Digital Marketing: What Connects SEO With Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Digital marketing is incomplete without search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing, which are used frequently by marketers to get favorable results. Although these are two different terms in the online marketing, they are somehow connected with each other. How do they fit together?

According to digital marketing experts, SEO and content marketing are two strategies that overlap when applied by a marketer to get results. SEO has various types of requirements to get results for a website, and these demands are fulfilled by content. While applying different types of SEO methods, online marketers need content, which can be articles, keywords or unique words related to a website.

Content marketing gives content for SEO

To use any SEO strategy, fresh and unique content is required. Content marketing provides the required content in the needed quantity. When more fresh content is required, content marketer executes the function and gives unique content to SEO people.

Content marketing gives keywords

Keywords are soul of SEO. After research, beneficial keywords can be found and used to get results in SEO.


Content marketing helps in getting link-backs

Link-backs to a website are a dream work for an SEO expert. This wish can be fulfilled through content marketing. Links can be built here through contracting with link building agencies that are reputed.

It is hard to imagine SEO without content marketing. Positive results for a website can be got only if the site’s content marketing is strong and fresh content is generated at regular basis. In addition, all the SEO strategies should be followed in the right way.

Creative Web Mall can help you apply digital marketing strategies in the right manner and using the latest SEO trends. The experienced SEO experts at the company use their skills to get results online.

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How To Use SEO In Digital Marketing Strategy


When it is about an effective online marketing strategy, search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool to use and taste success. But sometimes, amateur marketers fail to produce satisfactory results using SEO. It is because they don’t know the right paths to apply SEO strategies. SEO consists of a well-planned technique which ensures all the targets are met and a business is receiving benefits.

Here’s how SEO should be used in a digital marketing strategy to help a business grow over the internet:

Quality Content and Content Optimization

SEO deals with online promotion of a business through its website. To make people spend more time over the website, it is essential to have a website with eye-appealing appearance and quality content. The content should be readable and easy to understand. In addition, content optimization and use of right keywords is also necessary.

Trending Technologies

Online marketers should stay updated with latest SEO technologies and must learn how to apply them in their digital marketing strategy. Changing and adopting the latest technologies increase the chances of receiving good results online.

content optimization

Website Testing

Apart from using SEO strategies to promote a website, its performance should be tested at regular intervals to check if the marketing methods are working or not. There are tools like Google Analytics to know how the website is performing.

External Links

A website or its pages should be linked to reputed websites with many online visitors to get more traffic. Here, it should be ensured that the chosen external link is trustworthy and won’t hurt the website.

SEO is an important digital marketing tool to get beneficial results easily. But it works only if right procedure and right techniques are being followed. Creative Web Promotion is a one stop place to get all kinds of digital marketing solutions.

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What’s SEO In Digital Marketing? How Is It Important


Imagine a shop without signage- no name or information of product, service it is selling. How people will come to know what the shop is all about? Why will they approach? Now, think of another shop with a clean board consisting name and product. It will definitely grab attention of its target customer. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the difference between these two shops, but digitally.

Being a vital part of modern digital marketing, SEO helps an organization in making its website easy to find over the Internet, and assists in reaching the right audience. It follows holistic approach to reach more and more people online and take them to a brand’s website or a particular page. If applied in the right way, SEO can make a business reach in top search engine results.

Why is SEO necessary in digital marketing?

As more and more people are using the Internet to do business, sell or purchase products and approach a business, it becomes necessary to promote services online for a company. When online business approach is implemented, SEO can help in grabbing attention of many people and take them to a business website. Other advantages of SEO in digital marketing are:

  • SEO is one of the most trustworthy approaches to apply and get favorable results.

  • If applied in the right way, SEO can help a website rank among top search on search engines.

  • More than 70% customers over the Internet use search engines like Google to find information on a particular business. When compared with other digital marketing approaches, SEO has impressive ROI.


SEO has several other advantages too which could be availed by applying its features in the right way. Creative Online Marketing Company India can help you in getting the best of SEO through its trending approaches and experienced marketers.

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SEO As Impressive Digital Marketing Strategy And How To Create It


Every modern digital marketing strategy is incomplete without a focus on search engine optimization. Its ability to drive online users and turn them into potential customer is a reason that it has become a vital part of today’s online marketing. But what’s SEO?

SEO As Strategy

SEO is linked to a company’s website and methods to generate traffic on it by making a site appear higher in search results of search engines like Google. This can be done using different strategies and keyword targeting potential customers.

How To Create SEO Strategy?


Rules for SEO keep on changing with time depending on market behavior and the way the method is used by marketers. It doesn’t matter what kind of approaches a company has been following, tracking SEO strategies and taking necessary steps considering them is necessary. In addition, there are key points that are needed to be kept in mind while developing a strategy

Market To Be Targeted: The modern SEO approach is not just to get attention of more and more online users, but is also to turn them into customers. This could be done by showing services and products in an effective manner.

Focus On Mobile Marketing: As the number of people accessing the Internet through smartphones is increasing, it is essential for marketers to consider statistics where people with mobiles can reach a website easily and use a company’s services.

Keyword Research: Keywords are lifeline of SEO, and instead of one research, market researchers have to consider market to target and then create keywords. These must be precise and producing hits for the company.


Creative Web Promotion For Impressive SEO Strategy

Creative SEO company in India has a team of experts aware of all modern SEO strategies. The experienced professionals know how to implement them to get favorable digital marketing results.

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Digital Marketing: Important ‘Ps’ For Effective SEO


Marketing on the Internet isn’t just about posting content related to a brand or making lots of people read it. Digital marketing is more than that. Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is an online marketing tool which uses different strategies to grab attention of online users and take them to a brand’s website of a specific page. These people further can be potential customers of the company.

Today’s SEO is not just taking users to a website, and it also needs a marketer to be smart and experienced. In addition, the marketer should be aware of 3 important ‘Ps’ of the field, which are:

Product: Before start promoting a brand online, it is necessary to have detailed knowledge about it. In addition, it is necessary to determine who the potential customers are, and what their demands about the product are. In addition, price of the product should also be determined.

Place: Online places or platforms where the product is going to be promoted should also be finalized. Here the online places could be which have lots of visitors. These places could be search engines, social networking websites or social ads.

Promotion: The process of promotion can be started after putting all the pieces together and once it has been identified that how the marketing objectives will be achieved. Once all the resources and places online to attract people have been figure out, the promotion can be started. Marketers should keep on checking if their strategies are producing satisfactory results.


Creative Web Mall For Promotion

To use the best SEO strategies and put them in the right way, Creative Online Marketing Company India can help with its right SEO tools. The company has experienced people who know how to use SEO to get beneficial business results.

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SEO And SMO – How both are Different, still Related

Online marketingDigital marketing is one of the most effective techniques to promote a business to people in various worldwide regions in quick time. Effectively used online marketing strategies can help even a small company work better than big brands online. Two of the most effective methods of online marketing are: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO).

How SEO And SMO Are Different?

  • The major objective of SEO is to improve a website’s position on search engine, while SMO uses social media platforms to take online audience to the website. SEO vs SMO

  • SEO can be defined as a set of strategies where main focus is on improving the website’s search engine rankings and bring traffic to it. On the other side, SMO uses social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, and forums to grab attention of online users and take them towards the company’s website.

  • SEO targets keywords to reach the potential audience, while SMO make people aware of a product.

How SEO And SMO Are Related To Each Other?

SEOAlthough SEO and SMO have different methods to lure online users, they somehow are connected to each other as their main objective is to bring people to the company website. The two online marketing methods use different strategies to increase traffic on a website. For search engines like Google, SEO and SMO are both important. SMO helps the search engine in knowing that the company website is providing useful information to users. Even the ultimate goal of SMO is not to drive users to the company’s social media pages, but to bring them to the website where detailed information about the company and its services are available. SMO covers the areas over the Internet left by SEO, while the SEO marketing technique covers Internet areas that are far from SMO’s reach.

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7 SEO factors to consider when re-branding

Re-brand your website with these factors!

Propelling an effective re-branding effort can appear like a frightening, impressive undertaking, particularly in the event that you consider the potential danger for your SEO rankings. The exact opposite thing you need to do in the wake of working up your SEO is to lose all that advancement since you chose to change your organization’s name.

Thankfully enough, diminished SEO rankings doesn’t need to be a bi-result of re-branding, the length of you do your examination. Continuously find a way to make it a smooth move and don’t fear a little exertion and diligent work. Your business will thank you at last when your SEO doesn’t drop immensely promptly after presenting your new image.

1. Attempt to Keep Your Original Domain Name

This is the most ideal approach to begin re-branding; it keeps the procedure basic and has minimal shot of harming your SEO rankings. That being said, we comprehend that keeping the same name isn’t generally conceivable, or reasonable. This is particularly valid amid a re-brand. Time and again an organization name is precisely what should be changed to give your business a makeover and a new beginning. Simply ensure you comprehend that in the event that you do choose to change your area name, you risk losing a considerable measure of web search tool activity.

In the event that you have a feeling that you need to roll out the improvement, read the following stride about saving your unique substance nearly, and don’t skirt the part about sidetracks.

2. Save Your Existing Content Whenever Possible

Regardless of the possibility that you need to totally patch up your business name and site, attempt to keep up your unique substance decently well. In the event that you have a feeling that you need to make new substance, attempt to nearly imitate your old stuff. This will help you to abstain from losing your origin and power, and in this way will keep your rankings from dropping. Try not to neglect straightforward things like your text styles and headers; keeping up these little subtle elements could have a major effect with regards to SEO.

3. If Not Forever, Maintain Your Old Site for a Short Time

To what extent to save your old site is by all accounts a state of dispute in the SEO rebranding world. A few specialists propose abandoning it up for a couple days, while others say it doesn’t hurt to keep up it forever. It appears like you need to settle on a choice in light of what you have time for and what will work best for your particular organization.

Abandoning it up everlastingly (however idle) will require additional time on your part, since it’s keen to return to the site intermittently to ensure it’s not creating any issues. Some entrepreneurs recommend doing this so you don’t lose the URL, and in the event that you get nostalgic not far off and need to reuse or return to the site.

One thing they can concede to, in any case, is NOT to bring down your old site when the new one has dispatched. It can conceivably take servers a few days to perceive the new IP address. This implies in the event that you erase your old site following 24 hours you could destroy all your diligent work. It’s not harming anybody to abandon it up for around 3-7 days, so avoid taking any unnecessary risks and don’t hit the “erase” catch too rapidly.

4. Use Redirects Correctly

You ought to divert each page from your old site to the comparing page of your new site to advance the client’s experience. This could be simple or entirely confounded, contingent upon your URL structure. It’s most straightforward in the event that you keep up the same site pages and URL structure. In the event that this is the thing that you’ve done, avoid whatever remains of this section and proceed onward to the following stride. In the event that you haven’t kept the same URL structure, read on here.

On the off chance that your destinations have diverse pages and distinctive URL structures it’s not the apocalypse, but rather it makes things somewhat more confused. Since you can’t divert old pages to precisely the same on the new site, you’ll have to divert them to the most pertinent page on your new site (henceforth why it’s useful to nearly duplicate old substance at whatever point conceivable)

Redirect 301 /old-sample-page.html

Redirect 301 /old-sample-page-2.html

5. Try to Retain the Same URL Structure

If you do this, your redirects should be fairly simple. All you need to is redirect your website pages from the old site to the same pages on the new site.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$
RewriteRule (.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

6. Yell Your New Brand from the Rooftops

Unquestionably redesign all your online networking destinations. Contingent upon the online networking stage, this can be straightforward or testing. There are a couple of things to remember when re-branding on online networking:

Facebook just permits you to change your page name and URL one time. Just once. So hold that in the back of your head on the off chance that you choose to roll out an improvement.

There are a ton of IDs that aren’t being used on Twitter, so on the off chance that somebody has the one you need however isn’t dynamic, connect with check whether you can take it over (this is the thing that Twitter proposes in light of the fact that they’re moderate at deactivating these records themselves).

Linked In is a simple site to manage while re-branding, unless somebody as of now has your organization name. On the off chance that that is the situation, you may need to adjust your organization name only a bit (consider keeping the name the same, however including a slogan after it). To change the URL, you need to contact Linked In specifically.

At long last, to see whether you’re showcasing is working, make a point to screen the activity and rankings for your new site. It’s not phenomenal to commit an error when re-branding considering everything that goes into it; simply make a point to be constant so you can catch and alter botches rapidly.

7. Keep in mind about Your Mobile Site!

Advertising by means of cell phones is pretty much as well known, whether not all the more in this way, than real PCs. Try not to disregard your versatile site while re-branding. Ensure your new pages are versatile well disposed, which means simple to get to, simple to peruse, and so on.

Consider the amount of activity your site gets from cell phones. In the event that this is the thing that the larger part of your gathering of people uses, you might need to consider propelling your versatile site first. In the event that it isn’t, in any case, then it’s most likely safe to concentrate on your primary site first and afterward after that is up and running work on making an identical rendition for portable.

Ideally, now the possibility of re-branding your organization iPropelling an effective re-branding effort can appear like a frightening, impressive undertaking, particularly in the event that you consider the potential danger for your SEO rankings.s somewhat less overwhelming. Try not to be hesitant to do it, simply ensure you put the time and exertion important to make your endeavor effective.

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No 1 position on search engines is a competitive advantage for any brand or service. It helps Customers to reach you business, without much effort.

Fact is that we do not optimize the search engines but your web pages. The process itself is called SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means the pages will be improved to enable search engines to crawl and read the pages for the purpose that they can add them to their databases.

Why go for Organic SEO?

  • People click more on organically optimized websites
  • The search results are long-lasting
  • Organic SEO builds greater trust
  • It’s quite cheaper compared to paid listings

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Internet marketing can be done in various forms. SEO, SMO, PPC, SEM are few of them. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a significant source of online marketing and now the companies are understanding the vitality of SEO promotion compared to other forms of marketing. With increase in competiton in the web world, internet marketing  is becoming expensive day by day. Small and medium businesses may not afford the expensive marketing channels for worldwide business development. There are two solutions for doing SEO of your website. Either you do it on your own, or hire a staff or outsource SEO work to freelancer or a SEO company. SEO isn’t rocket science if you know the right tactics, but it may be time consuming and like taking a chance while doing it on your own. Hence entreprenuers should outsource SEO to a reliable SEO company and concentrate on your core area of business.

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