Is Adding Location In Your Keyphrase A Good SEO Strategy?

Many marketers are confused over the use of location in keyphrase for an effective Search Engine Optimization. There are many who believe doing this could be a time-wasting strategy as search engines like Google automatically picks a business’ local location. But experts have a different theory to discuss. According to them, adding location in keyphrase isn’t a beneficial SEO strategy, but it is important in trending digital marketing. Why?

Digital marketing experts say adding location is a good thing that gives relevance to the added page. This could help in targeting a specific product or services of a company in a specific area. By using the location feature in Title and Description Tags, it can give beneficial results for a company while doing the website’s SEO.

The location adding feature has been found effective and business-friendly if a company wants to target online people on a specific region of the globe. This helps Google in recognizing that a business belongs to which specific region. In addition, it can further help a company in its website’s overall optimization. For example, providing city name relevant keyword with it on the Meta tags of the website can increase brand awareness in a particular region online and grab attention of online customers of that place.

Why Web Creative Mall?

Web Creative Mall understands the importance of adding location in a website your keyphrase, and provides trendy SEO services that include this strategy. The right procedures are followed to ensure that SEO rankings of a website could increase online. Apart from that, experienced professional create individual landing pages for every keyphrase with a call to action form or ‘contact us’ button. These services ensure that your website could target online people of a region that you want.


Why You Should Use Location After Your Product Or Service For Better SEO Convergence

There are so many things to adopt and apply during digital marketing of a brand to get satisfactory results. But is it beneficial to add location in keywords when Google helps in searching keywords with the location of an online user?

Yes, you should! According to experts, using location with keywords is helpful for better SEO convergence. For example, using a city name with keywords during the on-page optimization can help search engines in recognizing the place to which a business belongs. Such efforts can result into NAP- name, address, and phone number- of a business appearing on multiple pages of the website. Apart from that, this effort can help in using NAP as information for online business listings and local business directories.

If you want to promote your business locally and lure online people in the neighborhood, you can use a location keyword in the page titles and Meta description tags. But while doing so, it is necessary to ensure that text is not going to be overused.

Search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo link location to a keyword by considering a place and the IP address where the search is originated. After that, people searching for a particular service in their city are counted by the search engine as searchers within a location, thanks to their IP address. So, adding location with the product keyword can also help in grabbing attention of a small town or a large city.

Creative Web Mall can help you use keywords in the most accurate way in order to ensure that your business gain attention of people from local as well as foreign locations online. Apart from that, various other digital marketing services are provided by the company to help you get business-friendly results online. location

Are You Losing Potential Customers From Mobile Searches? Why Mobile SEO In 2018?

With the surge in number of smartphone users, people using mobiles to access the Internet are also increasing. Today, many individuals prefer using mobiles to surf the Internet, instead of desktops or laptops. This raise in smartphone users has also increased the demand of mobile-friendly websites.

Business owners who are not adopting this change and making improvements in their websites are suffering online. A recent report has showed that mobile users leave a website immediately after they found it with slow load time and unattractive, not so mobile-friendly features.

Here’re some more reasons why Mobile SEO is important in 2018 and why you should adopt the change right now:

mobile search

Increased Internet Traffic On Small Screens

As per a recent report, people prefer small gadgets to explore the Internet. More than 55% of the Internet users are those who use phones or tablet- although the majority of users are smartphone users- the report stated.

Different Results

Results for a same query over the same search engine on different digital devices are different. If the report is believed, then the search results are different around 80% of the time between a desktop and a mobile phone.

Why Mobile-friendly Website?

This shows that people have started using mobile phones in more numbers to explore the Internet in search of online services they are looking for. To stay in competition and match the modern digital marketing trends, businesses are required to make their websites light and mobile-friendly and with fast load time. Experts can help optimize a website and make it perform effectively on every platform and screen of any size.

Creative Web Mall can help you get a website that works on all digital devices and is SEO-friendly. In addition, you can also avail all kinds of digital marketing services at the company.

5 Major Tips Every Small Business Should Consider To Build Online Presence

In today’s technology-friendly world, online presence matters for businesses of all sizes. Every company wants to have more and more customers by making fewer efforts. Various digital marketing tools help promote a business online and grab attention of many potential customers at one time. Apart from that, online presence also helps gain trust of customers.

Here are effective tips small businesses can use to strengthen their online presence:

online website for business

Attention To Local SEO

Many small companies make a mistake of avoiding local SEO, but it can help attract customers nearby and reach new people at different intervals. A company can hire expert SEO service providers to handle local SEO by verifying your Google My Business listing, optimizing meta tags and doing various other functions.

Website For All Users

The website should be accessible to users of all kinds. There may be people online who will access the website through desktops, tablets, laptops or via mobile phone. It is important to optimize a website in a manner that it opens quickly and effectively by every user.

wesite for all

Attention To Customer Review

Reviews online help people while choosing a company’s services. On the other side, they are like feedback for a company. The business owner should take reviews seriously and work on them to provide people good on-site experience.

customer review

Attention To Online, Offline And Mobile Data

There should be analysis to check how a business is performing. A business should collect data from offline, online and mobiles, and combine them to make future strategies.

Connecting To Customers

To understand what customers want, it is necessary to stay connected to them and understand what they want from a website.

Creative Web Mall can help you strengthen your business appearance online through various digital strategies.

Is Https A Ranking Signal In SEO In 2018?

Every Internet user prefers a website with fast load time and engaging features. Google has also started taking actions against websites, considering their URLs. For example, it checks if the website is using HTTP or HTTPS protocol. There’s a message ‘Not Secure’ on every website with unencrypted pages. In the URL bar, a lock symbol is showed for such websites. This could affect the website’s performance and results in decreasing online traffic. These things are important to consider as people these days only choose a secure website. So is it the right time to think of HTTPS?

http for seo ranking

Why Https?

Https has already been announced as a ranking signal. Here’s how it helps a website:

Secure connection: It provides secure connection to a website which ensures online visitors that the information they are sharing with the service provider is secure.

Authentication: When users are sharing their data or any kind of important information with the company, they don’t feel like they are being cheated. These things affect an e-commerce website, and help it gain new customers.

SEO-Friendly: Websites using Https are easy to handle and promote over the Internet. SEO experts can use various kinds of SEO tools and techniques to get good results for a website. HTTPS can contribute in doing that.

Website owners can convert their websites to Https to avail all its benefits. This can be done with the help of experts. Creative Web Mall can help you get a website using Https. Apart from that, the company provides effective digital marketing services to help promote your business online. The experienced digital marketers help get new online customers and generate more traffic online, which further improve a website’s rankings online.

3 Essential Factors For Improving SEO Rankings In Mobile Search Engines

Mobile phones have become a vital part of human life, thanks to countless functions it provides us. From communication to purchasing items, the device plays a important role in our lives. Many people use their smart phones to choose service providers they require for a particular work. This increased usage of accessing the Internet over mobiles has encouraged organizations of all kinds to make their website mobile-friendly.

seo rankings

Here are three factors that can help you improve your site’s SEO rankings keeping mobile searching in mind:

Speed & Accessibility

A website should be developed using modern technologies and right platform to ensure that its pages load quickly on a mobile phone. A site will slow page load can result in plunging online traffic. In addition, users with a mobile of any screen size will be able to access the website easily and navigate through it without any problem.


Understanding Google policies and how they work is also important. It is essential to make a website work on a mobile in a way that not just allows users to access the website effectively, but also gives good results to the website owner keeping its online rankings in consideration.

Engagement Of Users

In addition to engaging people with attractive website features and good content, it is also necessary to ensure people like everything about the site. Feedback can be taken from the users to make necessary improvements. These changes in the website can affect a site’s overall rankings and may work in the favor of its owner.

Creative Web Mall can assist you in making a website that works well on all kinds of platforms. In addition, the company also provides all kinds of web development as well as digital marketing services to ensure that an organization gets desired results from its website.

Step by step instructions to overcome a Bad SEO Experience

overcome a Bad SEO Experienc

As a SEO agency, we manage an extensive variety of customers. From to a great degree specialty businesses, such as offering pre-designed steel structures, to more extensive enterprises, similar to wellness, our customers come to us from very surprising circumstances with totally unique needs. While varieties in the ventures and needs of our customers present difficulties, there’s quite often an approach to help them succeed online with SEO techniques and practices.
In spite of how diverse our customers are and their histories with advanced advertising have been, there is a typical ordeal we hear fly up every now and then that is worried for us as an office and others as shoppers. A bad SEO encounter, or getting scorched by a SEO office, is dangerous for both us as specialist agency and potential customers as shoppers for a couple reasons:

As a matter of first importance, it’s tricky for the customer that has been signed on the grounds that they’re irate, didn’t get the outcomes they expected, most likely lost cash, and are prepared to quit with SEO out and out.
It’s hazardous for us as an office in light of the fact that a bad SEO encounter makes the entire business look shady and untrustworthy, in this way preventing future chances to help companies.
It exhibits a one of a kind issue since as a rule, the best approach to recuperate from a terrible SEO experience is by having a decent SEO encounter.

  • Consider what turned out badly.

We never accuse the customer for bad involvement with SEO, yet we do request that they recognize what turned out badly and how it turned out badly. Amongst companies and SEOs, it’s simple for the lines of correspondence to get crossed or for duties to get mixed, and that is the place issues begin to emerge. In the event that you’ve had a terrible involvement with a SEO agency, ask yourself: Was I vague about my desires? Was there something on my end I expected to do however didn’t know about? Were there inquiries I didn’t know to ask that could’ve kept this?
By taking a decent, basic take a gander at how your circumstance played out, you can in some cases recognize activities or steps that either moved the course of your procedure or could have been taken to anticipate disasters. On the off chance that you comprehend everything that happened and could have been improved on your end, you’ll be more arranged advancing.

  • You can gain from your oversights.

Once you’ve distinguished what turned out badly and have some lucidity on the circumstance, you can utilize what you’ve figured out how to have better encounters pushing ahead. The trap is to utilize the terrible experience you’ve needed to set yourself up for achievement and to do that, you need to get ready. Post bad SEO encounter, you need to regroup and reassess your objectives. What were the new objectives, and what are your objectives at this moment? What necessities to happen this time didn’t occur last time? What questions didn’t get asked last time? Once more, utilize the past experience to widen your comprehension of how SEO functions and what was missing with the agency doing it for you.

  • Ponder what the answers for your issues are.

In this way, the agency you employed showed you a good time, and bad SEO has affected your business’ online execution.

Presently what? For some agencies that have been scorched by SEO, the propensity is to dump it as a component of their procedure and never think back. This is reasonable, in light of the fact that why might anybody need to put additional time and cash into something that fizzled them? In any case, the issue with that rationale is that harm done by bad SEO is frequently just rectified by great SEO. On the off chance that bad SEO got your site a punishment, awful rankings, or a fouled up site, then great SEO is the thing that gets you out of that.
As a characteristic of response as it might appear, don’t swear off of SEO on the grounds that you’ve had bad ordeal. The privilege SEOs can and will help you recoup and discover services that won’t just help you bob back however help you have more noteworthy accomplishment than some time recently.

Making website fast is easy than you think!

Factors to consider to make your website fast!

1. Choose wisely your hosting plan!

Hosting your website on shared servers can reduce the speed of website. It’s an economical advantage when choosing shared server over dedicated one. As we know shared servers share RAM, CPU and Memory with various individuals who chose shared hosting for themselves. Choosing shared server for small website is great option but as the site grows and so as the data on the site then choosing dedicated servers is the right option for your website.

As dedicated server is just like having another computer placed for providing dedicated bandwidth over the internet for all your requirements of your website. Thus if economy is not a boundary then going for dedicated server is the best option to consider.

2. Optimize your media content! (Images, videos, etc.)

Media content like images and videos can drastically slow down your website. Loading each image or video on your website that is not optimized can increase your website’s loading time by many seconds. And while no user may wait too long for your website to load, you may lose on your visitors with a slow loading website.

Thus, optimizing using various photo-editing applications or online web applications can help you reduce the size of the image without loosing the quality. This can be achieved either by cropping the unwanted part of the image or reducing the number of pixels, eventually reducing the load time of the website.

And while considering videos, the best way is to call a YouTube video and embedding it on your website. This helps to reducing the load time of the website and thus can increase the speed of the website.

3. Optimizing the website’s CSS!

Considering about minifying CSS and gzipping it can reduce the loading time of the website. As minifying is process where we remove spaces, comment, hex codes and unused CSS. This can reduce the time taken to load the CSS file which can increase the speed of the website.

4. Avoid using plugins or use which are important!

If you have a WordPress website then you need to check the plugins you have used to build or add various functionality to the website. But plugins can be really harmful and consumes much more time to load. Thus it is advisable to use only those plugins which are really important or which are necessary for your website and others that are less used by visitors or do not serve the purpose anymore should be discarded for better website speed.

SEO professionals GCC

Choose for your business the best SEO professionals

In today’s competitive market SEO is more important than ever. Search engines serve millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions or for solutions to their problems. If you have a web site, blog or online store, SEO can help your business grow and meet the business objectives.

The majority of search engines users are more likely to choose one of the top 10 suggestions in the results page so to take advantage of this and gain visitors to your web site or customers to your online store you need to rank as higher as possible. This can be achieved with the help of SEO professionals who can understand your business and pull people who might be interested in your product / services.

SEO is not only about search engines but good SEO practices improve the user experience and usability of a web site. Thus making it clear about what you really want to offer, how and with what deal that suits both you and your customers.

How SEO along with SEO Professionals can help?

The one thing about SEO which is very important when considering the option of starting a SEO campaign for your business website is that user’s trust search engines and having a presence in the top positions for the keywords the user is searching increases the website’s trust.

SEO being important for web search engines has its ripple effect on social medias. As it is also good for the social promotion of your web site. People who find your web site by searching Google or Yahoo are more likely to promote it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media channels.

View Our SEO case studies of our successful SEO clients where we have performed on-page optimization, website speed optimization, search engine ranking and social media marketing for various categories. To know how Creative Digital marketing agency can be of help your organization contact us!