Why You Should Use Location After Your Product Or Service For Better SEO Convergence

There are so many things to adopt and apply during digital marketing of a brand to get satisfactory results. But is it beneficial to add location in keywords when Google helps in searching keywords with the location of an online user?

Yes, you should! According to experts, using location with keywords is helpful for better SEO convergence. For example, using a city name with keywords during the on-page optimization can help search engines in recognizing the place to which a business belongs. Such efforts can result into NAP- name, address, and phone number- of a business appearing on multiple pages of the website. Apart from that, this effort can help in using NAP as information for online business listings and local business directories.

If you want to promote your business locally and lure online people in the neighborhood, you can use a location keyword in the page titles and Meta description tags. But while doing so, it is necessary to ensure that text is not going to be overused.

Search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo link location to a keyword by considering a place and the IP address where the search is originated. After that, people searching for a particular service in their city are counted by the search engine as searchers within a location, thanks to their IP address. So, adding location with the product keyword can also help in grabbing attention of a small town or a large city.

Creative Web Mall can help you use keywords in the most accurate way in order to ensure that your business gain attention of people from local as well as foreign locations online. Apart from that, various other digital marketing services are provided by the company to help you get business-friendly results online. location

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Here’s Your Checklist to Boosting Your E-commerce Conversion Rate This Valentine month


Post demonetisation, with the renewed emphasis on going cashless via the digital avenue, shoppers are taking to e market with greater enthusiasm. E commerce websites are multiplying. And cut throat competition implies intensive promos and offers, discounts, add-ons. So how to cash in on this and improve the conversion rate? A few pointers :

Home page-the key :

The home page must be informative, current, highlighting all offers, discounts, promos, seasonal products, visually appealing and user friendly .

Call for action :

Build up a sense of urgency, an immediate need to buy. Time bound offers, limited period offers, exclusive but limited stock are ways to boost sales.

Make shopping a memorable experience :

Use personalized mail campaigns to engage the customer. Use data analysis to make search options within the site simpler as per visitors preferences.

Steps to buying :

Road to completing the purchase should be simple. A long drawn process in stages will make the prospective customer rethink. Availability, shipping options including preferred delivery time and place, details of seller – all make the decision to buy simpler. So place them together.

Return Policy :

Simple and quick. A return policy which is customer oriented and simple will translate into customer retention. A satisfied customer will return. And make referrals.

Feed back and Reviews :

A visitor would be more convinced to buy when positive reviews of both product and seller are on display. Consider options for live chat with customer support for queries.

Mobile Effect :

With mobile usage growing exponentially, mobile e commerce is now the chosen platform. Price comparison, research on product, deals and options are all done on phone. Optimize for the mobile and the related social media marketing. Miss out, you lose out.
Creative offers complete solutions for all e-trade needs. So act now.

Do You Really Need to Test Your Site to Improve Your Conversion Rate?


Your conversion rates are not on anticipated lines. You have implemented modifications on the website and changed the landing pages, yet the results haven’t been encouraging. What went wrong ?

Your choice is not universal :

What appeals to you personally may not appeal to the customers. Customers are not clued into landing pages or site designs. To conclude that everyone will think the way you do is not advisable. Each visitor/customer to the site is unique and capricious.

Experts may go wrong :

Experts are also fallible. What generally works may not be the right option for your company. Well researched recommendations, backed by success stories are no reasons to skip the actual testing.

New need not translate to improved :

Not every change is for the better. Redesigning is fine, but to assume that the latest version is necessarily better is risky. Acknowledging only the possibility that the change is an improvement and proceeding without testing may result in a setback instead.

Intuition :

Gut feeling is fine, but hard data is better. Often, human nature tends to ignore information which doesn’t fit our preconceived ideas. Any ‘feeling’ unsubstantiated by data will lead to pitfalls.

Knowledge and awareness :

It is good to have knowledge of what a great website should be like or a sense of what is a successful page. Just not good enough to ignore testing.

In conclusion, there is no substitute for testing, which does away with assumptions in site optimization. Site optimization, reinforced by data is the way to go.
At Creative  we offer you complete solutions to optimize and test your site.

5 Techniques to Help You Truly Understand Your Customers

For a successful business, customer satisfaction and delight are of utmost importance. And the key to this is an understanding of the customer. Today we look at ways and means of gathering an understanding of the customer

Analytical Collations :

Feedbacks, surveys, emails, phone calls – interaction with the customer, including by way of real time engagement, is a must today for any business. These analytical collations provide insights and patterns for further course of action.

Draw blue print for future :

Have a strategy in place for future. Data mining software aid in spotting patterns and cycles. Statistics identify top sellers and low performers, stimulating corrective actions. Historical data, market surveys, comparative analysis enable better comprehension of current position and action proposed. Tools such as RapidMiner can be used to design future plans.
Analyse the interaction of the visitors to your site. Which page holds interest, what do they like on a page, is a particular page a deterrent, is the site easily navigable – every action will have a story to tell. Use the behavioural data to build and enhance customer experience.

Avoid generalisations :

Avoid generic data points such as gender, age, income for building customer profiles, focus on specifics. Effective use of tools such as Acquisitions tab on Google Analytics will enable a more appropriate response tailored for the target audience.

Be the customer :

Visualize the buying from a customer’s view point. Identify the touch points – the interactions before, during and after the purchase. This will assist in acquiring a knowledge of why certain sales fall through and at which stage. Formulate remedial action on that basis.
With technological advances and available tools, getting an insight into the customer psyche is becoming simpler. Creative offers a complete platform for aiding your marketing. Drop by. You will not be disappointed.

Boosting Your SEO by Helping Googlebot


An important aspect of any SEO is site crawling- the way Google and other search engines index is directly linked to bots crawling the site effectively,. The way to do this is to improve the efficacy of crawling, guiding the bots to the more relevant pages of your site . Googlebot ‘s resources to your site are not unlimited, and the quality of the site such as navigation, will determine the end result.
Directing the bot to crucial pages rather than the back end ones which may not need positioning, enhances indexing, allowing quicker access to SEOs. A few pointers :

Site updation and XML sitemaps:

Update the site for higher chances of being crawled. Underline the pages the googlebot should position by doing away with obsolete pages. Submit sitemap to Google Search Console. Don’t want certain pages to be indexed ? Try adding NoIndex tag to the page header code, and verify using GSC .

Blocking access via robots.txt to unwanted pages :

Setting suitable rules robots.txt file can enable you to manipulate the places you want the bot to crawl and stop the bot from crawling irrelevant pages.

Handling parameters in URL :

A very handy tool for directing crawlbots, though inadequate knowledge of how this works can result in exclusion of important parts of the website.

Interlink, plug gaps in links :

Address and set right broken links using suitable tools to ensure optimization of the time spent by the bot on your site. Interlinks provide pathways for bots to go in deeper.
Reducing time taken for the page to load, a well designed site structure, optimizing images, original content also aid the faster crawling of the googlebot. Which in turn will boost the SEO.
Or simply get in touch with us at Creative for Search Engine Optimization.

Celebrations for Ramadan Eid at Creative

A digital agency’s way of celebrating Eid al-Fitr

Creative, a digital marketing company which reflects itself as a prestigious agency offering various internet marketing services. But lets take the services and work apart and what leaves behind is a motivated staff who believe in having fun while working.

The festive day of Eid al-Fitr was one such occasion where we took it to the next level. The celebration started early morning the office was decorated to match the occasion of Eid. Also we got dressed in traditional wears to suit up and get the killer looks! Perfumes added a magic to our looks!

We had finger-licking food of great variety like traditional sweet dishes and spicy food items. The delicacies we ate were both mom-made specials and also ordered. The team along with the management had the brunch together after the pre-preparations.

Later, kick-ass music came in and which turned out to be the best part of the day! We had all sorts of music from dance numbers to Sufi tracks coming in. And hitting the floor with our dances was the ultimate result. Nothing new for us though! 😛

And the next to come was the love of our life! The selfies and pictures. This made the day and we captured the memories to last forever with us! We enjoyed each bit of the day and all we can say it to be a part of this wonderful experience and live it yourself everyday along with work that keeps adding to your experience for better future for both!

If you want to join our amazing team then do make sure you visit us!

Making website fast is easy than you think!

Factors to consider to make your website fast!

1. Choose wisely your hosting plan!

Hosting your website on shared servers can reduce the speed of website. It’s an economical advantage when choosing shared server over dedicated one. As we know shared servers share RAM, CPU and Memory with various individuals who chose shared hosting for themselves. Choosing shared server for small website is great option but as the site grows and so as the data on the site then choosing dedicated servers is the right option for your website.

As dedicated server is just like having another computer placed for providing dedicated bandwidth over the internet for all your requirements of your website. Thus if economy is not a boundary then going for dedicated server is the best option to consider.

2. Optimize your media content! (Images, videos, etc.)

Media content like images and videos can drastically slow down your website. Loading each image or video on your website that is not optimized can increase your website’s loading time by many seconds. And while no user may wait too long for your website to load, you may lose on your visitors with a slow loading website.

Thus, optimizing using various photo-editing applications or online web applications can help you reduce the size of the image without loosing the quality. This can be achieved either by cropping the unwanted part of the image or reducing the number of pixels, eventually reducing the load time of the website.

And while considering videos, the best way is to call a YouTube video and embedding it on your website. This helps to reducing the load time of the website and thus can increase the speed of the website.

3. Optimizing the website’s CSS!

Considering about minifying CSS and gzipping it can reduce the loading time of the website. As minifying is process where we remove spaces, comment, hex codes and unused CSS. This can reduce the time taken to load the CSS file which can increase the speed of the website.

4. Avoid using plugins or use which are important!

If you have a WordPress website then you need to check the plugins you have used to build or add various functionality to the website. But plugins can be really harmful and consumes much more time to load. Thus it is advisable to use only those plugins which are really important or which are necessary for your website and others that are less used by visitors or do not serve the purpose anymore should be discarded for better website speed.

Celebrations at Creative with fun unlimited!

Past 3 days and we can’t forget the fun, that we wrote down to share it!

At Creative, which is a digital marketing company which serves internet marketing services like SEO, SMO, web promotion and many things bundled with a bit of Creativity also has a different side to it. On 31st May, a day when everyone was happy and excited for a single reason that our leader and CEO of the company – Sony Surana, who completed another successful year of his life and it was time for his birthday celebrations.

The league of superheroes – that’s what we call ourselves, had arrived early in the morning making ourselves busy with getting office prepared for a surprise. It was a great kick-start for the day and we decorated the office like never before. And with all arrangements we knew that it would be an awesome day ahead.

Cake checked! Decorations checked! Music checked! Well everything hitting the tick on our list, we were waiting for our CEO to arrive. And in a while when we were all set and ready, Sony sir arrived! Boom! With all the joy and excitement filled in, we outburst to show our feelings when Sony sir arrived.

We had cake cutting, birthday bells ringing, dance, music, selfies and group photos all happening! All the management, team heads, employees were having a good time. Post the celebration we had awesome and yummilicious brunch on that day!

The expertise of digital marketing – Creative, continues its to have fun and work going together with achieving great miles stones as we move ahead. Stay tuned as we rush to become great digital marketing company in years to come as we have just started!

Online reputation monitoring GCC

Do know how online reputation monitoring can help you?

Having beautifully designed website full of great content is old news for businesses wishing to maintain a high level web prominence. With the rise of social media, businesses and professionals alike must hold accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube while also maintaining a blog just to remain ahead of the competition. However, having all of these new avenues to your business requires a whole new list of responsibilities which need to be regularly attended to if you wish to maintain and increase your company’s brand power.

To protect your business and brand from becoming overshadowed by negative comments, online reputation management agency will properly help you manage your sites to ensure only the positive information regarding your business is displayed on social media sites and other areas of the web, and they will also work to encourage more positive posting from brand loyalists.

An online reputation monitoring company will also be able to more effectively launch and manage any social media campaigns your organization wishes to embark on which will allow you access to audiences you otherwise would not have been able to reach.

How can online reputation management help your business?

One of the greatest benefits to online reputation management is having the ability to choose how your target audience sees your business. By only allowing certain information to enter search engines and social media networks, you can deliver a trustworthy image of your company to your potential patrons. This is especially important for businesses heavily involved in social networking.

What’s your take on this? Do you consider making a decision of maintaining social media reputation by getting along with a well established player in the business? Then do visit us!

View Our SEO case studies of our successful SEO clients where we have performed on-page optimization, website speed optimization, search engine ranking and social media marketing for various categories. To know how Creative Digital marketing agency can be of help your organization contact us!