Things Business Owner Should Know About Digital Marketing 

DigitalIn this modern world where every business and processes are readily becoming digitalized, the traditional form of advertising is also being replaced by digital marketing. While companies may have adopted digital practices in its working and automation of data, they also need to enter the online world when it comes to marketing the finished products and services. Moreover, be it a small business or a large enterprise, there are certain aspects of this field that every business owner must know and follow. These facts include the following:

Larger Reach

As against traditional modes of advertising including flyers and television ads which have a limited physical reach, digital marketing enables a business to reach their target audience from all across the world.

Bigger ResultsOnline

Services such as Google Analytics and social media applications help provide a business direct feedback and statistics on the activities of a visitor on their website, how they found the website, and whether they showed interest in your products. The large reach of online ads coupled with an instant feedback enables a business to garner larger and faster results than through traditional advertising.

Personalized Approach

A common mistake committed by some businesses is that while they may enter the digital arena by launching a website, they may not invest in maintaining it regularly and keeping it active. Digital marketing entails a more personalized approach between the business and its customers wherein one can launch social media accounts or email regular newsletters to the subscribed clients to keep them updated and engaged with your services.

Hire Expert for SEO ToolsSEO

While businesses may be aware of the importance of launching Search Engine Optimization campaigns, they may not be able to garner profitable results from such practices. This is because such technical tools of digital marketing require the help of an expert who can curate SEO that best matches the interest of your business.

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Why Change from Traditional to Digital Marketing Strategy

DigitalWith advancement in technology and businesses entering the digital world, the traditional modes of marketing are also getting replaced by digital strategies. Thus, businesses are moving from traditional tools such as print ads, business cards, posters, brochures, and so on to social media marketing, websites, YouTube videos, and so on. This has risen to the point that apparently over the last year traditional marketing has fallen by about 160%. Here is why you should also switch to digital practices for promoting your business:


As opposed to investing in Yellow pages or radio and television ads, online marketing requires very little cost.

Wider Platform

Various online platforms offer for a wider reach for any business as opposed to local traditional methods. One can thus reach an audience in any part of the world digitally with much less cost. Optimization tools such as Search Engine Optimization further ensures that you maintain your ranking on popular searches and reach the target audience faster.


While traditional tools merely inform one about the services, social media channels provide the opportunity for businesses to engage and interact with their prospects, followers, and clients and get their instant feedback. Newsletters further keep subscribed customers updated about any new products or services launched by you.

Transparent ResultsTransparent

Another great advantage of digital marketing is that you can clearly calculate the results of your strategies by looking at the change in the number of visitors to your website or its subscribers and followers.

These aspects make digital marketing strategies a great replacement to the traditional means of spreading the word about one’s products and services. This modern practice is more viable, cost-effective, and accountable than other older methods. Thus, take your business online and get effective results on marketing strategies.

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SEO And SMO – How both are Different, still Related

Online marketingDigital marketing is one of the most effective techniques to promote a business to people in various worldwide regions in quick time. Effectively used online marketing strategies can help even a small company work better than big brands online. Two of the most effective methods of online marketing are: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO).

How SEO And SMO Are Different?

  • The major objective of SEO is to improve a website’s position on search engine, while SMO uses social media platforms to take online audience to the website. SEO vs SMO

  • SEO can be defined as a set of strategies where main focus is on improving the website’s search engine rankings and bring traffic to it. On the other side, SMO uses social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, and forums to grab attention of online users and take them towards the company’s website.

  • SEO targets keywords to reach the potential audience, while SMO make people aware of a product.

How SEO And SMO Are Related To Each Other?

SEOAlthough SEO and SMO have different methods to lure online users, they somehow are connected to each other as their main objective is to bring people to the company website. The two online marketing methods use different strategies to increase traffic on a website. For search engines like Google, SEO and SMO are both important. SMO helps the search engine in knowing that the company website is providing useful information to users. Even the ultimate goal of SMO is not to drive users to the company’s social media pages, but to bring them to the website where detailed information about the company and its services are available. SMO covers the areas over the Internet left by SEO, while the SEO marketing technique covers Internet areas that are far from SMO’s reach.

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Different Ways of Digital Marketing Options

Does old school marketing still exist? In this age we live in, if you are not digital, you are almost literally non-existent. Thinking of business marketing, nothing works more than what’s digital. Here are some digital marketing options you must adopt now.

  • Search engine optimization

SEOMore than 90% of internet users use search engines for various purposes. When we look for anything in search engine like Google or Bing etc, we get page results & usually a person gets the desired information in first few pages itself if the information is relevant and proper Search Engine Optimization is done. SEO helps a particular website to move up in ranking.

  • Search engine marketing

Modern era Search engine like Google is technically very advanced and people’s dependency on search engine is growing at a very high rate. In metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, the number of users are very high and so is the scope of search engine marketing. Local businesses are getting good benefit from search engine marketing. Digital marketingThe sponsored links that show up on top of a search result is a perfect example. Integration of technologies like GPS, GPRS with internet is also a key. When we search something, we get results that are close to our location. Eg: If we simply search grocery store on Google, we will get results that are near our current location.

  • Social media Campaigns

Social media’s growing popularity and consistently increasing user base makes it a very effective marketing tool. Apart from social media marketing through company pages and groups, we see random but related advertisements on Facebook. Digital marketingThat is what running a social media campaign is. Individuals and small businesses are getting high benefits out of these marketing tools because social media helps them to reach the right kind of audience at a much lower cost and time. Unlike a newspaper advertisement which is costly & less productive, social media marketing stands as an alternative to many mediums of advertisements.

  • Professional media marketing

Professional media marketing is a new trend & it works somewhat similar to social media marketing. Professional networks like LinkedIn, Google Plus etc are useful tools of professional media marketing, Companies and offices dealing with services like recruitment, Technology, software etc get maximum benefit from professional media marketing.

  • E-mail marketing

Digital marketingE-mail is one of the most widely used marketing tools. E-mail was developed for official & encrypted communication via internet but today it’s being used for many purposes like Advertisement, publicity & promotion etc. There are many professional digital marketing companies that can provide bulk email services.


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Digital Marketing: Strategies To Create Snowball Effect

Digital marketing is the most effective way to promote a brand or product in the modern business world. The Internet, especially social media and applications, plays a key role when it is about promoting a product digitally. But what’s Snowball Effect and how digital marketing strategies can be used to make it?

Snowball EffectSnowball Effect

Like a snowball coming down the slope of a hill which gets bigger and powerful, a flexible digital marketing strategy is capable of creating powerful cascading of speed. This can be helpful in promoting a brand and making it popular.

How to create Snowball Effect or Cascading Effect?

A marketing strategy must be created in a way that it could grab attention of more and more potential customers over social media. For that, the marketing strategy must be unique, yet appealing and powerful. Here’s what can be done:

Simple Marketing Strategies: Sometimes, keeping things simple works better than making complex strategies. There should be creative and simple ways to gain attention of potential customers. For example, there should be something to ponder upon. Here, one thing that should be kept in mind is: unique content. Competiton

Understand Competition: It is not just about competing with one or two companies. Today’s digital world allows companies from various regions to promote their products all across the world. So, it is necessary for a company to create marketing strategies keeping global competition in mind. The marketing approach should be showing fair and impressive side of a product.

Need of Digital Marketing Agency: It is necessary for a company to Digital Marketinghire a specialized digital marketing agency to use an effective marketing approach to show products to people all across the world and turn them into customers. Such an agency uses creative and effective approach to fulfill marketing needs of an organization.

Why Choose Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Marketing- Traditional Vs Digital

To get success, marketing is a vital element of every business that cannot be ignored. An organization sets a fixed amount of budget to promote its services or products and make people aware of them. Here, marketers’ responsibility is to make the most of marketing by reaching huge number of potential customers in a fixed budget. They have to choose between traditional marketing and digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing: It’s kind of marking that has been used since the marketing strategy in business started. The traditional marketing approach includes advertising business through television, radio, newspapers, magazine ads and flyers.

Digital Marketing: Also known as online marketing, it’s a modern way of marketing that includes the usage of the Internet. Social media websites, blogs, online ads and promotions through links are major sources of digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing Instead Of Traditional Marketing?

Digital marketing Icon

Here are reasons to prefer new way of marketing over the traditional marketing method:

  • Digital marketing is less expensive than promotion through television and newspaper ads.

  • Traditional marketing takes a long time to give results. On the other side, digital marketing provides real-time results which further can help an organization or its marketers to make changes in marketing approach.
  • Instead of just a box of information on a brand in newspaper or magazine, a business can develop a website and promote its services in details.

  • Traditional marketing usually remains ignored because the resource where the brand is promoted is not for promotion purpose. On the other side, only potential audience is targeted in online marketing and they all will be interested in the brand.

  • Digital marketing provides higher brand exposure, higher engagement, quicker publicity and easier analytics than traditional marketing. All these benefits of online marketing can be availed at more cost-effective prices than traditional method of marketing.

What Are General Misconceptions About Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Stereotypes

Today, digital marketing has become a vital tool for a business to promote services and products over the Internet. Companies that have been using modern digital marketing through reputable service providers are enjoying its beneficial outcomes, but the organizations that still aren’t availing benefits of digital marketing or thinking to use this tool for their business have some misconceptions about it that are making it difficult for them to switch to the online marketing tool.

These general misconceptions are required to be removed, so that every company of any size could get its benefits. The common misconceptions are:

More Effort, Fewer Results

Misconception: Some amateur businesses have a hunch that digital marketing takes lots of efforts for online promotion, but ends up with less beneficial results.

Truth: Although digital marketing is a time-consuming and complex marketing strategy to follow, it has fruitful results that can be received without investing much on them. By hiring an expert digital marketing service provider at cost-effective prices, a company can promote its products and services to audience in various regions of the globe.

More Technical, Difficult To Track

Misconception: Lots of companies that haven’t adopted the digital marketing strategy believe that they don’t have necessary resources to apply the online marketing tool. They also think that they need to hire technical people to do digital marketing, which will be a costly marketing method.

Truth: Although digital marketing requires expert individuals who have knowledge about the arena, a company can outsource its digital marketing strategy. Prices of such services will also fit well.

Social Media Marketing Is Digital Marketing

Misconception: Some companies with Facebook pages or Twitter accounts believe they are doing digital marketing by posting regular content over these social media platforms.

Truth: Digital marketing contains various kinds of strategies to lure people over various platforms. Different kinds of approaches are used to grab attention of online people.

digital marketing success

Digital Marketing : Key Trends To Transform Your Business

Matching evolution in every field, digital marketing is going through immense changes, most of which are beneficial for modern marketer. Today, there are platforms for brand promotion that weren’t in marketing scenario a few years ago. Marketer of the modern world is agile, but it is necessary to keep one step ahead and look for new trend in the digital world to communicate the right information to consumers on various social platforms and raise awareness about a company’s services.

For an impressive digital marketing, it is important to look for current and upcoming trends that could be implemented while making a strategy. Key trends for 2017 are:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Digital Marketing

AI in digital Marketing

Expert marketers have predicted that AI is going to revolutionize digital marketing in a great way. It will allow marketers to be more creative and think of more impressive strategies to grab attention of online potential customers.

Multichannel Marketing

Multi Channel in Digital Marketing

With the time, numbers of channels where brands can be promoted are rising. They give opportunities to reach more audience and target them. But this also comes with an objective: Target consumers instead of showing presence on more platforms. These channels are also allowing companies to use technologies and unique strategies to grab attention of consumers.

Live Video

Live Video in digital marketing

Today’s consumers are more dependent on technology and digital surroundings. In addition, they like to stay connected with brands they are using and follow them for updates. With the increased use of smartphones, live video features of social websites like Facebook is allowing consumers to connect to their brands in real time.

Content That Expires

Content In digital Marketing

Expiring content is a new and unique way of promotion. Snapchat allows users to post content that disappears after a limited time period. Not just users, but brands are using this unique method of promotion to make people aware of their new updates.

Interactive Content

According to experts, interactive content is capable of grabbing more attention of online users. Through an activity like question-answer and choice-making, it allows users to take part in a post in a unique way.

Convert Your Online Crowd Into Customers – Here’s How



Today, every kind of business needs an effective strategy to stay in competition. And to stay ahead in the race, it is necessary to implement that business strategy in the most effective way. An effective strategy of any type of business includes formulation and implementation. Strategist of a company or an online marketing service provider hired by it should formulate and implement a strategy in a way that it could grab attention of more and more online users, and convert them into potential clients.

How successful digital marketing strategy helps in gaining clients     

In today’s competitive world, it is necessary to have a business strategy that is proactive and reactive. There should be plans and deep research to increase crowd on an online platform and turn them into customers. Here’s what a successful digital marketing strategy does:

  • A strategy is successful when it is easy to formulate and there is quick feedback to react. When there is data on how the strategy is working, necessary changes could be made to grab attention of customers and convince them for company services.
  • A successful strategy by a digital marketing service provider can help in figuring out what type of users should be targeted to turn them into customers.
  • Experienced digital marketers understand the modern way of online marketing where lots of people use smartphones to explore services they require. These digital marketers develop a strategy in a way that the services could be highlighted on a social media platform to gain attention of potential customers.
  • A successful strategy contains data on people using different online platform to search services they require. Getting data on this, a good digital marketing service provider makes a strategy and showcases the potential customers the services they are looking for.   


Know What Techniques Work and What Do Not In the Digital Marketing Realm

digital Marketing


While almost every business has realized the importance of digital marketing to be able to survive in the pool of competition online, many lack on executing an effective and engaging approach for generating results. There are certain dos and don’ts surrounding the planning and execution of any campaign online that you should follow.


  • Digital Marketing DosFind Target Platform

With a horde of social media channels available, it is vital to choose a platform that best matches your business operations. Marketing strategy comprising of interaction with customers would be suitable on Facebook and Twitter while visual-based marketing is affective at Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Engage CustomersDigital Marketing Dos

Personalization is the key to digital marketing. Know what your audience wants and deliver it to them through effective engagement. Avoid using too much automation and build campaigns designed for connecting with customers.

Digital Marketing Dos

  • Original Content With SEO

Focus on posting relevant and valuable content that solves a problem or provides helpful insight on a topic. Optimize the content with quality SEO to increase your page’s ranking on search engine results.


Digital Marketing Don't

  • Spam

It is highly suggested to refrain from spamming your customers with pop-ups and forced advertising. These non-consensual adverts become an obstacle to your meaningful content and make you lose potential customers.

Digital Marketing Don't

  • Don’t Ignore Mobile Users

With a rising number of people operating their social network accounts through their smartphones and tablets, it is important that brands use a responsive web design or create an alternate mobile version of their website.

Digital Marketing Don't

  • Focus on Selling

Instead of hard selling your products directly, post about concepts, ideas, and solutions to problems that surround your product. Such content will grasp the interest of users and make them more interested in your product or service.