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In the modern world, social media has become a vital part of human life. Whether it is about connecting people to different parts of the world or making a company’s products and services known to potential customers across the globe, social media is the most useful and cost-effective tool. To stay ahead in a ruthlessly competitive business world, big as well as small businesses have adopted computer-mediated technologies and started using them in the most effective manner. Social media consists of various types of websites or platforms where users can share their thoughts and information. Promoting an organization’s products or services on these social sites is known as Social Media Marketing.

In a long list of product-promoting services, social media marketing is getting the most attention and becoming more and more famous among businesses. Today, it has become a powerful technique to promote businesses of all sizes.

Through social media websites, users can directly connect with a brand. These platforms not just give an opportunity to a brand to tell people about its products but also allow them to run advertisement campaigns and track their progress. In addition to implementing ad campaigns, social media marketing also includes managing them and directly connecting to potential customers. For example, a company can plan various types of brand activities, like event planning, photo sharing, product description and others, on Facebook. On the other side, the micro-blogging website, Twitter, can be used to make people aware of new updates related to a company or its products. Some other famous social media platforms are: Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.


Increase in Goal Conversions


Reduced Bounce Ratio


Client Engagements Increase In


Increase in Likes / Followers

Social Media Usage Statistic

To make a social media marketing strategy work, it is necessary for a company to reach the right audience, and it has to be done consistently. To do so, there is a need for various types of social media marketing strategies and experienced strategists who know the correct way to find and reach the right people. They handle a company’s social media accounts and pages in a manner that the best of a product could be shown to the public. It includes several things, like telling true things about the company, its bio, and logo and linking an account to other social media accounts of the company. There are two different ways to use social media as an effective marketing method:

Active Approach

Here, a company’s services and products can be promoted and broadcasted directly on social media platforms. This method is called direct marketing. Here, the social media medium becomes a tool to directly talk to targeted audience and influence them. For example Google Adsense could be used here to post ads related to a product, and Facebook and LinkedIn can serve as platforms to deliver advertisement to individual users.

Passive Approach

Contrary to active approach, brands are promoted here indirectly. This approach includes reaching potential audience through blogs, review, forums and various other similar methods.

Most Popular Social Media Platforms 2017 A report by Statista shows Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook continues to rule the chart of most popular social networks this year too with more than 1,870 million active users across the world. Facebook is currently holding around one-fifth of the market share. After Facebook, WhatsApp is with around 1,000 million active users. The third place is grabbed by Facebook Messenger. The list includes other platforms too, like QQ, WeChat, QZone, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Baidu Tieba, Snapchat, Skype, Sina Weibo, Viber, Line, Pinterest, yy, LinkedIn, BBM, Telegram, and various others.

Why Social Media Marketing

Some people have a hunch that social media or social media marketing is just a buzzword with no advantage in real and practical business scenarios, but businesses that have been using it are aware that it is the ‘next big thing’ in the business world with lots of advantages. Even several studies in recent years on social media marketing have quoted many businesses accepting that social media is an important tool to get desired results. According to them, the tool is beneficial in getting new clients and increasing their product sales. There are many other reasons too to use social media as a promotion tool, and some of them are:

To Drive Targeted Traffic

To gain attention of potential customers and make a product famous worldwide, it is necessary to reach the right audience. Through a social media page or an account, a company can contact the right people and let them inform about their products and services. Through regular posts, the customers can be updated with latest happening to a product.

Fast And Reliable

Social media websites are the fastest way to reach the targeted audience and tell them about a company’s services and products. In addition, customers believe content posted on these platforms through the company’s right source.

Brand Recognition

Through social media, a company can make its product reach various regions of the globe without setting promotional events in real. Social media platforms can become a company’s voice and face and lure customers worldwide.

More Opportunities

As social media allows a company to reach many customers at one time, there are high chances that even half opportunities can be transferred into full opportunities. By gaining trust of current customers, an organization can attract new clients.


Things covered in Social Media Campaigns

As social media is an easy and effective technique to reach people quickly, it is necessary to find the right audience following accurate techniques. An organization should hire experienced social media marketing professionals who with their years of experience in the field follow the best techniques and methods. The most effective approach among them is social media campaigns. Interesting and wisely-designed campaigns can attract, engage people towards a company’s services and products. Various things covered in social media campaigns are:

  • Page Optimization: To show the true picture of a company, social media marketers optimize a company’s business pages and represent the best of a product on social media. It may include things like company information, photos and logo.
  • Content Sharing: Informative and useful content on a company’s product is generated and shared with social media users on various platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. The content may be articles, infographics and informative pages related to a company’s services.
  • Social Posts: Various types of interesting social posts are created a regular basis to engage people with the products. The posts include quotes, product pictures, web and blog links and others that could attract users.
  • Ads: Social media websites also allow promotion through ads. Through interesting ads, a company can make people aware of its products and get additional traffic to its website on pages related to its services.

About Various Social Media Platforms

Numerous social networking sites are now used to serve the dual purpose of not only networking and social connectivity, but also for businesses to expand their reach. While brands may post about their products on these sites through traditional means, they may also make use of the paid advertising options provided by most of these platforms. Some of the most popular social media sites considered viable for businesses and organizations include the following:


Facebook is clearly the largest and leading social media platform in the world with over 1.59 billion active monthly users. Thus, in addition to connecting with friends and family, the site offers the ideal platform for brands to expand their market and reach the target audience. Facebook ads further aid in building brand awareness and bringing audience to your company’s page. These paid ads are highly flexible and help one assess the effectiveness of their approaches through insights from Facebook’s metrics including audience demographics, page performance, and so on.


Twitter is another major social networking site which boasts of more than 320 million active monthly users. Although this site restricts tweets to consist of only 140 characters, businesses can profitably make use of them to convey their products and offers to customers. Brands can use this site to connect with prospective customers, convey information, answer queries, as well as indulge clients to shop directly through tweets.


Instagram is a unique platform based on the concept of sharing photos and videos. What makes this site unique is that it poses as highly functional for businesses which attract customers through pictures or videos about varying arenas of food, art, or travel. Multiple filters and editing features add to the convenience and ingenuity of this social media site.


Businesses cannot miss venturing into YouTube as it being the second largest search engine after Google, offers for a global and cost-effective platform to showcase one’s products. By simply creating a YouTube channel, one can upload informative as well as advertisement videos and garner likes and comments on them.


Another photo-sharing application, Pinterest has grown in a short time to become one of the best visual bookmarking applications. Businesses can pin their content on the digital bulletin boards for the audience to explore.


LinkedIn is one of the popular networking sites made for professionals.  With over 400 million users, LinkedIn provides a global platform for businesses to find and connect with professionals and ideal candidates from their industry. Brands may even get their content boosted and display personalized ads to reach the desired professional audience.

Why Creative Social Media Marketing

Social media experts at Creative will help you crack the conundrum behind digital networking to bring the desired audience to your brand. Our efficient team will set up and manage your accounts on major social media websites to increase your online visibility and buzz in the industry. We synthesize our social media campaigns with other digital marketing strategies such as website development and optimal content generation to increase web traffic and implore users to browse through your products.

Our services begin from designing and optimizing your brand’s page online with features such as company bio, contact information, brand billboard, and links to other social media platforms. Our content team then curates content relevant to your brand to your social media accounts to keep it active and trending. We then share these posts and your products on these platforms through marketing tools such as paid ads and contests.

You can avail these latest, effective, and proven social media tools and strategies provided by our up-to-date professionals at highly cost-effective prices. This profit-inducing service would provide a great boost to your business at an affordable rate. Our convenient and accessible social media customer care service would further ensure that you are able to manage your brand’s image effectively.