How Good Mobile UI Helps Increase In SEO Rankings

With the increase in mobile users accessing the Internet through their smartphones, businesses operating online have started giving attention to mobile-friendly features for their websites. All types of organizations or their digital marketers are working tirelessly to make their websites easily accessible on all kinds of devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Even Google has started giving attention to mobile-friendly websites, which are enjoying improvement in their search engine rankings. On the other side, sites with mobile optimization are seeing a plunge in their rankings.

mobile website

Here are some stats over sites with mobile optimization:

  • A 2015 survey by Google shows that around one-third mobile users leave a website forever if they don’t find it user friendly. It means a website with impressive user Interface can gain more traffic, and may also turn that online traffic into customers.
  • Sites with slow load time suffer. One second increase in site load time can plunge the page view rate by 11%.

Why To Have Website with Good User Interface?

According to experts, website that works well on all kinds of devices and has a quick load time performs well and generate good results for its owner. Apart from that, an effective user interface of a website can grab attention of online users and make them visit the website again and again. When people come to a website several times, more traffic generates on it. This further affects the websites performance and gifts it a good SEO rankings. With various SEO strategies, rankings could further be improved and more satisfactory results can be generated.

Creative Web Mall can help you get an eye-appealing website that works well on all kinds of devices people use. In addition, you can also use various other digital marketing and promotion strategies of the company to get online results.

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