Instagram Launches Voice Messages in DMs

Instagram Audio Messaging

In competition with Whatsapp, Instagram users have just been treated to a new way of sending messages. Now you can send audio messages too in Instagram DMs. If you still cannot see this option, just head to the App Store on your device and check for the latest app updates.

You will be able to see a new microphone icon appear within your direct messages window once your Instagram app is updated.

How can you send a voice recording in DM?

Simply just press the voice recording symbol to record your greeting.

Once pressed you will be able to see the voice memo appear as part of your chat history.

YouTube Videos Are Auto-playing In The Home Section

Youtube Autoplay

YouTube videos will now be set to auto-play by default without audio.

“Auto-play on Home,” will be implemented on Android and IOS in few weeks.

However YouTube Premium subscribers will already be familiar with the feature, which has been available to members since six months.

Video captions will also be featured on the screen automatically while videos are auto-playing, is its there in the video.

However users can turn off auto play from settings. Videos can also be set for auto play only on Wifi.

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Google Answers Questions About AMP Indexing

Google Answers Questions About AMP Indexing

There have been lot of myths about AMP in this year 2018. Google has finally compiled some of the most common questions about AMP indexing in search results

We have tried to brief out those questions with answers provided.

How much time it take for AMP pages to show up in search results?
Answer: Same as regular web pages.
b) Is AMP indexing same as homepage versus another page?
Answer: They have same algorithm for all pages. Crawl frequency may vary depending on how often the primary content changes.

c) Will pages still be indexed, if they’re likely to be changed or deleted often?
Answer: Yes, it doesn’t matters.

d) How can I speed up the AMP indexing process?
Answer: Submit pages or sitemap through Google search console.

e) WIll AMP impact SEO rankings?
Answer: AMP alone cannot impact rankings. Website speed is major ranking factor, but AMP pages are meant to be faster than normal pages.

f) If my all AMP pages are not indexed, is that a thing to worry about?
Answer: Until they provide a broken link, Google will slowly cache all pages in some span.

g) Why do AMP and non-AMP results appear in search?
Answer: Google may treat those pages as separate documents if it cannot see a connection between the AMP version and its canonical.

h) Should I tag my AMP pages differently when there is a separate desktop and mobile site?
Answer: AMP should point to desktop with <link rel=”canonical”>. Desktop should point to AMP with <link rel=”amphtml”>.

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Ways to Gain More Followers for Your Brand or Business with Instagram Nametag Tool

What is an Instagram Nametag?

Instagram Nametag

An Instagram Nametag is essentially like a QR code – it’s an image which other users can scan (from within the Instagram App) and instantly follow that person or profile.

Ways to use the Nametag tool to Gain More Followers –

1. Networking

Networking events and parties are situations with great opportunities to use your Instagram Nametag. Instead of struggling to hear a user-name to follow your new friend, you can scan each other’s Nametags, as these places can be loud, and conversations are usually short.

2. At Conferences/Corporate Events

Conferences & corporate events are ideal for establishing connections within your industry, with peers and prospective customers. Make it effortless for them to take the interaction past your booth by creating signage with your Nametag that they can scan.

3. In Print

You can use your Instagram Nametag as part of the visual to gain followers by creating flyers or by creating an ad

4. In Emails

Just think about the number of emails one sends each day. Email signatures are a great place to highlight any upcoming initiatives – so why not try your Instagram Nametag? One can also send a dedicated social media email with your Nametag to your list to get them to follow you online.

5. Physical Locations

Signage in physical locations is a simple reminder for your visitors to continue to follow you online. Try creating signage with your Instagram Nametag to gain more followers.

Instead of just saying ‘we’re on Facebook’ or including the Instagram logo somewhere in your store, try using the Nametag instead – a quick and easy way to connect to your Instagram presence.

Pinterest to Boost E-Commerce Potential, Adds New Shopping Options

Pinterest is not a social network was the statement made by Ben Silbermann the CEO of Pinterest, back in 2016.

The Platform has rolled out tools at a regular interval to further align up with its mission to become a product discovery and E-Commerce engine, a shift that has helped Pinterest better defined the App’s unique fit in an ever-crowded app market.

Catering to this, Pinterest is rolling out three new updates, in line with on-platform shopping.

The first is an update to its Product Pins, which will now replace Buy-able Pins across the board.

Pinterest's New Features


Moreover, Pinterest is also introducing a new shopping recommendations section beneath Style and Home Pins, enabling users to flip through similar items across multiple brands.

Pinterest's New Features

And lastly, Pinterest is also adding a new shopping shortcut, which will allow users to shop right from the feed.

Pinterest's New Features

Google+ to Shutter, After The Security Breach

Google publicized recently that it would slowly close down Google+, a long-struggling social network platform. The decision was made due to a software bug that disclosed exclusive data of over 5 lac users to hundreds of third-party applications.

The platforms 90% of sessions last under five seconds due to which the company has acknowledged that its social network has extremely low usage.

Consumers are flooded with a number of social platforms to choose from, and it appears that Google+ didn’t provide enough unique value to attract a loyal user base. It’s inconclusive whether Google violated privacy laws requiring disclosure of a data breach, given the patchwork of regulations worldwide.

Lawmakers and regulatory agencies may send a memo to senior Google executives that advised against disclosure of the data breach and warned of public embarrassment for the company.

Instagram Rolls Out Scannable Name tags to All Users

Now you can instantly add friends on Instagram by scanning their name tags.This feature enables you to scan in another users’ code via the Instagram camera, which brings up a preview of their profile and a quick follow link. Name tags are more or less similar to Snap codes on Snapchat, or Messenger Codes on Facebook Messenger – in fact, almost every platform now has some variation of scannable codes to quickly connect.



Instagram Scannable Nametags

Let’s understand why are social platforms so excited to keep pushing QR code options, despite their apparent low usage?

With QR code-enabled transactions totaling more than $1.65 trillion in China and Japan in 2016 could be one of the probable reasons social platforms see it as a significant opportunity with over a billion plus users.

In Japan, the App saw a 43% increase in usage last year. With such results, the name tag codes makes more sense, as it is easier for users everywhere to connect. They’re now available globally on both iOS and Android devices and could be an interesting consideration for brand campaigns

Pinterest Adds New Discovery Option to Highlight Pins Similar to Your Interests

Pinterest is on its way to boost content discovery with a new ‘more ideas’ tab which will focus on Pins alike to the content that were previously saved on the platform.

Pinterest More Idea Tab

With the Search Capacity across 175 billion pins and an extensive base of 250 million users, its recommendation function could prove to be highly imperative.

The options are comparatively minor but will uplift the content discovery. It may help marketers to stay on top of rising Pin trends when users do go searching for related content.

Try out a new way to discover more ideas for your boards by updating your App to the latest version