Why should you do Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is an online service which allows users to add edit and share bookmark of a web document. Social bookmarking is a tool that allows you to share and comment on your bookmarking.

it is easy to understand and do your service online when you are required. Social bookmarking is also required for website promotion and SEO. So you should provide all information related to bookmarking on your website, you can easily access them anywhere you have an internet connection and share them with friends.


Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and How It’s Changing Marketing

Businesses have realized with course of time that only listening and reading is not enough, they need to have more sophisticated ways to interact with consumers and this focus led them to get into the field Artificial Intelligence. If a machine can think, it will be more intelligent than humans for sure. All major market leaders are investing in the field of Artificial Intelligence as it is dominating the culture through many years. The next step is to make data self-aware and all the researchers are working on it.

Artificial intelligence and marketing online
Social Media Marketing and AI

Social Media Marketing  and AI

The technological advancement of AI and machine learning is leaving footprints in every domain and marketing is no exception. All marketing experts and professionals are busy in figuring out how AI will dominate marketing, customer buying habits and future of businesses. It is necessary for brands to know AI based tools and techniques before they benefit their competitors. Machines can be trained to recognize items which will lessen your burden for daily chores. Along with that machines can do predictions as well, which will benefit your business by analyzing your customer’s nature.

Facebook uses AI algorithm that predicts which ad or articles users are likely to click on their profiles. It makes mistakes sometime but it also acts as most intelligent human sometimes. Google has always been focused on the user, advertiser and their interaction. So big shots like Google and Facebook have many ongoing AI initiatives and tools. Many other businesses find online and social media platforms too complicated and chaotic so they hire external agencies to it on their behalf. The more you use AI techniques to get customers, more business will be generated by the ad platforms.

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Here’s Your Checklist to Boosting Your E-commerce Conversion Rate This Valentine month


Post demonetisation, with the renewed emphasis on going cashless via the digital avenue, shoppers are taking to e market with greater enthusiasm. E commerce websites are multiplying. And cut throat competition implies intensive promos and offers, discounts, add-ons. So how to cash in on this and improve the conversion rate? A few pointers :

Home page-the key :

The home page must be informative, current, highlighting all offers, discounts, promos, seasonal products, visually appealing and user friendly .

Call for action :

Build up a sense of urgency, an immediate need to buy. Time bound offers, limited period offers, exclusive but limited stock are ways to boost sales.

Make shopping a memorable experience :

Use personalized mail campaigns to engage the customer. Use data analysis to make search options within the site simpler as per visitors preferences.

Steps to buying :

Road to completing the purchase should be simple. A long drawn process in stages will make the prospective customer rethink. Availability, shipping options including preferred delivery time and place, details of seller – all make the decision to buy simpler. So place them together.

Return Policy :

Simple and quick. A return policy which is customer oriented and simple will translate into customer retention. A satisfied customer will return. And make referrals.

Feed back and Reviews :

A visitor would be more convinced to buy when positive reviews of both product and seller are on display. Consider options for live chat with customer support for queries.

Mobile Effect :

With mobile usage growing exponentially, mobile e commerce is now the chosen platform. Price comparison, research on product, deals and options are all done on phone. Optimize for the mobile and the related social media marketing. Miss out, you lose out.
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Do You Really Need to Test Your Site to Improve Your Conversion Rate?


Your conversion rates are not on anticipated lines. You have implemented modifications on the website and changed the landing pages, yet the results haven’t been encouraging. What went wrong ?

Your choice is not universal :

What appeals to you personally may not appeal to the customers. Customers are not clued into landing pages or site designs. To conclude that everyone will think the way you do is not advisable. Each visitor/customer to the site is unique and capricious.

Experts may go wrong :

Experts are also fallible. What generally works may not be the right option for your company. Well researched recommendations, backed by success stories are no reasons to skip the actual testing.

New need not translate to improved :

Not every change is for the better. Redesigning is fine, but to assume that the latest version is necessarily better is risky. Acknowledging only the possibility that the change is an improvement and proceeding without testing may result in a setback instead.

Intuition :

Gut feeling is fine, but hard data is better. Often, human nature tends to ignore information which doesn’t fit our preconceived ideas. Any ‘feeling’ unsubstantiated by data will lead to pitfalls.

Knowledge and awareness :

It is good to have knowledge of what a great website should be like or a sense of what is a successful page. Just not good enough to ignore testing.

In conclusion, there is no substitute for testing, which does away with assumptions in site optimization. Site optimization, reinforced by data is the way to go.
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