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Part of a National Franchise, but Need Some Local Attention?

We provide the right mix of local and national messaging to support your locations.

Brand awareness is vital for any franchise business. Raising awareness usually requires a mix of national messaging and high local visibility. Because they give franchise locations local exposure while promoting the corporate website and national messaging, search engines are a great tool for recruitment and brand building.

To raise awareness for your franchise, you need a specialist who can boost local visibility while building national exposure. Our approach is especially helpful to the franchise locations; just because you are tied to a national brand doesn’t mean your business receives high visibility in local search results.

Boostability makes it easy for local customers searching for your product or service to find you. We help you develop a careful keyword strategy and campaign so that when customers go searching…they find your business!

More Than One Store To Promote? No Problem!

We empower multi-location companies to reach local search customers quickly and effectively.

Our Regional Franchise SEO service includes a two-part approach:

  • Local search campaigns for each franchise location
  • A national campaign that promotes overall brand awareness

This approach improves recognition and legitimizes the regional brand name, while the local search campaigns heighten visibility for each franchise in their localities.

After Boostability optimizes your franchise locations using its local search offering, each location will be associated with the key terms for which your customers are searching. As a result, the location nearest to your customer will appear at the top of their search results.