SEO Factors To Look In 2018


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to promote a business website online and generate more and more traffic on it. Although SEO is in digital marketing trend since a long time, its strategies keep on changing with time. Here are factors that should be kept in mind next year:

  1. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple question or a complicated one, you should keep a track of how the search engine is responding.

  2. Whether it’s a blog, video or any type of media to be posted online, the content should be of high quality. Content is going to be backbone of SEO next year too.

  3. SEO works the best when user experience is considered. Experience of people visiting a website should be analyzed seriously, and necessary steps should be taken to improve it.

  4. People are choosing a website whose load time is less. Next year, you should keep working on a websites load time.


  5. Content of a website should be optimized in a manner that it could be read easily on any kind of device.

  6. Internal linking strategy can be used next year to grab attention of more online people.

  7. Meta description doesn’t help in grabbing more attention, but it should be included while posting an article. It can increase the chances of a user clicking on the link.

  8. Schema markup can be added to HTML of your pages. It makes a websites search results more attractive on search engine.

  9. You can add alt attribute while uploading images to the content.

  10. Content should be generated in a manner that it seems fresh even after weeks of its posting.

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What Are Necessary On-page Optimization Steps

A website of an organization not just marks its presence online, but also provides important information to potential customers. It doesn’t matter how attractive a website is, it is beneficial for a business only when it has a reputable position in search engines. The position of website over the search engines can be improved through on-page optimization measure.

What Is On-page Optimization? onpage

It is the right combination of various procedures and measures that help in improving a websites position on different search engines. It can be done by making a website attractive and with easy to navigate features for online users. In addition, it should be with detailed information about company’s services and with fresh content. Apart from that, various other procedures are followed to make on-page optimization a great measure.

Steps For Online Optimization

Step 1: While posting unique and easy-to-read content on the company’s website, it is necessary to use the right keywords. There should be one primary keyword and one variation of that keyword. This method is applied to every page of the website.

Step 2: There should be a well-researched page title with primary keyword. Every page of the website must have unique title.

Step 3: Meta description should be added under the Page Title. Meta description is necessary to get the website in Google search results.

Step 4: URL of the website must also include the primary keyword which further must be separated with dashes.onpage

Step 5: The page’s content should be crisp and clear using primary keyword.

Step 6: Call to Action should be added to the page to make the website user-friendly.

Step 7: Through links, one page of the website should be linked to other pages.

Step 8: Images of a page must be added with a file name.

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