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The majority of consumers are searching the Internet to find what they need locally. They prefer to find products and services using search engines, rather than having unsolicited advertisements sent to them. Our Local online marketing service helps consumers to find your business by getting it listed and ranking high on all of the popular search engine business directories and maps pages, including Google and Apple Maps.

For Businesses With One Location

Most search engines now factor in the location of the person searching when they determine what results to display. This is part of an effort to make results even more relevant to the searcher by showing them what is close by. If a consumer searches with keywords that relate to a location or a local service, local search results will be prominently displayed to them.

While most consumers are using search engines when looking for a local business, only about 10% of those searches include a specific name for a business. This is why having your business listed online in an “easy to find” location is vital.

Nearly 90% of searches for local businesses are done by searching for a category and by using keywords that describe a business. When your business is optimized by for local search, it will be categorized with terms that your customers are searching for. These keywords will then be promoted to the top of the search list through a defined SEO strategy.

“It doesn’t matter how small your small business is, if you want people visiting you with the intent of purchasing from you – local search optimization is key to making sure your business is visible online when consumers are searching for a local solution.”

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Raise Brand Awareness & Promote Individual Locations

Our Regional Franchise SEO service includes a two-part approach – combining local search campaigns specific to each location while creating more brand awareness online. This approach helps get each of your locations listed on important local directories and map services while ensuring that the engagement received on each of your local listings is credited toward your overall brand.

When your locations are optimized by Boostability’s local search SEO services, they will each be associated with the terms that your customers are searching for. As a result, the location nearest to your customer will appear at the top of their search results.

“I used to spend $1000/month on pay per click with Adwords and I migrated my budget to SEO over time. This was the best decision to use the Boostability SEO service. I get more relevant leads, close more sales, and enjoy talking to people that need a pool cover. I expanded my SEO campaigns into new markets and we have received great results.”

– PoolSafe.com, a client of Boostability.com

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Get Local Attention For Your Franchise

Brand awareness is vital for any franchise business. Raising awareness usually requires a mix of national messaging for the brand and high, local visibility. Search engines are a great tool for recruitment and for building your brand by helping provide local visibility and credibility to the franchise locations while also promoting the national messaging and corporate website.

To raise awareness for your franchise, you’ll need a specialist who can boost local visibility while building national exposure. Our approach is especially helpful to the franchise locations. Just because franchise locations are tied to a national brand does not mean the brand will guarantee high visibility in the local search results.

We make it easy for local customers looking for a product or service to find the franchise location closest to them. A careful keyword strategy and campaign with Boostability will gain additional customers.

When customers go searching, they find your closest location.

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