What Is The Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing


In today’s technology-friendly world, it is necessary for marketers to keep a close eye on all marketing methods and use the most beneficial ones to help promote a company brand. Digital marketing is the modern way of promoting a product and reach people all across the globe.

When it is about marketing over the Internet, there are two widely used terms: Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. What are they are how are they different?

Digital Marketing: It’s an umbrella term that covers all kinds of online marketing techniques and methods, which include web marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, web marketing, email marketing, online banner and others.

Social Media Marketing: It’s a part of digital marketing which is in trend these days. Here, a company’s products or services are promoted over various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and others.

Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

  • Digital marketing covers all kinds of online marketing trends, while social media marketing is a part of digital marketing and covers marketing only related to social media websites.

  • Digital marketing includes a long list of Internet campaigns which may use social media websites, Pay-per-click, online PR, mobile marketing and various other marketing techniques to bring traffic on a brand’s website. In addition, digital marketers make efforts to ensure brand engagement, email list building and various other kinds of results. On the other side, posts on social media try to transfer social media users to website of the brand. SMM

  • Only experienced and skilled digital marketing agencies can handle digital marketing of a brand.

To get the best of digital marketing as well as social media marketing, it is necessary to use the right and advanced marketing strategies. Creative SEO Agency Mumbai has experienced digital marketing experts and right tools to get desired results.

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