Website Speed Optimization

Website Speed Optimization India

If you have a website which is already developed, but are not happy with its performance on web, get your website performance boosted with Creative Website Speed optimization services.

Creative Web Promotion not only optimizes your website for speed, but helps you decide for quality and kind of web hosting server you should opt for, placing of images, links in your website and many more. Analyze your website’s speed and make it faster. Creative gives you insight on how well your website loads and gives actionable suggestions on how to optimize it.
51% of online shoppers will not purchase from slow websites and 47% of users expect websites to load in less than 2 seconds. Get more insight on the inner workings of your website with our speed optimization services which will benefit you with better GUI for users, fast loading & high on performance website, easy navigation, efficient web hosting servers, increase in search engine rankings.

Our website speed optimization services gives you the full picture on how your website loads and helps you detect where bottlenecks are.

Image Optimization

Though high quality images are needed to make a website attractive, they they greatly slow a website’s speed. Our team carefully optimizes images of your website to reduce their file size without changing the quality and appearance.

CSS Optimization

CSS are used to give styling to your website, fonts, background colour etc. Many web design company often over code this scripts arising Aka Code bloat problem & making website speed slow down and put off search engines to read data from your website.

Mobile Optimization

With increase in smartphone usage, websites are seen more from mobile than desktop. Creative will make your website mobile friendly so that your website gives equal performance on any devices like desktop, tablet or mobile phones.

Response Time Optimization

When a visitor comes to your website, their web browser sends a request to your web server. Our server admin will adjust your hosting to make your server response time more efficient, update your website to a new host or set you up on a dedicated hosting

Eliminate JavaScript blocking

Google usually sends this error when there is JavaScript interfering with the website loading in content.We fix this javascript rendering issue by making changes in your website HTMl where the jQuery is made making your website load faster.


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