Factors affecting Spending Habits during Valentine

4 top digital marketing strategy for increasing sales in valentines day.


digital marketing strategy
digital marketing strategy


According to findings, spending during Valentine’s is recorded to be higher in rural areas (22%) than urban areas (20%) in 2016. This may be owing to convenient online services of home delivery, attractive discounts, and so on.

It is seen that millennial tend to spend more on Valentine’s Day than the older couples. The young blood and thrill of a new relationship may be the driving factor for millennial couples to splurge more on their partners as the figures fall down when it comes to engaged or married couples.


Factor that induces spending is effective marketing strategies. Creating a sense of urgency amongst people and luring them through heavy discounts on best-selling products helps augment sales.

Digital Marketing: Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out For Next Year

ContentDigital marketing, especially the content marketing, has already entered its golden period which is expected to grow more in the near future. According to experts, 2018 is going to be a great year for content marketers. Original and unique content will benefit organizations of all kinds. What changes to expect in content marketing next year? Here are they:

Content Isn’t Just About Blogging

Earlier, writing blogs being a part of content marketing was considered a huge thing to grab attention of online readers. It was accepted by both customers and Google. In 2018, there will be more than just blogging when it is about online marketing through content. But even the next year, focus of content marketing will be quality.


More Tricks To Consume Content

Google Home and the Amazon Echo are going to be new terms for content marketers to come with a new online marketing method. Next year, there will be the entry of voice-activated apps that will allow customers to know about the company’s content even when they don’t have screen to read it.

Content For Micro-moment

Micro-moment is a special type of consumer behavior termed by Google in 2015. Here, companies or digital marketing service provider they have hired are needed to create content for every stage of the sales funnel.

These are some of the upcoming trends in content marketing which are supposed to turn the market of digital marketing. Organizations that will adopt these changes and design their marketing strategies according to that will get desired results. To stay updated with these changes and apply them in real, services of experienced digital marketers like Creative Digital Marketing Agency India should be taken. The company has experienced experts who use latest marketing tricks to stay ahead of competitors.

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What Is The Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing


In today’s technology-friendly world, it is necessary for marketers to keep a close eye on all marketing methods and use the most beneficial ones to help promote a company brand. Digital marketing is the modern way of promoting a product and reach people all across the globe.

When it is about marketing over the Internet, there are two widely used terms: Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. What are they are how are they different?

Digital Marketing: It’s an umbrella term that covers all kinds of online marketing techniques and methods, which include web marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, web marketing, email marketing, online banner and others.

Social Media Marketing: It’s a part of digital marketing which is in trend these days. Here, a company’s products or services are promoted over various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and others.

Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

  • Digital marketing covers all kinds of online marketing trends, while social media marketing is a part of digital marketing and covers marketing only related to social media websites.

  • Digital marketing includes a long list of Internet campaigns which may use social media websites, Pay-per-click, online PR, mobile marketing and various other marketing techniques to bring traffic on a brand’s website. In addition, digital marketers make efforts to ensure brand engagement, email list building and various other kinds of results. On the other side, posts on social media try to transfer social media users to website of the brand. SMM

  • Only experienced and skilled digital marketing agencies can handle digital marketing of a brand.

To get the best of digital marketing as well as social media marketing, it is necessary to use the right and advanced marketing strategies. Creative SEO Agency Mumbai has experienced digital marketing experts and right tools to get desired results.

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Why Digital Marketing Is the In Thing

Digital MarketingAny product, service or goods need a market where the item can be sold. A person willing to buy some bananas will go to fruit market but if the person won’t get bananas in a branding clothing store. Digital marketing helps us market our product or service in the right domain to be able to meet the potential clients and customers by using correct means of digital marketing technique.

In Today’s world where we have facilities like home delivery, digital payment etc digital market and digital marketing techniques provide a better result as compared to offline marketing and processes methods.

Why is digital marketing so important for any organization?

Digital marketing is very important because it’s easy to build a Digital market place like Flipkart or Amazon but marketing the product in digital media is equally challenging. There are millions of online users & they have thousands of options to choose from, so how can you ensure the user buys your product or service instead of your competitor’s? Here digital marketing plays the crucial role. It lets you reach the right audience and extend the services and offers at the right time. Instead of the unidirectional old school advertising methods, digital marketing works bidirectional based on the search history of the user, and showing only relevant ads to users depending on what they are already searching for on the internet.

Selecting Right Kind Of Marketing Strategies


Digital media has numerous possibilities as it is a global network of millions of people. Selecting the right marketing strategy is very important for any product or service to yield result in digital marketing. From search engine ads to social media ads and social selling, video streaming, remarketing tools and app development, there is a plethora of options to choose from.

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Digital Marketing: Strategies To Create Snowball Effect

Digital marketing is the most effective way to promote a brand or product in the modern business world. The Internet, especially social media and applications, plays a key role when it is about promoting a product digitally. But what’s Snowball Effect and how digital marketing strategies can be used to make it?

Snowball EffectSnowball Effect

Like a snowball coming down the slope of a hill which gets bigger and powerful, a flexible digital marketing strategy is capable of creating powerful cascading of speed. This can be helpful in promoting a brand and making it popular.

How to create Snowball Effect or Cascading Effect?

A marketing strategy must be created in a way that it could grab attention of more and more potential customers over social media. For that, the marketing strategy must be unique, yet appealing and powerful. Here’s what can be done:

Simple Marketing Strategies: Sometimes, keeping things simple works better than making complex strategies. There should be creative and simple ways to gain attention of potential customers. For example, there should be something to ponder upon. Here, one thing that should be kept in mind is: unique content. Competiton

Understand Competition: It is not just about competing with one or two companies. Today’s digital world allows companies from various regions to promote their products all across the world. So, it is necessary for a company to create marketing strategies keeping global competition in mind. The marketing approach should be showing fair and impressive side of a product.

Need of Digital Marketing Agency: It is necessary for a company to Digital Marketinghire a specialized digital marketing agency to use an effective marketing approach to show products to people all across the world and turn them into customers. Such an agency uses creative and effective approach to fulfill marketing needs of an organization.

How To Create An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy in 2017

In the modern business world where every successful organization tries to make the most of digital marketing to get fruitful results, a good marketing strategy isn’t enough to stay ahead in the competition. As businesses and consumers are almost always online, it is necessary for a company to make an effective, in fact the best digital marketing strategy to get beneficial results.

Marketing Strategy

What’s Digital Strategy?

Digital marketing strategy includes actions taken by a company in the right way to achieve its goals. In other words, it can be defined as a strategy that consists of plans to achieve targets. Here’s an effective way to create an effective digital marketing plan:

  • Before start planning a strategy, it is necessary to figure out the audience to target. This could be done by thorough research and collecting data through interviews.

  • Technology and tools like Google Analytics can be utilized to identify type of customers, their age and locations. Through this, it could be figured out from where most of the online traffic is coming from.

  • Goals must be decided that will be achieved online on different platforms. Here, challenges that the company can face and priorities should also be recognized.

  • After that, tools which are going to be used to meet during online marketing should be identified.

  • Existing marketing strategies of the company should be considered and figured out how they could be used.

  • Make the right usage of media, like owned media, paid media and earned media.

Why Hire Digital Marketing Agency?Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing isn’t an easy method to use and get success easily. It needs lots of research and use of available tools in the right way. Only a fully dedicated digital marketing agency can understand these needs and provide the beneficial results.