Digital Marketing Stats In Trend To Look Out For

Digital Stats

Unlike other sectors, digital marketing keeps on changing quickly. Earlier, the field saw some interesting changes which not just grabbed attention of digital marketers, but also attracted people who have even no interest in the digital marketing. Here are the stats to look out for:

More Young People Use Social Media

A report of Pew Research Center shows that around 86% people aging between 18 and 29 years use different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. While the percentage has slipped to around 80% for 30- to 49-year olds and 64% for people between 50 and 64 years old.

YouTube ads

Ads during YouTube videos seem an interesting way to promote a brand, but many users choose to skip these commercials. A recent survey has found that more than half of YouTube users choose to skip ads as soon as possible. But there were 30% people in the survey who said they watch the ad when they found it interesting.

24-hour Video Stories On Instagram For Brand

The number of Instragram users is growing, and it is expected to grow more in future. This gives a great chance to brands to promote their businesses over the platform. To make promotion easier for them, Instagram has rolled out 24-hour video stories for brands.

Advertising Via FAN

FAN, known as Facebook Audience Network, currently has more than one billion users who are watching its cross-web advertising. The figure has been revealed by the network.

These are some of the latest trends in digital marketing. A brand’s advertisement over the Internet is a way to grab attention of people from across the world. To make the most of digital marketing, a company should hire service provider like Creative Digital Marketing Company India and get the latest services of the field.

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Digital Marketing Stats Influencing Your Digital Strategy


Digital marketing is a need of modern business world to give tough fight to top competitors. It is one of the best ways to attract people from across the globe and turn them into potential customers. But digital marketing keeps on changing with time and organizations are required to stay updated with these changes in order to develop effective strategies to lure more and more people online.

With time, digital marketing stats change and they should be considered every time an online marketing strategy is made. Here are the current stats to consider which may influence an organization’s digital strategy:

  • Marketing expected to see major changes in next five years. More than 30% CMOs think that over 70% of the marketing will be digital marketing in the same period.

  • Number of people accessing the Internet through their smart-phone is growing, and it’s expected to grow more in near future. More than 85% of Internet users are smart-phone users. It is the reason businesses have developed mobile-friendly websites.

  • Spending on digital ads will increase in future.

  • In next two years, more than 80% of the traffic over the web will be videos.

  • Facebook has become a major digital marketing platform. A recent survey shows that around three million advertisers use the social media platform to promote their service to online users.

  • Within just five months of advertising feature, Instagram gets 200,000 advertisers.

  • A report has stated that social media influences buying decisions of more than 90% online shoppers.

Digital marketing is beneficial only if its advanced strategies, which are based on recent stats, are being used. Creative SEO Company India stay updated with latest trends in digital marketing and uses them to bring beneficial results for a company.

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