SEO services and turn key digital marketing solution for a startup medical tourism company in USA. Dealing with a startup demands growing an online establishement and meeting business goals both simultaneously. With SEO services we helped a growing startup establish its presence by doubling the number of visitors to the website within 3 months. By effective content marketing we helped the website blog traffic increase by 30%. We provided turn key Inbound and Outbound digital marketing services which helped in generating average 3000 unique visitors to the website with 68.46% increase in website traffic. Destination Surcation® LLC is a certified medical tourism specialist. They are a prominent member of the MTA (Medical Tourism Association) and intend to offer transparency and the best technology and treatments to their clients.


Surcation® expected to show their online closeness over the web in like manner they expected to build up the website for their organization.Being a startup they needed to manufacture their online nearness. Innovative planned, substance, pictures, and built up a cutom wordpress site. We help The startup medical tourism company with in both Inbound and Outbound marketing. Inbound marketing can be done through blogs, videos, social media, SEO, discussion forums, whitepaper, etc. Startup Xperts have a team of content writers who can provide you with enriching content across various industries and subject lines. Outbound marketing includes email campaign, webinars, virtual conference, display ads like Google AdWords, etc. Effective use of email/CRM campaigns helps to generate ‘hot’ leads. Startup Xperts also can manage your digital marketing budget through a balanced portfolio management of various online promotions including social media marketing.


Creative did both website development and SEO for Surcation®.We made and completed the best possible SEO method, effectively:

Making a basic and suitable customer experience for their site through substance progression. Performing watchword research to make imperative substance, proposed to expand their catchphrase markets.

Visitor Overview:

Monthly Traffic Sources From Various Locations:

Country Sessions % New Sessions New Users
1,386 % of total 100.00(1,386) 62.12% Avg for view: 62.12% (0.00%) 861 % of Total:100.00%(861)
1 Canada 433(31.24) 87.30% 378(43.90%)
2 United State 347(25.04%) 89.63% 311(36.12%)
3 India 275(19.84%) 14.55 40(4.65%)
4 Mexico 218(15.73) 11.93% 26(3.02%)
5 Brazil 41(2.96%) 100.00% 41(4.76%)
6 (Not Set) 10(0.72%) 90.00% 9(1.05%)
7 United Urab Emirates 6(0.43%) 100.00% 6(0.70%)
8 Chile 5(0.36) 40.00% 2(0.23%)
9 United Kingdom 5(0.36%) 100.00% 5(0.58%)
10 Philippines 5(0.36%) 100.00% 5(0.58%)

Search Analytics:

Queries Clicks Impressions CTR Position
surcation 4 15 26.67% 1
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tourism company in usa 0 1 0% 22

Ranking Report:

Keyword Rank Google
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SEO for B2B Portal India

The Challenge

Previously a quiet website, Dreams Group wished to dramatically reposition its B2B Portal in India. They wished to expand their presence in the India, increase the number of members and visitors to their website, and leverage the strength of the Portal.

The Solution

Initiatives related to the Search engine optimization included changes in the corporate identity, development of proprietary branded processes, creation of new marketing strategy and related messages for key publics, and internal education and alignment to ensure day-to-day delivery of the B2B Portal.Because the plan was to overhaul the existing B2b website, Our SEO specialists started with the development of the most appropriate SEO Keyword Strategy for the company, searching for and identifying those search terms most likely to be used by prospective clients wishing to find and evaluate potential building partners. The technical evaluation proved to be a bit more difficult investigation.

A review of HTML code and site architecture SEO factors revealed major issues. But as we evaluated third-party referral reports and the search engine results for long-tail keywords, a duplicate content issue was uncovered. We created a subdomain as an directory for those 5000 products and services sharing informative data related to those key phrases, so that website get resulted in search engines for those terms. We optimized meta tags and improved website performance with relevant to speed, and CSS. It took us almost 6 months to accomplish results for this B2b website.

It was not easy to work on an B2B website developed in PHP with big graphics on all pages.

We carefully optimized images of the website to reduce their file size without changing the quality and appearance. We changed the urls of website to Google spider friendly urls. We tried getting high quality links for this website, by submitting it to relevant directories. This was not enough, we then started with our social media activities to make this website popular and get enough votes for search engines to rate it.

The Results

Results of the site optimization now place the company’s website and its related pages in some of the top search results for Google for numerous key search terms related to the company’s industry and marketplace. Results from Yahoo were similar. Rankings were as of three months after posting the optimized site. We successfully achieved top 20 results for 5000+ products and services of this B2B website in India.

SEO for Dental Specialist India


Dental Specialist India serves various Dental treatments like Porcelain Veneers, Full mouth rehabilitation, Gummy smile treatment, Zirconia dental crowns, Immediate function implants all inhouse in Nobel biocare dental implant clinics in Mumbai, India. They contacted Creative initially for SEO services.


Deliver No. 1 ranking on very competitive key phrases of e-commerce website providing best dental implants, All on four implants, Porcelain Veneers, Full mouth rehabilitation, Gummy smile treatment, Zirconia dental crowns, Immediate function implants at our Nobel biocare dental implant clinics in Mumbai, India.


Dental Specialist India has been Creative client since last 3 years. The old website was a basic CMS in PHP. After launching the mobile responsive version for our client, we ensured that through the design process we worked on building new content areas and opportunities on the website in a way that they didn’t lose any equity they’ve built in the engines till now. We also helped guide their content efforts by delivering detailed quality keyword research and educating them on improved blogging methodologies. We developed and implemented the appropriate SEO strategy, effectively: Creating an easy and effective user experience for their website through content development. Performing keyword research to develop relevant content, designed to expand their keyword markets. Ensuring their on-page content maintained their brand voice and resonated with their target customers

Visitor Overview:

Monthly Traffic Sources From Various Locations:

Country Users Sessions Bounce Rate
1,083% of Total: 100.00 % (1,083) 1,267% of Total: 100.00 % (1,267%) 60.54% Avg for View: 60.54% (0.00%)
1 India 706 (65.07 %) 817 (64.48%) 62.18 %
2 United States 90 (8.29%) 103 (8.13%) 68.93 %
3 Australia 32 (2.95%) 40 (3.16%) 40.00 %
4 United Kingdom 62 (5.71%) 81 (6.39%) 50.62 %
5 Saudi Arabia 12 (1.11%) 19 (1.50%) 42.11 %
6 Pakistan 10 (0.92%) 11 (0.87%) 54.55 %
7 United Arab Emirates 31 (2.86%) 33 (2.60%) 72.73 %
8 Canada 14 (1.29%) 19 (1.50%) 47.37 %
9 Azerbaijan 38 (3.50%) 38 (3.00%) 50.00 %
10 New Zealand 8 (0.74%) 10 (0.79%) 40.00%

Search Analytics:

Queries Clicks Impressions CTR
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dental implants 1 189 0.53%
dr turner dentist 1 12 8.33%
dental implants in mumbai 3 199 1.51%
dental implants india 2 166 1.2%

Ranking Report:

Keyword Rank Google
Implant Dentists in India 10 #1
Dental implant clinics India 2 #1
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Here’s Your Checklist to Boosting Your E-commerce Conversion Rate This Valentine month


Post demonetisation, with the renewed emphasis on going cashless via the digital avenue, shoppers are taking to e market with greater enthusiasm. E commerce websites are multiplying. And cut throat competition implies intensive promos and offers, discounts, add-ons. So how to cash in on this and improve the conversion rate? A few pointers :

Home page-the key :

The home page must be informative, current, highlighting all offers, discounts, promos, seasonal products, visually appealing and user friendly .

Call for action :

Build up a sense of urgency, an immediate need to buy. Time bound offers, limited period offers, exclusive but limited stock are ways to boost sales.

Make shopping a memorable experience :

Use personalized mail campaigns to engage the customer. Use data analysis to make search options within the site simpler as per visitors preferences.

Steps to buying :

Road to completing the purchase should be simple. A long drawn process in stages will make the prospective customer rethink. Availability, shipping options including preferred delivery time and place, details of seller – all make the decision to buy simpler. So place them together.

Return Policy :

Simple and quick. A return policy which is customer oriented and simple will translate into customer retention. A satisfied customer will return. And make referrals.

Feed back and Reviews :

A visitor would be more convinced to buy when positive reviews of both product and seller are on display. Consider options for live chat with customer support for queries.

Mobile Effect :

With mobile usage growing exponentially, mobile e commerce is now the chosen platform. Price comparison, research on product, deals and options are all done on phone. Optimize for the mobile and the related social media marketing. Miss out, you lose out.
Creative offers complete solutions for all e-trade needs. So act now.

Do You Really Need to Test Your Site to Improve Your Conversion Rate?


Your conversion rates are not on anticipated lines. You have implemented modifications on the website and changed the landing pages, yet the results haven’t been encouraging. What went wrong ?

Your choice is not universal :

What appeals to you personally may not appeal to the customers. Customers are not clued into landing pages or site designs. To conclude that everyone will think the way you do is not advisable. Each visitor/customer to the site is unique and capricious.

Experts may go wrong :

Experts are also fallible. What generally works may not be the right option for your company. Well researched recommendations, backed by success stories are no reasons to skip the actual testing.

New need not translate to improved :

Not every change is for the better. Redesigning is fine, but to assume that the latest version is necessarily better is risky. Acknowledging only the possibility that the change is an improvement and proceeding without testing may result in a setback instead.

Intuition :

Gut feeling is fine, but hard data is better. Often, human nature tends to ignore information which doesn’t fit our preconceived ideas. Any ‘feeling’ unsubstantiated by data will lead to pitfalls.

Knowledge and awareness :

It is good to have knowledge of what a great website should be like or a sense of what is a successful page. Just not good enough to ignore testing.

In conclusion, there is no substitute for testing, which does away with assumptions in site optimization. Site optimization, reinforced by data is the way to go.
At Creative  we offer you complete solutions to optimize and test your site.

5 Techniques to Help You Truly Understand Your Customers

For a successful business, customer satisfaction and delight are of utmost importance. And the key to this is an understanding of the customer. Today we look at ways and means of gathering an understanding of the customer

Analytical Collations :

Feedbacks, surveys, emails, phone calls – interaction with the customer, including by way of real time engagement, is a must today for any business. These analytical collations provide insights and patterns for further course of action.

Draw blue print for future :

Have a strategy in place for future. Data mining software aid in spotting patterns and cycles. Statistics identify top sellers and low performers, stimulating corrective actions. Historical data, market surveys, comparative analysis enable better comprehension of current position and action proposed. Tools such as RapidMiner can be used to design future plans.
Analyse the interaction of the visitors to your site. Which page holds interest, what do they like on a page, is a particular page a deterrent, is the site easily navigable – every action will have a story to tell. Use the behavioural data to build and enhance customer experience.

Avoid generalisations :

Avoid generic data points such as gender, age, income for building customer profiles, focus on specifics. Effective use of tools such as Acquisitions tab on Google Analytics will enable a more appropriate response tailored for the target audience.

Be the customer :

Visualize the buying from a customer’s view point. Identify the touch points – the interactions before, during and after the purchase. This will assist in acquiring a knowledge of why certain sales fall through and at which stage. Formulate remedial action on that basis.
With technological advances and available tools, getting an insight into the customer psyche is becoming simpler. Creative offers a complete platform for aiding your marketing. Drop by. You will not be disappointed.

Boosting Your SEO by Helping Googlebot


An important aspect of any SEO is site crawling- the way Google and other search engines index is directly linked to bots crawling the site effectively,. The way to do this is to improve the efficacy of crawling, guiding the bots to the more relevant pages of your site . Googlebot ‘s resources to your site are not unlimited, and the quality of the site such as navigation, will determine the end result.
Directing the bot to crucial pages rather than the back end ones which may not need positioning, enhances indexing, allowing quicker access to SEOs. A few pointers :

Site updation and XML sitemaps:

Update the site for higher chances of being crawled. Underline the pages the googlebot should position by doing away with obsolete pages. Submit sitemap to Google Search Console. Don’t want certain pages to be indexed ? Try adding NoIndex tag to the page header code, and verify using GSC .

Blocking access via robots.txt to unwanted pages :

Setting suitable rules robots.txt file can enable you to manipulate the places you want the bot to crawl and stop the bot from crawling irrelevant pages.

Handling parameters in URL :

A very handy tool for directing crawlbots, though inadequate knowledge of how this works can result in exclusion of important parts of the website.

Interlink, plug gaps in links :

Address and set right broken links using suitable tools to ensure optimization of the time spent by the bot on your site. Interlinks provide pathways for bots to go in deeper.
Reducing time taken for the page to load, a well designed site structure, optimizing images, original content also aid the faster crawling of the googlebot. Which in turn will boost the SEO.
Or simply get in touch with us at Creative for Search Engine Optimization.

7 SEO factors to consider when re-branding

Re-brand your website with these factors!

Propelling an effective re-branding effort can appear like a frightening, impressive undertaking, particularly in the event that you consider the potential danger for your SEO rankings. The exact opposite thing you need to do in the wake of working up your SEO is to lose all that advancement since you chose to change your organization’s name.

Thankfully enough, diminished SEO rankings doesn’t need to be a bi-result of re-branding, the length of you do your examination. Continuously find a way to make it a smooth move and don’t fear a little exertion and diligent work. Your business will thank you at last when your SEO doesn’t drop immensely promptly after presenting your new image.

1. Attempt to Keep Your Original Domain Name

This is the most ideal approach to begin re-branding; it keeps the procedure basic and has minimal shot of harming your SEO rankings. That being said, we comprehend that keeping the same name isn’t generally conceivable, or reasonable. This is particularly valid amid a re-brand. Time and again an organization name is precisely what should be changed to give your business a makeover and a new beginning. Simply ensure you comprehend that in the event that you do choose to change your area name, you risk losing a considerable measure of web search tool activity.

In the event that you have a feeling that you need to roll out the improvement, read the following stride about saving your unique substance nearly, and don’t skirt the part about sidetracks.

2. Save Your Existing Content Whenever Possible

Regardless of the possibility that you need to totally patch up your business name and site, attempt to keep up your unique substance decently well. In the event that you have a feeling that you need to make new substance, attempt to nearly imitate your old stuff. This will help you to abstain from losing your origin and power, and in this way will keep your rankings from dropping. Try not to neglect straightforward things like your text styles and headers; keeping up these little subtle elements could have a major effect with regards to SEO.

3. If Not Forever, Maintain Your Old Site for a Short Time

To what extent to save your old site is by all accounts a state of dispute in the SEO rebranding world. A few specialists propose abandoning it up for a couple days, while others say it doesn’t hurt to keep up it forever. It appears like you need to settle on a choice in light of what you have time for and what will work best for your particular organization.

Abandoning it up everlastingly (however idle) will require additional time on your part, since it’s keen to return to the site intermittently to ensure it’s not creating any issues. Some entrepreneurs recommend doing this so you don’t lose the URL, and in the event that you get nostalgic not far off and need to reuse or return to the site.

One thing they can concede to, in any case, is NOT to bring down your old site when the new one has dispatched. It can conceivably take servers a few days to perceive the new IP address. This implies in the event that you erase your old site following 24 hours you could destroy all your diligent work. It’s not harming anybody to abandon it up for around 3-7 days, so avoid taking any unnecessary risks and don’t hit the “erase” catch too rapidly.

4. Use Redirects Correctly

You ought to divert each page from your old site to the comparing page of your new site to advance the client’s experience. This could be simple or entirely confounded, contingent upon your URL structure. It’s most straightforward in the event that you keep up the same site pages and URL structure. In the event that this is the thing that you’ve done, avoid whatever remains of this section and proceed onward to the following stride. In the event that you haven’t kept the same URL structure, read on here.

On the off chance that your destinations have diverse pages and distinctive URL structures it’s not the apocalypse, but rather it makes things somewhat more confused. Since you can’t divert old pages to precisely the same on the new site, you’ll have to divert them to the most pertinent page on your new site (henceforth why it’s useful to nearly duplicate old substance at whatever point conceivable)

Redirect 301 /old-sample-page.html

Redirect 301 /old-sample-page-2.html

5. Try to Retain the Same URL Structure

If you do this, your redirects should be fairly simple. All you need to is redirect your website pages from the old site to the same pages on the new site.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$
RewriteRule (.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

6. Yell Your New Brand from the Rooftops

Unquestionably redesign all your online networking destinations. Contingent upon the online networking stage, this can be straightforward or testing. There are a couple of things to remember when re-branding on online networking:

Facebook just permits you to change your page name and URL one time. Just once. So hold that in the back of your head on the off chance that you choose to roll out an improvement.

There are a ton of IDs that aren’t being used on Twitter, so on the off chance that somebody has the one you need however isn’t dynamic, connect with check whether you can take it over (this is the thing that Twitter proposes in light of the fact that they’re moderate at deactivating these records themselves).

Linked In is a simple site to manage while re-branding, unless somebody as of now has your organization name. On the off chance that that is the situation, you may need to adjust your organization name only a bit (consider keeping the name the same, however including a slogan after it). To change the URL, you need to contact Linked In specifically.

At long last, to see whether you’re showcasing is working, make a point to screen the activity and rankings for your new site. It’s not phenomenal to commit an error when re-branding considering everything that goes into it; simply make a point to be constant so you can catch and alter botches rapidly.

7. Keep in mind about Your Mobile Site!

Advertising by means of cell phones is pretty much as well known, whether not all the more in this way, than real PCs. Try not to disregard your versatile site while re-branding. Ensure your new pages are versatile well disposed, which means simple to get to, simple to peruse, and so on.

Consider the amount of activity your site gets from cell phones. In the event that this is the thing that the larger part of your gathering of people uses, you might need to consider propelling your versatile site first. In the event that it isn’t, in any case, then it’s most likely safe to concentrate on your primary site first and afterward after that is up and running work on making an identical rendition for portable.

Ideally, now the possibility of re-branding your organization iPropelling an effective re-branding effort can appear like a frightening, impressive undertaking, particularly in the event that you consider the potential danger for your SEO rankings.s somewhat less overwhelming. Try not to be hesitant to do it, simply ensure you put the time and exertion important to make your endeavor effective.

Improve your website SEO, get top rankings in Google

Search engine optimization

Better knowledge about SEO ranking and how your website can rank top!

Search engine optimization isn’t a mysterious dull craftsmanship. It comes down to signs of significance and power. Understanding the signs that internet searchers decipher as significance and power is critical to comprehension SEO.

A great many pages over the web battle for perceivably each time a customer looks Google and the other web crawlers. Just 10 are decided for the main page of indexed lists, and once in a while as few as seven. How do the web search tools figure out which of the a large number of website pages to rank on page one, and which is positioned in the pined for first position?

Web indexes have built up their own arrangement of calculations, which are perplexing directions that make up every web search tool’s product. Those calculations use several signs to figure out which pages will rank, yet the greater part of them spotlight on pertinence or power somehow.

SEO Relevance

Significance addresses how comparative a site page is to the question a customer has gone into the inquiry bar. Significance is genuinely easy to comprehend in light of the fact that it is associated with watchwords — a customer hunt down a catchphrase and when you utilize that watchword ideally in a site page it positions better.

For instance, if a searcher needs to locate the best cell phone, she may hunt Google down the expression “best cell phone.” Google’s calculations in this example would search out substance that is significant to cell phones that are thought to be the best.

Importance is genuinely easy to comprehend in light of the fact that it is associated with catchphrases…

It’s critical to note, notwithstanding, that Google is not making an informed decision on which telephones are really the best. Or maybe, Google is trawling its record to decide the substance it has listed that addresses “best cell phone.” The same is valid for the other web indexes.

In their quest for importance, web indexes additionally search for equivalent words. For instance, they would gather PDAs, PDAs, and cellular telephones into the same gathering of gadgets. Cordless telephones, then again, would not be synonymous in light of the fact that they require an area based telephone line, not a cell system.

Since not every single cell telephone are cell phones, they would not be equivalent words at the same time, rather, close matches. These words would in any case be pertinent to each other logically on the grounds that cell phones are the most widely recognized kind of PDAs in the U.S.

Web crawlers likewise search for logical pertinence with expanding recurrence. Logical significance depends on ideas instead of direct utilization of watchwords. It investigates the sorts of words, expressions, and subjects that are found when site pages talk around a catchphrase. For instance, when website pages examine which cell phones are the best, they frequently additionally say brands of telephones, cell organizes that the telephone keeps running on, measure of memory, camera pixels, and screen size.

SEO Authority

Power is trickier to get a handle on the grounds that it takes advantage of the structure of the web and how that structure recognizes a few pages and locales as more significant than others.

Think about the web as a progression of pages and connections — a sort of guide if you somehow happened to see the entire thing without a moment’s delay. Site pages are the destinations, the spot where content lives that searchers need to discover. Connections are the connectors, the pathways for web indexes to find that substance so they can serve it up to searchers. Web indexes can just discover pages if there is no less than one connection — one pathway — to it.

Power is trickier to get a handle on in light of the fact that it takes advantage of the structure of the web and how that structure recognizes a few pages and locales as more significant than others.

Presently think about that guide as a guide of a nation. Every connection resemble a street and every website page resemble a town or city. Bigger urban communities will probably have numerous streets prompting them.

Essentially, more definitive website pages will have more connections and more critical destinations indicating them. Every connection passes on a type of power, a vote of certainty that the page being connected to is without a doubt applicable and sufficiently essential to send individuals to. That power is a standout amongst the most important products in SEO. It contributes firmly to the capacity to rank.

Notwithstanding the power that individual site pages gather, the area of a site will likewise gather power. Every page on the web-page contributes its power to the bigger pool that the site gathers to motion to web indexes that the whole website is definitive.

The possibility of space power is best comprehended utilizing the similarity of juice. Join power, the power gathered in a site page by goodness of the numerous connections indicating into it, resemble a tall glass of invigorating juice. This connection juice lives in each page of the site and keeps the site’s web index execution alive. Every page has some measure of connection juice connected with it, which adds to the measure of juice that the site has overall.

The juicier a website page and a web-page is, the more probable it is to rank well and pull in more customers by means of natural pursuit. On the other hand, erasing pages or changing URL’s depletes a site’s juice, debilitating its capacity to rank if not done ideally for SEO with a sidetrack methodology to save its juice.

Power can likewise dwell in a creator, however that is less normal in e-commerce. Human power depends on the association of definitive articles facilitated on legitimate pages appended to a definitive name. In the business world, these would probably be exploration or insightful articles in industry productions.