Are You Losing Potential Customers From Mobile Searches? Why Mobile SEO In 2018?

With the surge in number of smartphone users, people using mobiles to access the Internet are also increasing. Today, many individuals prefer using mobiles to surf the Internet, instead of desktops or laptops. This raise in smartphone users has also increased the demand of mobile-friendly websites.

Business owners who are not adopting this change and making improvements in their websites are suffering online. A recent report has showed that mobile users leave a website immediately after they found it with slow load time and unattractive, not so mobile-friendly features.

Here’re some more reasons why Mobile SEO is important in 2018 and why you should adopt the change right now:

mobile search

Increased Internet Traffic On Small Screens

As per a recent report, people prefer small gadgets to explore the Internet. More than 55% of the Internet users are those who use phones or tablet- although the majority of users are smartphone users- the report stated.

Different Results

Results for a same query over the same search engine on different digital devices are different. If the report is believed, then the search results are different around 80% of the time between a desktop and a mobile phone.

Why Mobile-friendly Website?

This shows that people have started using mobile phones in more numbers to explore the Internet in search of online services they are looking for. To stay in competition and match the modern digital marketing trends, businesses are required to make their websites light and mobile-friendly and with fast load time. Experts can help optimize a website and make it perform effectively on every platform and screen of any size.

Creative Web Mall can help you get a website that works on all digital devices and is SEO-friendly. In addition, you can also avail all kinds of digital marketing services at the company.

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Is Https A Ranking Signal In SEO In 2018?

Every Internet user prefers a website with fast load time and engaging features. Google has also started taking actions against websites, considering their URLs. For example, it checks if the website is using HTTP or HTTPS protocol. There’s a message ‘Not Secure’ on every website with unencrypted pages. In the URL bar, a lock symbol is showed for such websites. This could affect the website’s performance and results in decreasing online traffic. These things are important to consider as people these days only choose a secure website. So is it the right time to think of HTTPS?

http for seo ranking


HTTPS has already been announced as a ranking signal. Here’s how it helps a website:

Secure connection: It provides secure connection to a website which ensures online visitors that the information they are sharing with the service provider is secure.

Authentication: When users are sharing their data or any kind of important information with the company, they don’t feel like they are being cheated. These things affect an e-commerce website, and help it gain new customers.

SEO – Friendly: Websites using HTTPS are easy to handle and promote over the Internet. SEO experts can use various kinds of SEO tools and techniques to get good results for a website. HTTPS can contribute in doing that.

Website owners can convert their websites to HTTPS to avail all its benefits. This can be done with the help of experts. Creative Web Mall can help you get a website using HTTPS. Apart from that, the company provides effective digital marketing services to help promote your business online. The experienced digital marketers help get new online customers and generate more traffic online, which further improve a websites rankings online.

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Key Differences Between Traditional Marketing And Digital Marketing

MTEvery kind of business needs to adopt various kinds of marketing techniques to find new customers and make existing ones to stay with the company. A product or services should be advertised in a manner that they could reach more and more audience and turn it into potential customers. In addition, it is necessary for a business to stay updated with new marketing tools and apply them to get beneficial results.

In last few years, the way of product marketing has changed a lot. With the increase in people using the Internet, marketing service providers have started using various digital marketing tools. How traditional marketing is different from today’s marketing, or digital marketing.

Difference 1: Communication comm

Traditional marketing follows one direction communication approach where one individual tells about a product to many persons. On the other side, digital marketing is based on multi-directional communication where company and its customers communicate with each other.

Difference 2: Planning

planningTraditional marketing approaches have been designed considering their long-term usage, while digital marketing approaches change frequently after taking feedback from clients.

Difference 3: Availability And Scope

Traditional marketing is available for public only during working hours, while digital marketing is there every time. In addition, traditional marketing used only selected courses which stop a company from reaching worldwide potential customers. On the other hand, digital marketing uses a wide range of Internet sources to people sitting various regions of the globe. scope

Digital marketing is more beneficial, time-saving and cost-effective marketing approach, but it is needed to be used in the best way by getting these services from an experienced digital marketing service providing company. Creative Internet Marketing Agency India uses the most advanced digital marketing tools and approaches to reach more and more people online and turn them into regular customers for the company.

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