only if the site’s content marketing is strong and fresh content is generated at regular basis. In addition, all the SEO strategies should be followed in the right way.

Creative Web Mall can help you apply digital marketing strategies in the right manner and using the latest SEO trends. The experienced SEO experts at the company use their skills to get results online.

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Digital Marketing – Benefits Of Having WordPress Website


WordPress is in trend these days to have an attractive and beneficial website, thanks to the platform’s functionality and support it offers. Apart from that, WordPress offers a long list of plug-ins to use and provides users unique experience. It also helps in digital marketing; here’s how:

Easy Management

There are many special and effective plug-ins to manage payment over the Internet, members and sell options over the website. Using the plug-ins, an e-commerce company can develop a solid strategy where members and clients can gain information.

Building Community


WordPress provides special tools to use them to develop digital strategies and provide the website as a community of clients and members. Here, a website owner can also link its social media websites to the website and can make it easy for clients to reach its different sources through a single link.

Easy Search Engine Optimization

Also known as SEO, it’s an important and one of the most beneficial strategies of digital marketing. When a website is on WordPress platform, it becomes easy for a digital marketer to optimize the website and apply SEO strategies on it to get beneficial results where the website will be ranked high in the search engine. There are many types of plug-ins and tools over the WordPress platform to expand SEO marketer’s reach to try new strategies to get results in favor.

All these digital strategies on WordPress are effective only if experienced and expert digital marketers use them in the right way and help get beneficial results. Creative Web Promotion has a team of expert digital marketers who use their experience and knowledge on the field to produce results that are favorable for a company. All the digital marketing services of the company are advanced and cost-effective.

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Digital Marketing: What’s Re-marketing And Why You Need It


Digital marketing is an easy, efficient and cost-effective way to promote a brand or its service on a global scale in quick time. But in the modern business world where digital marketing has become a common way of promotion, applying various on-line strategies to gain attention of potential customers isn’t enough. Marketers are required to use unique, yet effective tactics and keep track of their performance over the Internet. This is the modern-day rule to increase sale on-line.

The new approach added in digital marketing is ‘re-marketing’. What is it and why your business needs it?

Re-marketing is an on-line marketing approach where people over the Internet who have recently visited the company’s website are targeted. These people start seeing ads of your website on different platforms. This technique works similar to PPC marketing. Here, you don’t have to pay for the ad until someone clicks on it.

How Remarketing Works?

All a marketer needs for re-marketing is a website which will be promoted. Here, a tag has been identified based on a product or services which will be placed on other websites. When an on-line user visits a website, a cookie is left on the user’s browser. This further helps in triggering ads on the user’s web browser.

Why Re-marketing?

  • It has the ability to turn a casual on-line user into potential customer.

  • It is cost-effective, yet beneficial.

  • It shows ads to the right people.

  • It brings the customers back.

Creative SEO Company India can help you in using the right digital marketing tools that bring the effective results for your company. The service provider has experienced marketers who are aware of all advanced tools and strategies that can be applied on-line to gain new customers and impress the existing ones.

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What Makes SEO An important Part Of Digital Marketing


If a marketer linked to digital marketing will be asked about search engine optimization (SEO), their answer will be ‘SEO is an integral part of digital marketing’. The reason is its ability to improve a website’s rankings on search engines, get online traffic and effective ROI. But digital marketing has various other kinds of strategies which are well-known for their success rate and easy implementation, then why SEO is so important?

According to SEO experts, it is an effective technique which can give lots of website traffic and improve results over the search engines if applied in an accurate way. There are other reasons too, and they are:

On-page, Off-page Optimization

SEO allows online promotion of a brand or its services in a manner that traffic is generated in both direct and indirect way. On-page optimization consists of methods to make a website user-friendly to gain attention, while indirect methods like link building and website promotion is used in Off-page optimization. Both are beneficial in their own way.


Almost every kind of SEO trick can be applied in any way using any kind of digital device with the Internet connectivity.

More ROI


SEO is the best marketing tool when it is about getting more ROI. Here, search engine ranking is considered and improved, which further results in conversion rate and ROI.


SEO increases usability and improves user-experience of a website.

Although SEO is an easy-to-use and effective digital marketing tool, it should be applied using the right tactics to avail its benefits. Creative Digital Marketing Company India can help in using the best of SEO and implement it in the right way, so that favorable results and improved website rankings with lots of traffic can be received over the Internet.

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SEO As Impressive Digital Marketing Strategy And How To Create It


Every modern digital marketing strategy is incomplete without a focus on search engine optimization. Its ability to drive online users and turn them into potential customer is a reason that it has become a vital part of today’s online marketing. But what’s SEO?

SEO As Strategy

SEO is linked to a company’s website and methods to generate traffic on it by making a site appear higher in search results of search engines like Google. This can be done using different strategies and keyword targeting potential customers.

How To Create SEO Strategy?


Rules for SEO keep on changing with time depending on market behavior and the way the method is used by marketers. It doesn’t matter what kind of approaches a company has been following, tracking SEO strategies and taking necessary steps considering them is necessary. In addition, there are key points that are needed to be kept in mind while developing a strategy

Market To Be Targeted: The modern SEO approach is not just to get attention of more and more online users, but is also to turn them into customers. This could be done by showing services and products in an effective manner.

Focus On Mobile Marketing: As the number of people accessing the Internet through smartphones is increasing, it is essential for marketers to consider statistics where people with mobiles can reach a website easily and use a company’s services.

Keyword Research: Keywords are lifeline of SEO, and instead of one research, market researchers have to consider market to target and then create keywords. These must be precise and producing hits for the company.


Creative Web Promotion For Impressive SEO Strategy

Creative SEO company in India has a team of experts aware of all modern SEO strategies. The experienced professionals know how to implement them to get favorable digital marketing results.

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Social Media Marketing Statistics For Success In Digital Marketing This Year


Digital marketing isn’t an optional marketing technique today, but it has become a necessity to stay in the modern competitive business world. Digital marketing includes various types of strategies and methods to grab attention of online people who can be turned to real clients.

Social media marketing is a part of digital marketing where different social media websites are used to attract more and more people from around the world towards a brand or a company’s services. The role of social media marketing has changed with time, and it has become a vital part of promotion over the Internet.

Here are more interesting stats of social media marketing for this year:

  • When digital marketing service providers include social media marketing as a part of brand promotion over different platforms over the Internet, especially today, there are higher chances of conversion rate than it was few years ago. According to a latest report, customers over social media convert at more than 125% rate.

  • Reviews on a product over social media influence people. It has been found that more than 65% of online customers make their decision after reading comments or reviews about a brand.

  • An average Internet user spends around 120 minutes every day over the Internet exploring social media.

  • Most brands are avoiding customers’ messages over social media, which is not a good thing. It has been found that on an average, a brand takes more than three days to respond to one of eight social media messages.

In order to stay ahead in digital marketing, it is necessary to spay time to social media platform. A company should hire experienced professionals like Creative Web Promotion to stay active on every social medial website and stay connected to online customers and to convert them into potential customers.

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Digital Marketing Stats Influencing Your Digital Strategy


Digital marketing is a need of modern business world to give tough fight to top competitors. It is one of the best ways to attract people from across the globe and turn them into potential customers. But digital marketing keeps on changing with time and organizations are required to stay updated with these changes in order to develop effective strategies to lure more and more people online.

With time, digital marketing stats change and they should be considered every time an online marketing strategy is made. Here are the current stats to consider which may influence an organization’s digital strategy:

  • Marketing expected to see major changes in next five years. More than 30% CMOs think that over 70% of the marketing will be digital marketing in the same period.

  • Number of people accessing the Internet through their smart-phone is growing, and it’s expected to grow more in near future. More than 85% of Internet users are smart-phone users. It is the reason businesses have developed mobile-friendly websites.

  • Spending on digital ads will increase in future.

  • In next two years, more than 80% of the traffic over the web will be videos.

  • Facebook has become a major digital marketing platform. A recent survey shows that around three million advertisers use the social media platform to promote their service to online users.

  • Within just five months of advertising feature, Instagram gets 200,000 advertisers.

  • A report has stated that social media influences buying decisions of more than 90% online shoppers.

Digital marketing is beneficial only if its advanced strategies, which are based on recent stats, are being used. Creative SEO Company India stay updated with latest trends in digital marketing and uses them to bring beneficial results for a company.

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