What Are General Misconceptions About Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Stereotypes

Today, digital marketing has become a vital tool for a business to promote services and products over the Internet. Companies that have been using modern digital marketing through reputable service providers are enjoying its beneficial outcomes, but the organizations that still aren’t availing benefits of digital marketing or thinking to use this tool for their business have some misconceptions about it that are making it difficult for them to switch to the online marketing tool.

These general misconceptions are required to be removed, so that every company of any size could get its benefits. The common misconceptions are:

More Effort, Fewer Results

Misconception: Some amateur businesses have a hunch that digital marketing takes lots of efforts for online promotion, but ends up with less beneficial results.

Truth: Although digital marketing is a time-consuming and complex marketing strategy to follow, it has fruitful results that can be received without investing much on them. By hiring an expert digital marketing service provider at cost-effective prices, a company can promote its products and services to audience in various regions of the globe.

More Technical, Difficult To Track

Misconception: Lots of companies that haven’t adopted the digital marketing strategy believe that they don’t have necessary resources to apply the online marketing tool. They also think that they need to hire technical people to do digital marketing, which will be a costly marketing method.

Truth: Although digital marketing requires expert individuals who have knowledge about the arena, a company can outsource its digital marketing strategy. Prices of such services will also fit well.

Social Media Marketing Is Digital Marketing

Misconception: Some companies with Facebook pages or Twitter accounts believe they are doing digital marketing by posting regular content over these social media platforms.

Truth: Digital marketing contains various kinds of strategies to lure people over various platforms. Different kinds of approaches are used to grab attention of online people.

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Digital Marketing : Key Trends To Transform Your Business

Matching evolution in every field, digital marketing is going through immense changes, most of which are beneficial for modern marketer. Today, there are platforms for brand promotion that weren’t in marketing scenario a few years ago. Marketer of the modern world is agile, but it is necessary to keep one step ahead and look for new trend in the digital world to communicate the right information to consumers on various social platforms and raise awareness about a company’s services.

For an impressive digital marketing, it is important to look for current and upcoming trends that could be implemented while making a strategy. Key trends for 2017 are:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Digital Marketing

AI in digital Marketing

Expert marketers have predicted that AI is going to revolutionize digital marketing in a great way. It will allow marketers to be more creative and think of more impressive strategies to grab attention of online potential customers.

Multichannel Marketing

Multi Channel in Digital Marketing

With the time, numbers of channels where brands can be promoted are rising. They give opportunities to reach more audience and target them. But this also comes with an objective: Target consumers instead of showing presence on more platforms. These channels are also allowing companies to use technologies and unique strategies to grab attention of consumers.

Live Video

Live Video in digital marketing

Today’s consumers are more dependent on technology and digital surroundings. In addition, they like to stay connected with brands they are using and follow them for updates. With the increased use of smartphones, live video features of social websites like Facebook is allowing consumers to connect to their brands in real time.

Content That Expires

Content In digital Marketing

Expiring content is a new and unique way of promotion. Snapchat allows users to post content that disappears after a limited time period. Not just users, but brands are using this unique method of promotion to make people aware of their new updates.

Interactive Content

According to experts, interactive content is capable of grabbing more attention of online users. Through an activity like question-answer and choice-making, it allows users to take part in a post in a unique way.

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Google is the master of all search engines. Today for any need, we browse our search in Google. Stats say that 75% of search engine visitors click on natural results on a search engine.

No 1 position on search engines is a competitive advantage for any brand or service. It helps Customers to reach you business, without much effort.

Fact is that we do not optimize the search engines but your web pages. The process itself is called SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means the pages will be improved to enable search engines to crawl and read the pages for the purpose that they can add them to their databases.

Why go for Organic SEO?

  • People click more on organically optimized websites
  • The search results are long-lasting
  • Organic SEO builds greater trust
  • It’s quite cheaper compared to paid listings

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